If You are Not Headed to Puglia

  • 27th June 2013

Then, you need to make this pasta for yourself!


There’s the beautiful picture, the flavors it conjures up in our mind (and mouth) and the intimation that it’s a little-known Puglian secret to perfect pasta.  Sold!  We had to try the ‘One-Pan’ Pasta heralded in Martha Stewart.


One Pan Pasta Martha Stewart Puglia

The tantalizing picture of their starting pot. Photo Courtesy of: Martha Stewart Living

One Pot Pasta Martha Stewart

Our starting pot also looked gorgeous (we think!).







The secret here, as is apparent from the pictures above, is that the chef placed dried pasta in the pot with water and all the ingredients for the sauce.  They all boil together and claim to deliver perfectly cooked pasta with a decadent sauce that “coats every strand.”

It was just as good as it looks and sounds!


Perfect One Pan Pasta

Perfectly cooked, coated and delicious.



We used:

1 box of linguine dried pasta

1/2 white onion thinly sliced

1 generous bunch of basil

2 boxes of cherry tomatoes halved

6 cloves of garlic cut in thirds length-wise

Generous pour of good quality olive oil

3 heaping quarter-size mounds of sea salt

Lots of freshly ground pepper

(We skipped the crushed red-pepper since we were serving children, but recommend using it for adults)

5 1/2 cups of water (However, this is 1 cup too much.  If you do not want to ladle out water (see below, it can be useful) then only use 4 1/2 cups)



The trick here is figuring out how much water to use.  However, if you are in the kitchen while it’s cooking you can always ladle out any excess water as everything cooks.  Our step-by-step pictures walk you through it:


One Pan Pasta Starting

The start before the stove is ignited.




One Pot Pasta

Starting to boil.




One pot pasta




One Pot Pasta

We ladled out some water.



We ladled out about a bowlful of water.  Don’t count this as a mistake.  If you taste this broth it has an amazing robust flavor.

Freeze it to use in soups to add flavor or thickness from the starch

Use it in mashed potatoes, quinoa, risotto anything you would use broth in

Save it to add moisture to left over pasta the next day



One Pot Pasta

Almost done….



At this point you have to make sure you are stirring it occasionally with a large fork.  It will start to stick now and the starch makes it extra sticky.  



One Pot Pasta




You can add cheese, but the textures are so silky and rich you don’t need it.  Another sprinkle of fresh pepper and a few herbs are always welcome, but also not necessary.  The pasta tasted delicious the next day as well.




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  1. What a wonderful pasta recipe. Can’t wait to try!

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