Show Your Stripes!

  • 13th June 2013

The right stripes are always chic, conjuring up images of a French seaside resort.


Dolce & Gabbana Green and White Striped Dress

Dolce & Gabbana’s Playful Green and White Striped Dress. Photo Courtesy of: Instyle UK


This season they are ever easier to achieve courtesy of these perfect pieces.


We love Dolce & Gabbana’s striped dresses from Spring 2013. But, if the price point is too high opt for these instead….


Pastel Striped Dresses from River Island

Pastel Striped Dresses from River Island. Photo Courtesy of: Vogue UK



Striped Dress,, £60.00


This halter top matched with a spearmint skirt is a crisply tailored alternative


Striped Devon Halter Top
Spearmint Striped Skirt,



Spearmint Striped Skirt,, $78.00


Striped Devon Halter Top,, $78.00



Both Bright and Boldly Fun Loving!


Dolce & Gabbana Organza Striped Sundress
Oasis Stripe Fit and Flare Sundress





Dolce and Gabbana Organza Striped Sun Dress,, $1961.00

Oasis Stripe Fit and Flare Sundress,, £ 35.00



Marc Jacobs Red & White Striped Dress

Marc Jacobs Red & White Striped Dress. Photo Courtesy of: InStyle UK

Black & White Striped A-Line Mini





Black and white stripe A Line Dress,, £28.00



Mae Dress Anthropologie


Mae Striped Dress,, $118.00


From the red and white shorts at the bottom to the boat neck striped tees, all of these looks are worth prying out your inner copycat for!



Stripes in Bazaar Magazine

Feature on Stripes Courtesy of Bazaar



Nancee Striped Shorts
Zara Striped Shorts



Nancee Striped Shorts,, $95.00

Striped Shorts,, $59.90



Rope Stripe Sailor Short JCrew
Rope Stripe Sailor Short JCrew








Rope Stripe Sailor Short,, $75.00



Zara Striped Top
Striped Valence Boatneck Anthropologie






Striped Top,, $59.90

Striped Valence Boatneck,, $19.95



JCrew Engineer Stripe




Jcrew Engineered Stripe Boatneck Top,, $45.00



No. 2 Pencil Skirt Striped JCrew


Jcrew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Navy-White Stripe,, $118.00



Michael Kors Red & Navy Stripes

Michael Kors Red & Navy Stripes. Photo Courtesy of Vogue Australia

Jcrew Voile Skirt in Stripe





Voile Skirt in Stripe,, $99.99




Kors and Miroslava Duma

Kors and Miroslava Duma. Photo Courtesy of: British Vogue

Floral Fantasy

  • 13th June 2013

In reading about the Spring Collections recently we came across this picture in the UK InStyle showcasing the “couture” garden creations which popped up at Chanel, Dior, and many of the major fashion houses.


Spring Collection 2013 Florals

Photo Courtesy of: InStyle UK


Yes, these lush pieces are gorgeous, but if you break them down the flowers are not that extraordinary and it got us thinking about a few specific roses and one signature green flower that your garden requires in order to create truly bespoke, and unique florals.  


Let’s start with the three roses that are simply for your cutting garden.


1.) Scentimental is not new by any means.  But, you will be hard-pressed to find this unique, paint-splattered rose in an arrangement done by your local florist.  It’s a floribunda that will keep producing throughout the season.  It will not add pop or much interest to your garden in general, but as a cutting-rose it creates standout arrangements with the most amazing perfume.


Scentimental Rose Up Close

Close up of ‘Scentimental’ in an arrangement

Scentimental in the yard

Scentimental in the yard



Scentimental,, $18.95

2.) Blue Girl  is also not a new comer.  This hybrid-tea bursts into bloom in silvery, bluish lavender with long hardy stems.  Again, for the same reason it is not a knockout in the yard, it is perfect for singular arrangements.  The color is unusual, subtle and not replicated by any flower-shop finds.  A fantastic bonus is that the perfume is second-to-none.


Blue Girl Rose and Scentimental in a gorgeous flower arrangement

Blue Girl Rose and Scentimental in a gorgeous flower arrangement

Blue Girl Rose in the yard

Blue Girl Rose in the Yard


Blue Girl Rose,, $17.50


3.) Koko Loko is an absolute rookie!  This newcomer has the color of the creamiest latte.  It is amazingly rare to find a flower this attractive that is a beautiful, nutty light brown.  It gives any arrangement a vintage look and a true elegance.  It carries no perfume.




The Light Brown Koko Loko up close

The ‘latte brown’ Koko Loko Up Close



Koko Loko,, $19.95


We have nothing against hydrangeas, but in the spring you can achieve a much lacier and delicate effect by substituting in young Viburnum (also called Japanese Snowball) into your florals.  Viburnum flowers prolifically and while it comes on a sturdy woody stalk the weight of the flower ball allows it to drape just perfectly over the side of your vase.


Viburnum in a floral arrangement with roses, poppies and tulips

Viburnum is the green ball on the lower right side

Viburnum amongst hyacinth, peonies and roses

Viburnum amongst hyacinth, peonies and roses





We recommend picking the viburnum while it is still green otherwise it matures into a snow white flower.  Unlike the roses mentioned above, viburnum looks truly lovely in your yard and brings a night garden to life.


Mature Viburnum in the garden

Mature Viburnum in the garden





Last Look Florals


Green Powder Room with Gorgeous Floral Appliques

Powder Room with Hand Painted Aluminum Flowers Created by designer Katie Ridder. Photo Courtesy of: Elle Décor

Dolce&Gabbana Floral Earrings

Dolce & Gabbana Floral Earrings and Pendant

The Glamour of Gingham

  • 10th June 2013

Transitioning seamlessly from spring to summer to fall, the glamour of gingham never misses a beat!  From beach-side shorts to a preview of looks to come in the fall, gingham grips its place center-stage and won’t let go!


The Inspiration:



Michelle Dockery in Prada Gingham

Michelle Dockery in Prada Gingham. Photo Courtesy of: Bazaar, UK

Pastel Pink Gingham Vogue Japan

Pastel Pink Gingham Vogue Japan




The best gingham looks for summer and spring

Photos Courtesy of: Vogue and InStyle




Prada Lilac Gingham

Prada Lilac Gingham Dress



Our Favorite Dresses: 


Kate Spade New York 'Aubrey' Silk Blend Wrap Dress



1.) Kate Spade New York ‘Aubrey’ Silk Blend Wrap Dress,, $398.00

2.) Marc by Marc Jacobs Stacy Check Dress,, $278.40

3.) Love Moschino Gingham Ruffle Dress,,  £300.00

4.) Miu Miu Shirt Dress with Gingham Balloon Skirt,, € 495.00




Lela Rose Strapless Gingham

Lela Rose Strapless Gingham. Photo Courtesy of:, Paris




Our Favorite Shorts:


Lily Pulitzer buttercup gingham shorts
Thom Brown Gingham Bermuda Shorts




Lily Pulitzer Buttercup Shorts in Fiesta Pink,, $40.80

Thom Browne Bermuda Shorts (For men, but gorgeous enough for us to borrow them!),, € 770.00



Our Favorite Bikini:


The inspiration!

Gottex Gingham Bikini

Gottex Gingham Bikini, Photo Courtesy of: Vogue




Laurence Doligé Bucket Bikini


Laurence Doligé Bucket Bikini,, 85,00 €


Favorite Tops:


Comme des Garçons Patchwork Gingham T-Shirt



5.) Comme des Garçons Patchwork Gingham T-Shirt,, $543.62

6.) Frilled Hem Gingham Top,, $65.00

7.) C&C California Tie Front Shirt in Gummy Green,, $88.00


Two Skirts to LOVE: 


Stacy Check Skirt by Marc Jacobs
Love Moschino Gingham Bow Skirt




Stacy Check Skirt by Marc Jacobs,, $348.00

Love Moschino Gingham Bow Mini Skirt,, $189.03



Socks & Shoes:


Top Shop Gingham Ruffle Sock
Tod's Heaven Gingham Check Slipper Shoes




Top Shop Green Gingham Trim Ankle Socks,, $6.00

Tod’s Heaven Gingham Check Slipper Shoes,, $341.00


Hats & Scarves:


Jonathan Adler Straw and Ribbon Fedora
Vicose Scarf in Gingham Motif


Jonathan Adler Ribbon and Straw Fedora,, $68.00

Vicose Scarf in Gingham Motif,, $55.00


Perfect for the Home: 


Square Gingham Pouf Serena & Lily


Square Gingham Pouf,, $88.00



 Last Look:


Prada keeps the gingham trend going well into the fall!


Prada Gingham Skirt

Prada: Photo Courtesy of Vogue Collections Paris

Prada Gingham Dress

Prada: Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Collections



Prada Check Handbag

Prada: Photo Courtesy of Vogue Collections Paris

Prada Pink Gingham Trench

Prada: Photo Courtesy of Vogue Collections Paris


We absolutely LOVE:


“Finding beauty in the unloved is important to me,” says Danish designer Nina Tolstrup.  Indeed:  In conjunction with London design gallery 19 Greek Street, Tolstrup created a standout limited-edition line of day-beds, sofas, chairs, and tables using discarded seating from London second-hand shop and bolts of kinky fabric left-over from Marc by Marc Jacobs’ spring 2013 collection.” (Text and below photo from Elle).  Fabulous!!!!

Nina Tolstrup chair with Marc Jacobs fabric






The Perfect Cover

  • 6th June 2013

The white way to cap off your outfit… for summer meetings or cooler evening cocktails.  White blazers are clean, thoroughly modern and a super flattering match for a fresh summer glow.



Our two favorites are below and reign supreme due to their unique cuts and affordability.


Edge to Edge Blazer Anthropologie

The sharp cut of this blazer helps it stand out from the rest. Pair it with brightly hued stovepipe pants or skinny jeans.

Ruched Porcelain Blazer Anthropologie

The ruched sleeves give this blazer a relaxed feel. Pair it with dark colors to bring out the tuxedo like cut.




Edge to Edge Blazer,, $148.00

Ruched Porcelain Blazer,, $128.00


You can rock this studded look.  Here’s how to pull it off.


White Studded Blazer Miss Selfridges

The neckline of this sleek black dress & the graceful curves of the heel below offset the boyish, rough nature of the blazer.







Cream Stud Shoulder Blazer,, $80.00

Graham & Spencer Deep V Dress,, $268.00

Gianvito Rossi Asymmetrical Sandal,, $685.00


Tweed for a lunch-date or the office—with jeans, just as it is shown, maybe some oversized pearls channeling Chanel and bright pumps on foot:


Rebecca Taylor White Blazer



Rebecca Taylor Tweed Blazer,, $395.00


Emmy Rossum in Rebecca Taylor White Tweed Blazer

Emmy Rossum takes cues from our post.




A Sparkly, Sexy Look (pour le soir):


Alice + Olivia Wheeler Sequin


Alice + Olivia Wheeler Sequin,, $638.40


Last Look:

Call it a deal, call it a steal…it’s almost too good to be real!


MNGby-Mango White Blazer



MNG by Mango Textured Collarless Jacket,, $55.00

The New Iced Tea

  • 6th June 2013

Move over traditional iced-tea and make way for tamarind…


Tamarind Juice

Iced Tamarind Juice at the Amantaka, delicious and refreshing alongside freshly made plantain chips


This sophisticated sweet & sour drink is perfection iced on the hottest days.  Thus, its popularity in tropical climates.

Try this replacement for the standard iced-tea, either in your fridge in the heart of summer, or for your next home-based gathering.

Tamarind is a leguminous tree indigenous to tropical Africa that likely reached South Asia by way of humans thousands of years ago.

It is here in South Asia, Laos to be precise, that we fell in love with the iced-drink.  It is high in acid and sugar, thus providing an unmistakable sweet and sour taste, as well as Vitamin B and Calcium.


Tamarind Juice Amantaka


The Amantaka was very hospitable in sharing their signature recipe for this tropical classic.


Tamarind Juice:


500 grams Tamarind

300 grams honey

200 grams sugar

3 liters of drinking water




1.)   Cover the tamarind with the water and boil for 40 minutes

2.)   While the tamarind is still hot add the sugar and stir until dissolved

3.)   Strain liquid and add the honey.  Adjust the taste with more or less honey to obtain the perfect sweet and sour taste.

4.)   Chill.  Serve with ice




The primary health benefits of tamarind appear to be related to ease of digestion.  It can serve as a very very mild laxative.  Tamarind is also a great anti-oxidant and assists with inflammation.



Fête Pyjama!

  • 5th June 2013

Silky and adding sinuous length, the pajama pant has fled the bedroom!



Stella McCartney Pajama Trousers

Stella McCartney Pajama Trousers; Photo Courtesy of: Vogue UK



A few tips for bringing this trend street side:

• Pair pants with heels, not flats.  The draped effect looks more elegant with added height.

• Unless you are super long and lean and can carry the full effect, don’t match the pant with a pajama top or otherwise flouncy blouse.  Couple it with a structured white shirt, crisp blazer or tailored, starched, slimming button down.

• Keep your accessories relegated to one area.  One big statement necklace, a flood of stackable bangles.  Jewelry with with a rough texture like grainy wood and agate rings counterbalance the luster of the pants perfectly.




Etro Silk Palazzo Trousers Collage



Etro Silk Palazzo Trousers,, € 490.00

Sellida Pleated Silk Blouse Theory,, $277.00

Valentino RockStud Studded-Heel Napa Pump, Noisette,, $745.00



Any of these accessories will work seamlessly:






Kendra Scott Elle Earrings Ebony Wood,, $70.00

Tory Burch Tina Drop Earrings,, $95.00

Evocateur Norwegian Wood Cuff,, $338.00



Jonathan Saunders

Jonathan Saunders, Photo Courtesy of: Vogue UK

Jil Sander

Jil Sander, Photo Courtesy of: Vogue, UK



Michelle Dockery in a Silk Louis Vuitton Pajama Top.

Michelle Dockery in a Silk Louis Vuitton Pajama Top.



Other pajama pants worthy of the day-time spotlight:


3.1 Phillip Lim Black Silk Floral Pyjama Pants
Philip Lim Pajama Pant

3.1 Phillip Lim Black Silk Floral Pyjama Pants,, $508.00


3.1 Philip Lim Pajama Pant,, $450.00



Stella McCartney Pajama Pant
Sharon Wauchob Silk Pant
Sally Lapointe Chiffon Trouser



Stella McCartney (Pre Fall) Silk Print Trousers,, € 735.00

Sharon Wauchob Silk Pant,, $675.00

Sally Lapointe Chiffon Trouser,, $1875.00


A few favorites from JCrew:


dual foulard collection shirtdress jcrew
Dual Foulard Collection Shirtdress JCrew



Cafe Capri in diamond foulard print



Dual Foulard Collection Shirtdress,, $275.00

Café Capri in Diamond Foulard Pant,, $198.00



Last Look:


The Crop from Zara is Plentiful…Anyone Can Find a Style that Rocks from this Pack


Zara Silk Pajama Pant Collage





Zara Silk Pajama Pant Collage





Marc Jacobs Brings the Pajama Look Up Top:


Marc Jacobs Silk Pajama Top

Marc Jacobs Silk Pajama Top



Sofia Coppola lounging in Marc Jacobs silky pajama top for $695.  Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Australia

Sofia Coppola lounging in Marc Jacobs silky pajama top for $695. Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Australia