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If You’re Heading to…Roma

  • 3rd June 2013

You cannot, absolutely cannot miss Ciampini!


Ciampini Gelato
Ciampini at Night




We tried a lot of gelato in Rome, a lot!  Every time it was not Ciampini we regretted it.  A few times we actually frequented somewhere new, threw away our order and headed back to Ciampini.  If in Rome eating gelato, we had to eat the best.


Making Gelato at Ciampini
Ciampini Tartufo




Why is it so amazing? According to their web site, they use a technique which allows for more air, thereby increasing the softness of their gelato.  We agree, it is like liquid velvet.  They use the highest quality ingredients and the most ‘noble fats.’  (An excellent term)!


Ciampini Crema/Pistachio
Ciampini Desserts


Beyond their gelato, their food is actually delicious as well.  Their Cacio e Pepe is simple in presentation but wonderfully rich and flavorful.  The ambiance rivals the food as to which is the bigger draw!  The piazza is perfect for people watching, spacious enough to give you breathing room yet quaint enough to feel cozy.  It’s right off of a main artery for strolling through Rome, Via del Corso, so the location is ideal and easy.


Ciampini Ambiance
Ciampini Ambiance


Our favorite gelato flavors:  Zabaglione, Gianduja, Chocolate Fondant


Piazza S. Lorenzo in Lucina, 29
00186 Roma – Tel. 06/6876606

Via della Fontanella di Borghese, 59

00186 Roma – Tel. 06/68135108



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