De Bon Goût—In Good Taste

  • 1st April 2013

Persephone n’est pas seule!


She is not alone.  Throughout time the pomegranate has been revered and for good reason.


persephone & Pomegranate

Photo Courtesy of: Google Images

pomegranate seeds





According to Greek mythology Persephone could not resist the temptation of a juicy pomegranate seed and thus she was bound to the underworld (at least for part of the year) with Hades.   But, even before the Greeks, the Zoroastrians were using pomegranates in many sacred ceremonies, in fact in Persian mythology, Isfandiyar eats a pomegranate and becomes invincible. In Judiasm pomegranates symbolize sanctity, fertility, and abundance and in Buddhism the pomegranate is one of the three blessed fruits.



Avocado Hummus Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate seeds look and taste lovely sprinkled on Avocado Hummus



There are a few reasons pomegranate seeds should always be in your refrigerator.  They make any dish look beautiful, add a touch of tang and texture to everything and bring abundant health benefits.  If you rinse them, dry them on a paper towel and then pop them in the fridge they last for about 2 weeks. (You can either scoop the seeds out yourself, or many fine grocery stores carry fresh pomegranate seeds in their produce department)


We sprinkle them on hummus and instantly your appetizers look truly Mediterranean and authentic.


Quinoa Salad with Pomegranate Seeds

Quinoa salad with pomegranate seeds




We throw a dash onto quinoa and use them to brighten a spring salad.




Spring Salad

Spring Salad with shaved beets, parmesan, strawberries and pomegranate seeds



 Quinoa Salad with Pomegranate Seeds


A must try!  It’s easy, looks beautiful, is super healthy and lasts well in the fridge, can be made a day ahead (just add the goat cheese on the day of serving) if necessary.  Recipe below serves 4 people.  Trust us, this recipe is always requested by friends after serving!



1 1/2 cups of quinoa

1 bag sundried tomatoes (cut in quarters)

1 box cherry tomatoes (cut in half, optional)

1 bunch of green onions (white part only finely sliced in rounds)

1 quarter red onion very finely sliced

1 English hothouse cucumber skin left on sliced and quartered

1 bunch of asparagus steamed and cut in 1 1/2 inch pieces

3/4 cup of pomegranate seeds


Cook quinoa as directed on package.  We often substitute chicken broth for water in the boiling instructions for a richer taste.  Stir in above ingredients.  Add coarse sea salt or Himalayan sea salt, ground pepper and generous amounts of good quality olive oil (this is key!).   On day of serving add quarter inch pieces (dollops) of goat cheese sprinkled on top (if desired).


Whole Pomegranate

Photo Courtesy of: Google Images

 Pomegranate Seeds

Photo Courtesy of: Google Images


Medicinal Properties:

—High source of Vitamin C

—High source of antioxidants

—Enhanced immunity benefits


à l’intérieur

  • 1st April 2013

It’s by no means new, but its style advice is timeless.  We recently revisited a classic, “Domino, the Book of Decorating,” when a friend was reinventing her entry way.  This small design trick made a world of difference.


Domino, The Book of Decorating

Photo Courtesy of: Domino, The Book of Decorating



“If you have the space, a lamp or two on a console bestows a welcoming glow (to an entry-way).  No room for lamps? Go for sconces.”—Domino, The Book of Decorating


Domino, The Book of Decorating

Photo Courtesy of: Domino, The Book of Decorating



Some of the lamps & sconces that caught our eye for our mission:


"New Leaf,"


“New Leaf,”


French Brass "hand" Sconces,


French Brass “hand” Sconces,, $1,850.00


The Bourgie Table Lamp



1.) Medium Hann Lamps,

2.) Scorched Timber Base,, $648.00

3.) Southill Urn,

4.) Kowloon Table Lamp,, $249.00

An ‘all-time’ favorite that remains forever chic, designed by Ferruccio Laviani in 2005 and made by Kartell

5.) The Bourgie Table Lamp, yliving, $308.00


Olivia Sconce,
Ralph Lauren Preston Sconce



Olivia Sconce,, $693.00

Ralph Lauren Preston Sconce,, $330.00


Swank Table Lamp, Architectural Brass


Swank Table Lamp, Architectural Brass,, $525.00



19th Century Casbah Crystal Sconce
19th Century French Empire Crystal Sconce


19th Century Casbah Crystal Sconce,, $595.00

19th Century French Empire Crystal Sconce,, $629.00



Marble Glaze Lamps christopher spitzmiller
Miles Lamp Jan Showers





Marble Glaze Lamps,, $2,270

Miles Lamp,, price upon request





Michael Graves Renée Desk Lamp


Michael Graves Renée Desk Lamp,, $960.00



Domino, The Book of Decorating



Domino, The Book of Decorating,, $20.98


Easter in Bangkok—Colonial Traditions with a Thai Twist

  • 30th March 2013

More than just the Easter bunny visits the Peninsula in Bangkok, on this special day there are festive and elegant teas, magicians, spring-time balloons, egg-hunts on the lawn and story book confections to amaze children and adults alike!


Easter Tea Peninsula Bangkok


Pastries served at the Easter Tea include:

Mini chocolate-lavendar cupcakes, Golden Opera Finger, Chocolate Easter eggs, Vanilla Panna Cotta & Blackberry, Pistachio-walnut macaroons, Lemon & meringue tartlet

Honey Chocolate lollipops

Hot cross buns

Homemade raisin scones with clotted cream and jam


Easter Tea Peninsula Bangkok


Sandwiches include:

Roasted honey-ham & Gruyere cheese with cornichons on pretzel roll

Avocado & tomato on white bread wrapped with grilled zucchini

Atlantic smoked salmon with egg-lemon zest & brown bread

Foie gras “burger” style with roasted apple & frisée lettuce


Easter Tea Peninsula Bangkok



While parents dined on green asparagus custard & mushroom truffle duxelle served in a delicate eggshell alongside Alaskan crab & leek quiche…


Easter Tea Peninsula Bangkok



Children dined on house-made cotton candy served with a smile…..



Cotton Candy Peninsula Bangkok
Cotton Candy Peninsula Bangkok



In their own private tea-room children found fruit & marshmallow kebab bars and sundae bars



Fruit Kebabs Peninsula Bangkok

Sundae Peninsula Bangkok


Children enjoyed Peninsula Hot Chocolate with Ovaltine (for adults Peninsula Hot Chocolate includes Felchlin Arriba, a specialty chocolate with black-currant notes, licorice fragrance and coffee—absolutely divine) while excitedly watching the magician, as parents slowly sipped specialty drinks like, Jasmine Lychée tea, Jasmine Dragon Ball tea and traditional Thai Iced Tea.  While the service, ambiance and presentation was very traditional/colonial, there were Thai-twists throughout and never-ending fascinations for the children.


Children's hot chocolate Peninsula, Bangkok

Renowned Children’s hot chocolate

magician Peninsula Bangkok


Abundant florals classically merged East and West with overflowing orchids alongside paper mache egg ornaments.


Florals Peninsula Bangkok
Florals Peninsula Bangkok


Chocolate eggs were everywhere coupled with a gorgeous nest and abundant confections for children too!


Easter Peninsula Bangkok
Children's Confections Peninsula Bangkok


Beloved story themes were enjoyed by all:


Alice in Wonderland Peninsula Bangkok
White Rabbit Peninsula Bangkok


Tea and balloon-making was capped off with a trip to the lawn for a competitive egg-hunt


Balloons Peninsula Bangkok

Spring themed balloons

Egg Hunt Peninsula Bangkok

Egg Hunt Peninsula Bangkok




Prizes and a stop at the Peninsula confectionery ensued…




Kids Prizes Peninsula Bangkok

Confectioner in the Peninsula



Thai Style Bunny Confection

Thai inspired Easter Bunnies

Marbled Eggs

Marbled Eggs


The Peninsula Bangkok is located at:

333 Charoennakorn Road  Klongsan


High tea is served at the Peninsula Bangkok between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm.  Reservations are necessary.


Spotlight: The Green Vase

  • 29th March 2013

One look and you’re hooked!



The Green Vase


The Green Vase, located in Riverdale, New York offers a wide selection of beautiful blooms there is no doubt.  But, what they are truly renowned for is their spectacular paper flowers.


Hollyhocks Green Vase
Hair Flower Green Vase



Delicate, ephemeral blossoms that are light as gossamer but explosive in color!


Orange Flowers Green Vase



Designer Livia Cetti began her paper magic about three years ago when she sought to create a Caribbean themed cake for a client.  Her idea was to use hibiscus, native to the Caribbean on the cake.  Her incredibly creative mind began to fashion them out of double-sided crepe paper and so experimentation ensued…


The Green Vase flowers for cake
The Green Vase Bouquet




Once she achieved success in this endeavor, she never stopped.  She began to experiment with all of her favorite flowers in all colors of tissue paper, working with fading colors and bleach.


The Green Vase Plants




The Green Vase Anemone



Paper flowers can be purchased online, in their Riverdale store, or at John Derian in New York.


The Green Vase Centerpiece




While they are expensive, they are worth it!  They never wilt, and you can pull them out at a moment’s notice for an impromptu event chez toi!


Yellow Flower The Green Vase
Purple Flower the Green Vase


Don’t sit down and open their website until you have a block of time!  You will want to keep clicking on picture after picture of stunning color!


Lily the Green Vase
Sweet Peas The Green Vase

2747 Edgehill Avenue

Riverdale, New York 10463


Livia Cetti


Joanne Donohoe



Pour les Hommes (et les petits hommes)

  • 29th March 2013

We’ve heard your complaints!  While not really geared for the metro-sexual male at this time, we are going to try to pepper in a few items and posts (every now and then) to suit the taste of a special person in your life, who happens to be male.


All Leather Slim Lap Top Case Mulholland Brothers
Bison iPad Case Mulholland Brothers
Bailey "Jackman" hat, Mulholland Brothers



All Leather Slim Laptop,, $485.00

American Bison iPad Case,, $70.00

Bailey, “Jackman” hat,, $95.00



Mulholland Store San Francisco

Mulholland Store, San Francisco



Wool Field Bag Small, filson
Wheeled Carry on Bag Filson


Wool Field Bag Small,, $175.00

Wheeled Carry On Bag,, $535.00


The Meisterstück Classique Rollerball


The Meisterstück Classique Rollerball,, $415.00



For the Little Guy:



Moleskine Mickey Mouse Limited Edition Notebook,, $18.95

(This notebook even includes a drawing guide so you can create your own Mickey!)




Turtle Stool Ballard Designs


Perfect for the play room, especially an animal or marine themed one:

Turtle Stool,, $49.00



Ollie & Piglet Leather Pigs



Looking to bypass a feminine looking porcelain or ceramic piggy bank, but preserve the fun!

Ollie & Piglet Leather Pigs,, $178.00 (available on pre-order)