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  • 10th April 2013

Root Fed…


We came across this picture in the Korean magazine, Woman Chosun, and were immediately intrigued!



Sky Planter Upside Down Plant Pot



What a great idea to add some warmth and greenery, especially to an urban apartment.  Actually, the Sky Planter Upside-Down Plant Pot is more easily available than we thought!




Sky Plant Upside Down Plant Pot




How does it work? A web disk secures the plant and soil making it mess free.  Water goes directly into the roots (an interesting concept that does make sense!)   Apparently root-feeding conserves water as well?


Sky Plant Upside Down Plant Pot




Reach up, pick your herbs growing right over a pot of simmering sauce!



Picking Plants




Ceramic Mini Triple Pack,, $99.00 (Other sizes, colors and price ranges are also available)



Sky Plant Upside Down Pot



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