Just Do It! (Now please!)

  • 8th March 2013

Buy a Bag!  And, help combat child labor and trafficking….

Catrinka Project Nepalese Bag

Catrinka Project Nepalese Bag

Catrinka Project

Photo Courtesy of: The Catrinka Project



Buy a Bag!  And, help improve the quality of learning in girls education…..


Catrinka Project Ethiopia Bag

Catrinka Project Ethiopian Bag

School Girls Catrinka Project

Photo Courtesy of: The Catrika Project


Buy a Bag!  And, help reduce the prevalence of forced or early marriage in target communities around the world….



Catrinka Project Founders

The ladies who bravely started the Catrinka Project



Their goal:  Three women who wanted to do something tangible in the name of girls, for other girls far away, who face far greater challenges.


Their idea:  To work on a collection of artisanal bags to raise funds for girls’ education. The bags, made by socially responsible artisan groups that are woman-owned, woman-managed, or that predominantly employ women.


Their amazing success-story:  Although dubbed impossible, these ladies were able to design and produce 10 bags in 10 different countries in under 10 months.


Catrinka Project Tote

Catrinka Project Tote available at shoplatitude.com



Their Partnership:  All profits from all bags sold through April 13, directly funds 10×10.  10×10 is a social media campaign that aims to change minds and inspire action to support girls. At the heart of the campaign is a feature film, narrated by a host of stars, that tells the stories of 10 girls in 10 countries who have risen from extreme poverty to new hopes and dreams, because someone helped them go to school.


How to buy: Alisa Ng, the Founder & CEO of L-atitude became the online retail partner.  All bags are available in their (Shop for Good) “Global Give”  section.



The Catrinka Project



Artisans the Catrika Project

Artisans, Photo Courtesy of:
The Catrinka Project



Excerpt from the Catrinka Web site:


Meet Mabinti from Sierra Leone 

Posted by 

Mabinti Conteh, 19, from Freetown. She missed out on an education during the civil war and its aftermath, and had few marketable skills. She gained sewing skills in a training program and then work with our artisan partner, NearFar, which keeps her off the streets and making an income. Here is Mabinti with the Catrinka Sierra Leone clutch!


Mabinti, Catrinka Project

Photo Courtesy of: The Catrinka Project



The Catrinka Project 


10×10 Educate Girls, Change the World



Pour les Jeunes Filles

  • 7th March 2013

The trickle up theory is easy to put in place when you have a book like, “The Care & Keeping of YOU,” (The Body Book for Younger Girls) published by AmericanGirl.


The Care & Keeping of You

Photo Courtesy of: The Care & Keeping of YOU, American Girl


This new edition was written by Dr. Cara Natterson who firmly believes in empowering children to make wise choices, which they teach to you (in lieu of parent “helicoptering” and trickle-down parenting).  Give your daughter the book to read, and then watch the magic of the “trickle up” theory when SHE reminds YOU not to slump while you are walking.


Does this actually happen?  Yes!!  Girls LOVE this book and read and re-read it.  It explains pretty much everything to them about their body in an interesting, accessible, fun way.  It’s smartly written and does not talk down to them.


The Care & Keeping of You American Girl


Let your daughter explain to you the importance of sleep.  It’s not going to thwart every bed-time battle, but it will help abate quite a few.


Care & Keeping of You

Photo Courtesy of: Care & Keeping of You, American Girl


This is a book for you to read first and then let her read it on her own.  Help bring out points with her, but let her do the teaching to you and feel like the confident leader.

It’s loaded with tidbits and advice that she can (and WILL) remind you about.  Some of my favorites, explained by girls who have read (and re-read) the book:

—Getting gum out of your hair with peanut butter

—Post pool ear treatments

—Don’t forget to brush your tongue!


The Care & Keeping of You

Photo Courtesy of: The Care & Keeping of You, American Girl

The Care & Keeping of You

Photo Courtesy of: The Care & Keeping of You, American Girl




Of course, it deals with the subject of pimples and puberty too in the most friendly, unthreatening and understanding way.


If you’re based in Los Angeles, Dr. Cara Natterson will be at The American Girl Store (at the Grove), Saturday, March 23 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm to sign books, answer questions, share her wisdom, etc.  Don’t miss it!!


The Care & Keeping of You, store.americangirl.com, $12.99


What I Love Today…

  • 7th March 2013

Pure Femininity


Everyday Ballets Sundance



There’s something about these shoes that catches our eyes again and again.  The concept is amazingly simple…a replica of a toe-shoe that you wear everyday.  


Everyday Ballets, sundancecatalog.com, $130.00


Here’s how we pair them:


Chloe Ananas Print T-Shirt



Chloé Ananas Printed Cotton T-Shirt, net-a-porter.com, $420.00

St. Tropez Skirt, banjoandmatilda.com, $189.00




Victoria Beckham Printed Satin Shift Dress
Everyday Ballets Sundance






Victoria Beckham Printed Satin Shift Dress, shop.nordstrom.com, $875.00



Chloe does their own take for Fall 2013:


Chloe Leather Ballet Flat
Chloe Metallic Leather Ballet Flat



Chloe Leather Ballet Flat, saksfifthavenue.com, $485.00


Chloe Metallic Leather Ballet Flat, saksfifthavenue.com, $485.00

Sur la Tête

  • 6th March 2013

Follow this path to dressed up tresses and chintzy chic chignons!!


Head Band Dolce & Gabbana Show

Dolce & Gabbana Runway

Dolce & Gabbana Backstage

Dolce & Gabbana Backstage



These stunningly ornate headpieces complement any simple up-do or loose waves.  The key is to keep the hair style simple, unfussy and with a wispy, tousled effect.  Like you rolled out of bed and casually reached for your trusty tiara.


Maxi Zari Headband


Maxi Zari Headband, boticca.com, $137.00


Ann Taylor Feather Embellished Headband


Ann Taylor Embellished Feather Headband, anntaylor.com, $55.00


Milou Embellished Gold-Tone Headband
Eugenia Kim Parker Paper-Flower and Crystal Headband


Milou Embellished Gold-Tone Headband, net-a-porter.com, $388.00

Eugenia Kim Parker Paper-Flower and Crystal Headband, net-a-porter.com, $310.00


Gallia Bottica
Here Noir There Modcloth





Gallia, bottica.com, $358.50

Here Noir There Headband, modcloth.com, $11.99


Apt. 9 Crochet Lace Kohls



Apt. 9 Crochet Lace Headband, kohls.com, $6.00


The “Forehead” Headband—

You don’t have to be a tennis champ to pull off this look (perfected by John McEnroe and  Björn Borg in the 70s).


January Jones Head Band

January Jones



Deepa Gurnani Open Chain Headband
Juicy Couture Leather and Chain Headband

Head Chain Ruti Horn


Deepa Gurnani Open Link Headband, shopbop.com, $62.00

Leather & Chain Headband, juicycouture.com, $24.99

Headchain, rutihorn.com, $59.00


Head Wraps and Scarves Abound

Dolce & Gabbana Scarf

Photo Courtesy of: Dolce & Gabbana


Photo Courtesy of: Anthropologie

Dolce & Gabbana Head Scarf

Photo Courtesy of: Dolce & Gabbana




Scarf Tips:

—If using a rectangle scarf, fold it horizontally as often as you prefer, based upon the thickness you desire

—If using a square scarf, you must fold it into a triangle first

Place the scarf on your hairline and knot it in the center of your neck, or side-of-neck based upon preference.  


Eugenia Kim Gigi Scarf
Koi Scarf



Gigi 2, eugeniakim.com, $150.00

Koi Fish Wrap, figue.com, $395.00



Soft Bands and Head-Wraps 


Bottica Silk Brocade Turban Headband


Silk Brocade Turban Headband in Cobalt Blue, boticca.com, $64.00


Missioni Rainbow Crochet Knit Headband


Missioni Rainbow Crochet-Knit Headband, net-a-porter.com, $120.00


Bottica Daisy Headband in Gold



Daisy Headband in Gold, boticca.com, $106.50



The Tiara-Effect that You CAN Do!



Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Paris



Asos Flower Jeweled Headband
Dauphines of New York Crowning Glory Headband


ASOS Jeweled Flower Headband, asos.com, $20.35

Dauphines of New York The Crowning Glory Headband, shopbop.com, $220.00


This Secret to An Effortless Updo comes from InStyle magazine:

“We’ve seen stylists use this simple method to whip up a chic chignon in seconds.  First, rough up strands with texturizing spray, then gather hair together as if making a low ponytail.  Fasten an elastic three or four inches from the ends, “then roll hair up and pin the knot in place,” says Redken creative consultant Guido Palau, who crafted updos for Marc by Marc Jacobs.  You can secure it high on the head or low along the nape.”  Colorful hairband, wrap, scarf, tiara is icing on the cake!


Photo Courtesy of InStyle

Photo Courtesy of InStyle




Pony Tail 101:

In lieu of an elastic band, try this InStyle tip, cutting elastic straight from a spool and tying it super securely like they do on the runway.


Stretchrite Black Spool


Stretchrite 144-Yard Black Round Elastic Cord Spool, 144 Yards, amazon.com, $14.49





Pour les Enfants

  • 5th March 2013

Spotlight:  Rachel Riley



Rachel Riley Metallic Button Strap Slippers


Metallic Button Strap Slippers, rachelriley.com, $149.00



Rachel Riley Polka Dot Beach Onesie
Rachel Riley Girls Sailboat Print Sun Hat




Polka Dot Beach Onesie, rachelriley.com, $89.00

Girls Sailboat Print Sun Hat, rachelriley.com, $35.00


Rachel Riley Ribbon Trim Frill Top
Rachel Riley Sailor Shorts
Rachel Riley Girls Anchor Print Sweater




Sailor Shorts, rachelriley.com, $89.00

Ribbon Trim Frill Top, rachelriley.com, $95.00

Anchor Print Cardigan, rachelriley.com, $189.00


Rachel Riley Strawberry Print Dress
Rachel Riley Polka Dot Dress



Strawberry Print Dress, rachelriley.com, $159.00

Polka Dot Dress, rachelriley.com, $159.00




Patent Leather Button Rachel Riley



Patent Button Strap Slippers, rachelriley.com, $149.00


If You’re Heading to…Taipei

  • 5th March 2013

If you have not previously heard of Shiatzy Chen, don’t worry, now you have!!


Shiatzy Chen
Shiatzy Chen


This fashion house, based in Taipei, combines traditional Chinese culture with modern aesthetics and Western craftsmanship.  Their designing goal is to interpret Chinese history and culture to create unique, avant-garde silhouettes and styles that will prevail through generations.


Shiatzy Chen Turquoise
Shiatzy Chen Hot Pink


Shiatzy Chen prides itself on the movement of fabric, luminosity, embroidery and texture.


At the moment, the designs are not available through the traditional fashion outlets, the likes of: net-a-porter, Barneys, Saks, etc.  But in the interest of diversifying if you are traveling to any of the following cities stop in to a boutique!


Flagship: Taipei

Zhongshan Flagship Store

No. 49-1, Sec.2, Zhongshan N. Rd. Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104

+886 2 2542 5506


Shiatzy Chen
Shiatzy Chen


Other stores are located in:

China, Hong Kong, Macau, France, Switzerland and Malaysia



Shiatzy Chen