Vase Mercure

  • 14th February 2013

Mercury glass is uber-popular, very affordable and a great way to display colorful florals.

Because the glass is not completely transparent you can sneak in a few faux stems as well, one of our favorite tricks!  If the faux stem is extra long just bend it in a “U” shape.  The extra bit of branch which loops upward provides excellent support for more fragile flower stems like tulips to lean against.


Mercury glass, White faux orchids, Fresh flowers

Mercury glass, white faux orchids, fresh flowers


Mercury glass looks especially elegant with white faux orchids.  They blend in beautifully, add much needed dimension and of course, they are an investment to be re-used again and again.


Some of our favorite Mercury glass finds:


Mercury Glass Chalice Vase


Mercury Glass Chalice Vase,, $13.99


Mercury City Vase Extra Skinny


Mercury City Vase Extra Skinny,, $9.00—$34.00


Etched Mini Mercury Vase Pottery Barn


Etched Mini Mercury Glass Vases, set of 3,, $38.99 (on sale now!)


Silver Mercury Glass Vase Luna Bazaar


Silver Mercury Glass Vase,, $15.95


Mercury Glass Vases Pier 1


Mercury Glass Vases,, $5.48


Delicate Floral Vase Ones King Lane


Delicate Floral Vase,, $39.00


For good faux orchid stems please try:


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