The Cat Came Back

  • 28th February 2013

….It just wouldn’t stay away!


Since the Givenchy ‘cat ear cap,’ crawled down the runway the trend has literally had 9 lives with ears re-imagined on headbands, leather caps and knitted skull caps popping up everywhere from fashion week in Milan to the street scene in New York.


We’ll spotlight the trend—Pinpoint the best looks to buy—Show how to pair  




Givenchy Cat Cap

Givenchy Runway




Fashion Week in Milan Cat Cap

Fashion Week in Milan—Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Australia

Beyonce Cat Ears


Cat Ears outside Chanel

Outside Chanel Show—Photo Courtesy of Eclectic






Great Finds Ear-Marked

Felix Eugenia Kim

Felix,, $145.00



Maison Michel Paris

Maison Michel Paris,, £200.00


Cat Ears Black Hat

Cat Ears Black Hat,, $25.50



 Our Favorite Pairing:


Banana Republic Monogram High Waisted Skirt


Mixing the cat-ears with a bold pattern and not a mono-chromatic top make a chic vs. costumey statement.  


Felix,, $145.00

Honoring Houndstooth Coat,, $72.00

Monogram High Waisted Skirt,, $98.00





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