The Look of a Targaryen

  • 12th March 2013

Season three awaits us in just about two weeks (March 31st) so what better time to spotlight the Targaryen style of Game of Throne’s toughest character, Daenerys!


It’s easy to attribute to her the abundance of ‘crop-top/maxi skirt’ pairings this spring.  Of course, it’s harder to emulate her position as the first female Dothraki war-leader and mother of dragons.


With these few simple pieces you too can be a khaleesi in your own right:   


Daenerys Targaryen
Look of Daenerys Targaryen


Biliku Halter Top,, $650.00

Bespoke Anerley Faux Leather Maxi Skirt,, $93.50

Vintage Corset Stretch,, $209.00

Cara Metal Stretch Glove,, $48.oo

Add a Little ‘Khaleesi’ to Your Kingdom

  • 12th March 2013

Shot in the stark Moroccan desert, Daenerys’ storyline pays tribute to a half-bedouin, half-royal lifestyle.  These Moroccan pieces are also slightly split-personality, as much at home amongst lavish, royal finery as they are around a gypsy campfire.


Moroccan Pouf Viva Terra
Moroccan Mirror Wisteria


Metallic Leather Poufs,, $429.00

Antiqued Moroccan Mirror,, $220.15



Moroccan Glasses Blue
Moroccan Glasses


Moroccan Tea Glasses,, $30.00


Anthropologie Pillow


Embroidered Fesi Pillow,, $148.00


Fez Bowls
Tiffany Brass Moroccan Lamp



Fez Bowls,, $38.00

Tiffany Moroccan Brass Lamp,, $299.00


Moroccan Tile Throw


Moroccan Tile Throws,, $195.00



Voleur: Steal this Look

  • 11th March 2013

This perfectly simple arrangement of artificial flowers in a rustic terra cotta pitcher immediately caught our eye.  It’s the ideal center-piece when you want an understated effect.  It’s the kind of non-chalant decoration you might expect to find beside a tumble of glassware in a Tuscan kitchen.  Thanks Miu Miu!!


Miu Miu ad




Ways to re-create this look:



Fossilized Roses


Fossilized Roses with Stems,, $22.oo


Dried Palm Roses Curious Country Creations
Corn Husk Roses Curious Country Creations


Dried Palm Roses,, $9.99

Dried Corn Husk Roses,, $6.99


Paper Roses Woodcreek Drieds

Paper Roses Woodcreek Drieds


Paper Roses Wood Creek Drieds

Handmade Paper Roses,, $7.95




Terra Cotta Pitcher Crate and Barrel

Terra Cotta Pitcher,, $19.95


Rustic Tan Stoneware Pitcher

Rustin Tan Stoneware Table Pitcher, $40.57


To get the full effect of the above look keep the flower stems long and if you plan on buying 3 bunches (of 5 or 6 roses), splurge and buy 4—they won’t wither!

Parting Words…

  • 11th March 2013

“…the love, respect, and confidence of my children was the sweetest reward I could receive for my efforts to be the woman I would have them copy.”


― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women





Dollop of Color

  • 10th March 2013

From elegant brushstrokes in hair, to wildly brilliant nails….


Town & Country Hair

Photo Courtesy of: Town & Country

Town & Country Hair

Photo Courtesy of: Town & Country



Victoria Beckham Pink Hair

Photo Courtesy of: Elle UK

Wild Nails

Photo Courtesy of: Elle Collections, Spring/Summer 2013







Top to Bottom, the runway looks for 2013 Spring/Summer are all about bold color



Eyes at Dior

Eyes at Dior, Photo Courtesy of: Elle Collections, Spring/Summer 2013


Here are few fabulous ways to work bright hues into your lifestyle and a few more runway looks to get your inner-palette energized!
 jean skirt


skirt,, $544


Preen Serpent Skirt
Preen Serpent Skirt



Serpent Skirt by Preen,, $1,210


i-wares, seletti


i-wares, and



Stella Runway

Stella McCartney Runway

Stella Runway

Stella McCartney Runway

Stella Runway

Stella McCartney Runway



Irene Neuwirth Mixed Boulder Opal Bracelet

1.) Irene Neuwirth Mixed Boulder Opal Bracelet,, $43,380.00

2.) Wave Vases,


Cambridge Satchel Company


Cambridge Satchel Company,, $170.00



Arnold 100 patent-leather and mirrored-python sandals



4.) Arnold 100 patent-leather and mirrored-python sandals,, $895.00

5.) Burberry London Metallic Leather Trenchcoat,, $2995.00



Candy Chairs,
Candy Chairs,


Candy Chairs,


Perro Leather Bookmark Coral


6.) Festive Wonderland Ornaments Cake,, $100.00

7.) Perro Leather Bookmark Coral, Loewe Madrid,, 95 €

8.) Diorite Adizero sneakers,, $150.00



Eye Color at Spring Runway Shows

Eye Color at Spring Runway Shows. Photo Courtesy of: Elle Collections Spring/Summer 2013

Eye Color at Spring Runway Shows

Eye Color at Spring Runway Shows. Photo Courtesy of: Elle Collections Spring/Summer 2013



Mod Artist's Palette Painting, Horchow
Wild Chevron Giclee, Horchow

Mod Artist’s Palette Painting,, $1125.00

Wild Chevron Giclee,, $500.00



Charlotte Olympia Alexa Wedges


9.) Flip Flops Asia,

10.) Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick, Rebelle,, $34.00

11.) Alexa,, £325


Waterford Araglin Prestige Cobalt 9" Vase
Napoleon Flatware, Horchow



Waterford Araglin Prestige Cobalt 9″ Vase,, $425.00

Napoleon Flatware,, $84.90


M. Patmos Flora Silk Front Top
Veronica Beard the Skort





M. Patmos Flora Silk Front Top,, $395.00

Veronica Beard the Skort,, $495.00



Boden Seventies Wedge


Seventies Wedges,, $98.00


For the little ones:


Bo-Kaap Trapeze Mini Dress

12.) Alex Toys Duct Tape Bangle Kit,, $16.25

13.) Bo-Kaap Trapeze Mini Dress,, $27.00

14.) Durban Two Tie Romper,, $35.00













Spotlight: Mary Katrantzou

  • 9th March 2013

Saturday delivery may be fading out, but wearing postage stamps is just getting hot! Athens-born, Mary Katrantzou, who is renowned for her hyperrealist aesthetic has a spring collection worth taking note of and a new denim collaboration that no one can get enough of!



Mary Katrantzou



1.) Mary Katrantzou X Current/Elliott Ashdale Dress,, $725.00

2.) Mary Katrantzou X Current/Elliott X The Past Skirt,, $392.00

3.) Alias Strapless Gown,, $2,295 (Pre-Order)

4.) Babelona Jacquard Dress,, $4,070

5.) Mary Katrantzou X Current/Elliott The Snap Jacket,, $569.00


Mary Katrantzou Alias Gown


Alias Gown,, $2,495 (Pre-Order)


Mary Katrantzou Roadrunner Boyfriend Jeans


Mary Katrantzou X Current/Elliott Roadrunner boyfriend jeans,, $484.00


Mary K Venezuela Print Dress

Venezuela Print Chiffon Dress,, $2,745.00 (Pre Order)



Genteel Grocery Store Easter Finds

  • 9th March 2013

As opulent and delectable as Easter-themed chocolates from around-the-world can be, sometimes it is easier and more affordable to choose the most elegant options available closer-to-home.


On that note, look no further than your local grocery store or Walmart to find delicious, festive options from Lindt.


Lindt Easter Basekt



Special Lindor Springtime Balls are available now, as well as chocolate-hazelnut blended birds/bees and carrots.


Invest in a gorgeous glass basket that you can re-use every year.  The one above has been around from Williams Sonoma for the past 5 years and beautifully holds Lindt Easter candy every year.


There are options in all price ranges:


Williams Sonoma Glass Easter Basket



1.) Hobmail Milk Glass Basket,, $79.00

2.) Glass Oval Easter Basket,, $9.99

3.) Glass Candy Basket,, $32.95

4.) Blue Art Glass Basket,, $75.00



Glass Easter Basket

Pretty with springtime ranunculus, now available and decently priced at most farmer’s markets



While a full range of Lindt specialties can be found at, chocolates are also available (for less!) at, and at your local grocery store and pharmacy.


Lindt Hens

Milk Chocolate Hen Set,, $18.00


Lindt Bugs and Bees



Chocolate Bugs and Bees,, $4.50

Chocolate Carrot Bundle,, $6.00

Chocolate Carrot Bundle,, $3.68
Spring Lindor Balls Lindt
Spring Lindor Balls, 36 pc,, $14.00

Lindt Gold Bunny,, $4.50

Lindt Gold Bunny,, $3.68

Lindt Chicks


Milk Chocolate Chick Easter,, $4.50

Milk Chocolate Easter Chicks,, $3.28


Parting Tip:  Hang on to the containers the Lindt Bugs & Bees come in.  They make perfect palettes to hold paint for children, and are excellent for housing sequins, glitter and glue when decorating eggs.