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  • 19th April 2013

What’s filling the Italian Vogue ‘Scrapbook?’ Taking a cue from our favorite high-school footwear, high-tops are waltzing down the runways with increasing alacrity.


Vogue Italy Scrapbook Hightops

Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Italy



And they can be found in the windows of the trendiest boutiques on Robertson Blvd. as well!


High Tops Monika Chiang
High Tops Monika Chiang


Artemys Sneaker,, $385.00


Zippered Artyemis Sneaker Monika Chiang



Zippered Artemys Sneaker in Black,, $425.00

The options are endless, but here are a few favorites:


Isabel Marant the Bekket High-Top Suede Sneaker


1.) High Sneaker,, $795.00

2.) Mulberry Leather and Suede High-Top Sneakers,, € 550.00

3.) Isabel Marant Bekket high-top suede sneakers,, $640.00



Type Z Misty
Type Z Misty


Type Z Misty,, $59.00


Last Look


Hightop and Dress

Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Italy

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