Breakfast, Only Sweeter!

  • 6th July 2013

These Apple and Oat Scones with Cinnamon and Nutmeg from Martha Stewart make the perfect breakfast.

• They are gorgeous to serve to guests (add fresh homemade whipped cream and strawberries!)

• They keep well for days staying moist and flavorful

• They are reasonably healthy

• They are easy to eat in the car (perfect for kids, or you, having breakfast on the go!)

Apple and Oat scones with Cinnamon and Nutmeg

Photo Courtesy of: Martha Stewart

Scones with strawberries and cream

Our breakfast plate with strawberries and cream!

Scone ready to pop in the oven.

Scone ready to pop in the oven.



“These scones are light yet hearty and the most healthful of the bunch. Fresh apple keeps them moist, buttermilk contributes tenderness, and oats add a pleasantly toothsome texture.” —Martha Stewart Living




• 1 & 2/3 cups all-purpose flour, plus more for rolling

• 1 & 1/3 cups old-fashioned rolled oats, plus more for topping

• 1/4 cup plus two tablespoons light brown sugar

• 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

• 1/2 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg

• 2 teaspoons baking powder

• 3/4 teaspoon baking soda

• 1/2 teaspoon salt

• 1 & 1/2 sticks cold unsalted butter cut into pieces

• 1 & 1/2 cups diced Granny Smith Apple (2 apples cut into generous 1/4 inch cubes)



Chopped Granny Smith

Chopped Granny Smith


• 2/3 cup cold buttermilk plus more for brushing

• Raw turbinado sugar for sprinkling



Choose your work surface:

Get your work surface prepped.

Choose counter or…

Dough on board

Or choose board




Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Whisk together flour, oats, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Cut in butter with a pastry blender or rub in with your fingers. (The largest pieces should be the size of small peas.) With your fingertips, flatten butter pieces into small disks. Add apples and buttermilk, stirring until dough just comes together.


Starting Mixture

Starting Mixture




Turn out dough onto a lightly floured work surface. Pat dough into a 6-by-8-inch rectangle, and cut into twelve 2-by-2-inch squares with a floured knife. Place about 2 inches apart on parchment-lined baking sheets.




You can place them in any pan.

You can place them in any pan.



How to cut them.

How to cut them.



Brush tops with buttermilk, and sprinkle with raw turbinado sugar and oats. Bake until golden brown, 20 to 22 minutes, rotating sheets halfway through. Let cool on sheets for 15 minutes. Serve warm or at room temperature.


Brushing Scones.

Brushing Scones.

Sprinkle with Oats.

Sprinkle with Oats.




Baked to Perfection

Baked to Perfection



It’s always fun to serve them with fresh whipped cream.


Here we have used just three simple ingredients:

• Whipping cream

• Vanilla bean paste

• Maple syrup



Three Whipped Cream Ingredients

Three whipped cream ingredients




Super easy cream to serve alongside.

Super easy cream to serve alongside.







Deux Jours Éblouissants à Paris (kids in tow!)

  • 4th July 2013

Two Perfect Days Visiting Paris (kids in tow and engaged!)


Chrysanthemums overflow at the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Chrysanthemums overflow at the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Eli Cornell takes in the grandeur of the Louvre.

Eli Cornell takes in the grandeur of the Louvre.




We are as lucky as it gets to have a special two-part post written by certified Francofile Suzie Cornell publicist extrodinaire and frequent visitor to the city of lights.  The best part of these two days is that it incorporates meaningful adventures for children as well as parentstout ensemble.”  So, no more wondering about planning your itinerary.  It’s all done!  Merci mille fois Suzie!!!  Let’s get right into le premier jour, Day One!


The Eiffel Tower all lit up consistently thrills little ones and big ones.

The Eiffel Tower all lit up consistently thrills little ones and big ones.

Eli sketches on the famed 'Ice Wall' in Le Meurice.

Eli sketches on the famed ‘Ice Wall’ at Le Meurice.





Madame Suzie Cornell Takes it Away…..


 J’aime Paris!  Love is in the air and it’s summer in Paris!!  For the past three years, our family has spent the infamous “April in Paris.”  To clarify family, this included myself, my husband and our two children, Eli and Piper, who are five and under.

My husband and I are true foodies, we actually pick our vacations based on where we would like to try the food.   So we are gluttons for punishment when we bring our children to the culinary capital of the world and want to experience all the Michelin starred restaurants that Paris has to offer.  However, we have come to find out that even your local bistro or café for that matter has fabulous food… in Paris, it is very hard to go wrong.


More cheese than anyone can even comprehend beckon on the Île Saint-Louis.

More cheese than anyone can even comprehend beckon on the Île Saint-Louis.



Where to stay: Left Bank vs. Right Bank

Think Upper East Side vs. Union Square or Beverly Hills vs. Los Feliz?   You have several of the same stores and restaurants in both areas.

But, then in Paris, you also have Arrondissements on both banks that cater to both the upscale and the more casual lifestyles.  As a tourist, you will walk them both but you must pick one to stay on.  The right bank holds your larger, classic Parisian hotels (many of which have been given the title “Palace”).  The left bank hosts the smaller, hipper, younger boutique hotels.  All are family friendly, however I suggest the right bank hotels near the Tuilieries gardens.


Tuileries Garden is the perfect place for children.

Tuileries Garden is the perfect place for children.

Kids can take horses in the Tuileries Garden.

Kids can take horses in the Tuileries Garden.

So grab your Louis Vuitton (or Chanel diaper bag) and let’s enjoy two days in Paris avec les enfants….


Le Premier Jour (Day #1):


If you have arrived from the states the day before, there is a chance you will sleep until noon.

I suggest requesting a wake up call so that you can get up and out.  You will want to adjust to the time zone as quickly as possible.  However don’t fret if you do sleep past noon as the sun will be up until around 10 pm.

Put on your most comfortable walking shoes (I recommend cute sneakers or flats in summer, open sandals don’t fare well in large walking cities) and get ready for une journée incroyable.


Quick breakfast—Don’t waste time on a long breakfast on day one.  That will only slow you down all morning. Grab a croissant and cappuccino along the way, but please!!!  don’t take it to go Starbucks-stylebe Parisian.  Tables on the sidewalk abound come summer, so grab a seat and take in the fresh air, the local scene and the fact that you’re in Paris, before you hit the cobblestone.


Le Matin—Morning

Jardin du Luxembourg (6th Arr.) – Our kids favorite park… ever, is your first stop!


Jardin du Luxembourg is always stunning!!

Jardin du Luxembourg is always stunning!!


If you take a taxi, have it drop you off at the south western end of the park, where the playground is located

It’s NOT your typical American playground, starting at the ticket booth to enter (approx. 2.60 Euros for 18 months+ and 1.60 Euros per adult).

But, what this does give you is access to sit down and relax while the kids get their turn to do what they love.  The playground has a life size spider web to climb, structures with slides for kids of all sizes and even a zip line for the older ones.


The Spider at Luxembourg Gardens

The Spider at Luxembourg Gardens


Now it’s your turn…


Head east and north from the playground and stroll through the garden.


Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens


There is a pond, where you can rent boats and push them with long sticks in the water.

Afterwards leave the park and walk up Rue Bonaparte and you will soon enter the heart of the St. Germain, one of the best areas to stroll and shop.


You will quickly encounter La Pharmacie on the corner of Rue du Four and Rue Bonaparte. Any and all French and European beauty products are here under one roof so come with list in hand and go crazy.  (Send your husband and the kids to Ladurée across the street and let them pick some of their fab macaroons to snack on while you shop).


Renowned macarons from Ladurée in Paris.  Photo courtesy of:  Ladurée

Renowned macarons from Ladurée in Paris. Photo courtesy of: Ladurée



Continue exploring the area and make sure to take side streets off of the St. Germain-des-Prés.


I came across the adorable children’s store, Happy Garden.  This quaint and very Parisian store carries trendy, well-made clothes that designer Marie-Laurence creates just upstairs.


Look for the little boy at Happy Garden.

Look for the little boy in your life from Happy Garden, Paris.

Perfect accessory for your jeune fille from Happy Garden, Paris.

Perfect accessory for your jeune fille from Happy Garden, Paris.




For the latest in high fashion for yourself, head to the nearby Carven on the Rue Saint-Sulpice.  While you can find the brand in high fashion stores in the states, this small boutique carries the brands latest pieces and full collection.  The men in the store were also adorable and spoke perfect English… it’s a winner.


Grab lunch at one of the infamous cafes that were home to historical literary masters, our favorite being Les Deux Magots.  Cafés are also a great place to log in to free Wi-Fi and check in back home—they don’t offer it though, you have to ask for a card with the instructions and password (tip—each person needs their own card/code).


Deux Magots Café

Deux Magots Café


Late Afternoon…

Spend the rest of your afternoon exploring the left bank.  The little streets offer so much charm and you will find yourself coming across amazing churches, gardens and even small playgrounds where the kids can run with le petite français.

Another fun adventure is Montmartre and Sacre Coeur.  You could taxi or metro to the bottom of Sacré Coeur.  Take the funicular up to the top for the most gorgeous view of Paris, it may be a little packed but the kids will definitely enjoy the elevator ride!


Famed artists in Monmartre

Famed artists in Monmartre

Sacre Coeur

Sacre Coeur


Do a quick walkthrough of the church but make sure to prep your kids first, you must be quiet.  We were followed by the “church police” last time as the man continued to hush my children over our shoulder.  Exit and walk down the street to the left of the church and make your first left and wander through Montmartre.


Splurge for a chalk portrait of the kids, but stop at the artists down the hill, the ones at the top are pushy and not as good.  (tip:  just outside Sacre Coeur is the Little Train, which takes you on a short-guided tour around the area.  It is a great way to see Montmartre and learn it’s history and the kids will love riding on the motorized train.)


Restaurants in Paris don’t serve food until 7 pm, unless they are an all-day restaurant such as the familiar Le Pain Quitodien.  Smaller markets also close around 5 pm so if you are going to do take out, go early.  If your kids can stay awake, many restaurants in Paris are kid friendly (at least if they aren’t screaming and are entranced by the iPad).  Go at 7 pm when doors open though so you won’t get too many looks.  I suggest a local bistro in your arrondissement so you have a quick escape back home.  If you are still on the left bank, I recommend restaurant Shu (8 Rue Suger, 16th).  It is Japanese, not French, but its all fried skewers and if you have the kids, they will love it.


Stay Tuned for Le Deuxième Jour (Day #2)  coming soon from Madame Cornell.  Sip decadent hot chocolate with her at her favorite breakfast haunt, find her ‘little gem’ museum, explore the lobby at Le Meurice with its “Ice Wall,” and see what to do with the kids when the sun goes down and the city lights shine.







Who is Suzie Cornell?  

Suzie is an entertainment publicist by trade and proud wife and mother of two.  In her youth, she grew up taking family vacations to Europe and studied the French language in Switzerland.  Determined to continue her love of travel and share the world with her children, the family has traveled together to Paris and other other European cities over the past three years.  A self-declared Francophile, she hopes to continue the tradition of yearly trips to Paris and pass along tips to others traveling abroad with children.


How can we all learn to travel as effortlessly and gracefully as her?  

Read more of her posts!!!


Suzie in Paris

Suzie looks up the cobblestone lane scoping out her next stop.





The Big Blue Giant

  • 3rd July 2013

There are many ways to add a touch of blue to your garden, but none with the rich vivid hue of a delphinium and the graceful majesty specific to the Pacific Blue Giant.


Pacific Blue Giant Unopened

Pacific Blue Giant Delphinium Unopened

Blue Giant In Bloom

Pacific Blue Giant In Bloom


The tall spears do require a touch of work as they often need to be staked, but the hummingbirds and butterflies they attract do the rest for you and they continue to bloom from early spring to the last days of summer.  In warmer climates they last two years, re-appearing the next spring with even more vigor (not needing to be staked as often in their second cycle).



Pacific Blues with Foxglove

Pacific Blues in their second year amongst lavender foxglove


Like other delphinium they come in a variety of colors varying from white to pale lavender, periwinkle, (stunning!), pink, violet, indigo and royal blue.


Delphinium Chelsea Flower Show 2009

Delphinium at the Chelsea Flower Show 2009



We requested our local nursery to source Pacific Blue Giants and purchased them as seedlings about 9 inches tall.  They were planted in the fall (this is Southern California remember), grew rapidly and bloomed the next two consecutive spring-summer seasons.


While the tallest spires bloomed for weeks and were left untouched, there were many, many smaller off-shoots to trim for floral arrangements.  The rich indigo is the perfect complement to any other colors our garden was putting forth.


Stunning arrangement

Delphinium among other garden flowers: Double Delight roses, Rainbow Sorbet, anemone, carnations, hydrangea and lavender.

Call of the Wild…Part Deux!

  • 3rd July 2013

It can be a simple knotted scarf that pays homage to the above name while simultaneously bringing together your entire ensemble.  Case in point the look below from Hauber.


Hauber Leopard Print Scarf



So elegant and absolutely the inspiration behind part deux.  If there is one key accessory you plan to splurge on this fall, these gloves certainly deserve your consideration.



Gucci Guanti Donna Jaguar-Print Calf Hair Opera Gloves


They will add instant magic and glamour to any outfit.


Gucci Guanti Donna Jaguar-Print Calf Hair Opera Gloves,, $845.00



Cartier makes many iterations of its big cat jewelry, and if you’re like us you’ve always coveted one of these showstoppers…..


Cartier Cheetah Ring



But, perhaps we could interest you in one of these two that make for a great, affordably fun copy-cat of sorts!


Leopard Ring by David Webb

Leopard Ring by David Webb, Photo Courtesy of: Elle Decor

Forever21 Rhinestoned Cheetah Ring




Forever21 Rhinestoned Cheetah Ring,, $5.80




Animal Prints Look Especially Chic in These Fun/Bright Scarf Patterns:


Burberry Giraffe Print Cashmere Scarf



1.) Burberry Giraffe Print Cashmere Scarf,, $995.00

2.) Banana Republic Dianne Zebra Scarf,, $59.50

3.) Accessorize Leopard Chiffon Stole,, $17.00



A gold safari themed necklace just grazing the nape of your neck is the perfect touch and we love it in hunter green!


Fornash Enamel Safari Zebra Necklace



Fornash Enamel Safari Zebra Necklace,, $48.00


Cap it Off with Spots:


Mademoiselle Slassi The Leopard Hat
Top Shop Oxblood Leopard Fedora



Mademoiselle Slassi The Leopard Hat,, $251.00 (Hurry! Only one left)

Top Shop Oxblood Leopard Fedora,, $24.00


Perfectly Matching is….


Larsson and Jennings Ponyskin and leather watch

Larsson and Jennings Ponyskin and leather watch. Photo Courtesy of Elle UK


Larsson and Jennings Ponyskin and leather watch (Magic Dalmation),, £180.00


Looks from the past:


Zebra stripes grace an old cover of Bazaar

Zebra stripes grace an old cover of Bazaar




Too cute to resist (for your little ones!)


Leopard ears headband by Talc

Leopard ears headband by Talc. Photo Courtesy of:



Cat Eyes and Cat Spots Conjoined


Stella McCartney Cat Eye Sunglasses




Stella McCartney Cat Eye Sunglasses,, $225.00


Where to keep your ammunition to brave the city safari?  Any of these bags do the trick……


Fendi 2Jours Medium Printed Calf-Hair Shopper







4.) Valentino Lock Medium Haircalf Animal Print Shoulder Bag,, € 1,690.00

5.) Fendi 2Jours Medium Printed Calf-Hair Shopper,, $3450.00

6.) Rochas Zebra Print Haircalf Top Handle Bag,, $3150.00



L.K. Bennett Leather Animal Print Bag

L.K. Bennett Leather Animal Print Bag. Photo Courtesy of: Elle UK



L.K. Bennett Leather Animal Print Bag, £275.00


Fall Purse Preview (All photos are courtesy of Vogue Collections Paris):


Cartier Cheetah Print Purse
Jaguar Spotted Purse Emanuel Ungaro


Tiger Stripe Purse Emilio Pucci
Tiger Stripe Purse Gerard Darel


Zebra Stripe Purse Giuseppe Zanotti
Zebra Stripe Ralph Lauren

If You’re Heading to…Capri

  • 2nd July 2013

It’s worth the pilgrimage if you are in the area!! Not only does he have hundreds of handmade styles of sandals for you to choose from.  He also can design a pair specially for you!  Who would not want to frequent a shop that Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis loved?


Antonio Viva Sandal Shop



Antonio Viva Sandals Capri

Photo Courtesy of: Town & Country

Antonio Viva Sandals Capri

Photo Courtesy of: Town & Country




Antonio Viva Sandals Capri

Photo Courtesy of: Town & Country

Antonio Viva Sandals Capri

Photo Courtesy of: Town & Country




Every single sandal is made exclusively by Maestro Antonio Viva in his workshop.  Every sandal is worked on by hand, stitched by hand and is a unique article that is made exclusively to order—no identical sandals are kept in stock.


Antonio Viva Sandal Shop



According to Viva, not much has changed in the realm of sandals since Tiberius walked in the Mediterranean.  They are still made with a single, flat sole made of quality leather with strips of leather cleverly placed on top.


Via Giuseppe Orlandi, 75

Anacapri 80071 (NA) Italy

Tel: (+39) 081 837 35 83


Athena Antonio Viva
Gea Antonio Viva
Demetra Antonio Viva





Call of the Wild—Part Un

  • 2nd July 2013

The attraction to all things animal and the allure of spots, stripes and creatures of all shapes & sizes started off this spring with a roar!


Kate Moss, Cheetah Bikini Photo Courtesy of:  Vogue, UK

Kate Moss, Photo Courtesy of: Vogue, UK



As any picture of Kate Moss often does, this one helped guarantee that anything ‘game’ was here to stay, at least for the near future.


Thus the instigation for our three-part series (and there’s way too much good stuff out there to fit into one post!)

Day One (Today)—Chaussures

Day Two—Accessoires

Day Three—Vetements


Every day will also bring you a fall preview as the trend races on into Fall 2013.


Our favorite felines (and other game) for your feet:



The Summer Sandal


Calvin Klein Searra Zebra Print Lace-Up Sandal



Zara Pattern Cross Over Sandals,, $44.99

Giambattista Valli Leo Flat,, $1017.04

Dolce Vita Archer Thong Sandal in Zebra,, $55.20

Calvin Klein Searra Zebra Print Lace-Up Sandal,, $99.00



Ballet, Oxfords & Moccasins



Minnetonka Leopard Kilty Mocassin



Minnetonka Leopard Kilty Mocassin,, $39.95

Prada Leopard Stud Platform Slip-On,, $690.00

Lanvin Leopard-Print Calf Hair Loafers,, $950.00

Mint Velvet Ponyskin Ballerina Pumps Giraffe Print,, £89.00



 Coming Soon:  Part Deux—Accessoires


Tods Zebra Print Purse

Tods. Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Collections




Katie Grand Loves Hogan Photo Courtesy of

Katie Grand Loves Hogan Photo Courtesy of


 Coming Soon:  Part Trois—Vetements


Ermanno Scervino Cheetah Print Skirt

Ermanno Scervino. Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Collections



Pumps & Booties:


Aquazzura Tango T-Strap Spotted Calf Hair Sandal



Aquazzura Tango T-Strap Spotted Calf Hair Sandal,, $875.00

Tabitha Simmons Bailey Double-Wrap Leopard-Print Calf Hair Sandal,, $1395.00 (Available on Pre-Order)

Jerome Rousseau Kafka Giraffe D’Orsay Pump,, $695.00

Lanvin Tiger Print Calf Hair Pump,, $1050.00

Walter Steiger Giraffe Print Calf Hair Bootie,, $1095.00


Fall ‘Wild’ Preview—(A special nod to: Vogue Collections Paris wherein we found all these fall treasures!)


Katie Grand Loves Hogan Zebra & Tiger Print Shoes

Katie Grand Loves Hogan. Photos Courtesy of: Vogue Collections & Google Images



More Tabitha Simmons Set for Fall:


Tabitha Simmons Leopard Print Boot

Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Collections

Tabitha Simmons Leopard Print Bootie

Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Collections

Emmanuel Ungaro Mixes Cherry Red, Cheetah & Studs


Emanuel Ungaro Cheetah Print Pump with Red Sole

Emanuel Ungaro. Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Collections



The Uber-Sophisticated Loafer


Christian Louboutin Cheetah Print Loafers

Christian Louboutin—Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Collections



The Perfect Retro Look:


Sixties Heel in Leopard Ponyskin Boden USA



Sixties Heel in Leopard Ponyskin,, $117.60