Savory Summer Vegetable Tart

  • 22nd June 2013
Summer Tarts

Summer Tarts


Whatever your summer soirée, this is one of the easiest summer appetizers to throw together and looks beautifully healthy and fresh as well.


Summer Tarts:


1 packet mini tart shells or pastry cups

1 box good quality crème fraîche

1 bunch dill

1 bunch green onions/scallions

1 bunch chives

Coarse sea salt/fresh ground pepper

1 box cherry tomatoes (preferably heirloom tomatoes that come in a variety of colors)

1 long English cucumber or 2 small Persians



Any fresh summer veggies can be used in these summer tarts which have as their base crème fraîche.    In the above we filled the tart cups 3/4 full with high-quality crème fraîche.  Each cup is topped with a thinly sliced cucumber, skin-on and a cherry tomato halved lengthwise.   Tarts look prettiest collectively if you find a multi-colored basket of heirloom cherry tomatoes that come in varying hues of yellow, red, purple and orange.  Generously sprinkle, chopped dill, chives and scallions on top.  Coarse sea salt and ground pepper add the finishing flourish!


• In lieu of cucumber and tomato sub-in differing bright vegetables:

Thinly shaved heirloom carrots

—Shaved baby beets

—Yellow and green summer squash

—2-3 fresh English peas


• In lieu of dill and chives try garnishing with:

A mix of fresh parsley, fresh basil and thyme

Shaved fresh green beans


• Garnish tarts while they are on your serving tray so that herbs and salt/pepper fall in between the tarts.  The presentation is more, fresh from the garden.


Veggies drying



• Rinse, slice, dry and chop your veggies and herbs the day before, allowing easy assembly the morning of.  Make sure all your veggies and herbs are dry, nothing is worse than a soggy tart!


Surfas Cups

Savory Tart Cups



• We purchased our tart shells from Surfas in Los Angeles, but any variety that is not too sweet will work.



Summer Tarts



• Make sure cups are filled generously and herbs and seasonings are heaped on top.




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  1. What a beautiful presentation of this summer tart!

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