Spotlight: The Green Vase

  • 29th March 2013

One look and you’re hooked!



The Green Vase


The Green Vase, located in Riverdale, New York offers a wide selection of beautiful blooms there is no doubt.  But, what they are truly renowned for is their spectacular paper flowers.


Hollyhocks Green Vase
Hair Flower Green Vase



Delicate, ephemeral blossoms that are light as gossamer but explosive in color!


Orange Flowers Green Vase



Designer Livia Cetti began her paper magic about three years ago when she sought to create a Caribbean themed cake for a client.  Her idea was to use hibiscus, native to the Caribbean on the cake.  Her incredibly creative mind began to fashion them out of double-sided crepe paper and so experimentation ensued…


The Green Vase flowers for cake
The Green Vase Bouquet




Once she achieved success in this endeavor, she never stopped.  She began to experiment with all of her favorite flowers in all colors of tissue paper, working with fading colors and bleach.


The Green Vase Plants




The Green Vase Anemone



Paper flowers can be purchased online, in their Riverdale store, or at John Derian in New York.


The Green Vase Centerpiece




While they are expensive, they are worth it!  They never wilt, and you can pull them out at a moment’s notice for an impromptu event chez toi!


Yellow Flower The Green Vase
Purple Flower the Green Vase


Don’t sit down and open their website until you have a block of time!  You will want to keep clicking on picture after picture of stunning color!


Lily the Green Vase
Sweet Peas The Green Vase

2747 Edgehill Avenue

Riverdale, New York 10463


Livia Cetti


Joanne Donohoe



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  1. Wow! Paper flowers, how wonderful! Love them and they brought a smile to me. Thanks

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