Peony vs. Piaget

  • 28th July 2013

Peonies are the undisputed ‘reine des fleurs,’ at the moment.  Every celebrity from Holmes to Paltrow sings their praise and calls them their ‘must have’ flower.   They are center-stage in floral displays from quaint English teas to lavish weddings to chic catwalks.



Yves Piaget up close

Mimicking the intense hue, ruffly petals and large blooms of the peony, Yves Piaget is a must-have rose.



But, except in the most perfect climates peonies can be challenging to grow (Southern California folks, forget it!  We’ve tried 3 varieties made for our climate and have not succeeded in producing more than one bloom!).


Yves Piaget Bud

Even the Yves Piaget bud seen in the middle has the same tight ball-like configuration as the peony bud.



Peonies require staking and a whole crop can be easily damaged with one hard spring rainfall.

Peonies only bloom once a year and for a few limited weeks.

They are difficult to locate at florists and extremely pricey purchased out of season.


……Enter Yves Piaget—a rose whose buds and blooms mimic those of the peony, but that also carries the most arresting aroma!



Peonies in a vase.

Peonies in a vase.

Yves Piaget growing in the garden.

Yves Piaget growing in the garden looks very similar to the peonies on the left.





Also very difficult to find at florists (in Los Angeles we have only found Yves Piaget stems at Botany in Brentwood), it is a gardener’s delight.  Yves Piaget flourishes in most climates.  It is a repeat bloomer and very hardy after its first year in the ground.


While peonies suffer from a truncated vase life (especially when exposed to any heat or direct sun), Yves Piaget will stay fresh looking for days.


Yves Piaget in a bouquet.

Yves Piaget slightly opened bud on the right. Peony in the background.



Its ruffly petals, high petal count and huge blooms mimic that of the peony, the prime difference is that it comes with the most divine perfume.  A bouquet with just 2-3 blooms could scent the entire room, whereas a peony has no aroma at all.



Yves Piaget in the garden up close.

Yves Piaget in the garden up close.




If you are going to invest in a new rose bush this fall, we will have many recommendations in the coming months in time for January planting.  But, please keep Yves Piaget top-of-mind.  Especially, if you are amongst the many peony devotees.


Piaget follows the same basic principles of any rose in that it  grows best in direct morning sunlight.  As the rose plant gets established, make sure to water it regularly and deeply once a week.


Yves Piaget was named after the man behind the namesake watches after he developed this hybrid tea with double-blooms and intense color and fragrance.  The watches that honor the flower are below in the ‘la vie en rose collection.’




La Vie en Rose Piaget Watches




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