The Big Blue Giant

  • 3rd July 2013

There are many ways to add a touch of blue to your garden, but none with the rich vivid hue of a delphinium and the graceful majesty specific to the Pacific Blue Giant.


Pacific Blue Giant Unopened

Pacific Blue Giant Delphinium Unopened

Blue Giant In Bloom

Pacific Blue Giant In Bloom


The tall spears do require a touch of work as they often need to be staked, but the hummingbirds and butterflies they attract do the rest for you and they continue to bloom from early spring to the last days of summer.  In warmer climates they last two years, re-appearing the next spring with even more vigor (not needing to be staked as often in their second cycle).



Pacific Blues with Foxglove

Pacific Blues in their second year amongst lavender foxglove


Like other delphinium they come in a variety of colors varying from white to pale lavender, periwinkle, (stunning!), pink, violet, indigo and royal blue.


Delphinium Chelsea Flower Show 2009

Delphinium at the Chelsea Flower Show 2009



We requested our local nursery to source Pacific Blue Giants and purchased them as seedlings about 9 inches tall.  They were planted in the fall (this is Southern California remember), grew rapidly and bloomed the next two consecutive spring-summer seasons.


While the tallest spires bloomed for weeks and were left untouched, there were many, many smaller off-shoots to trim for floral arrangements.  The rich indigo is the perfect complement to any other colors our garden was putting forth.


Stunning arrangement

Delphinium among other garden flowers: Double Delight roses, Rainbow Sorbet, anemone, carnations, hydrangea and lavender.

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  1. Wat a. Lovely flower arrangement. The blue is wonderful.

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