• 22nd February 2013

It’s the perfect gift….For you and your daughter! For your sister (sister-in-law) and your niece! For your mom and her granddaughter! The possibilities are endless and endlessly adorably fun!  We love the bright pink and gold combo for the little ones.  They’re not outrageously expensive and if the girl’s chain breaks or gets lost it’s definitely not tragic.


Lulu Frost Alphabet Necklace
J Crew Girls Letter Necklace


 They match!  They’re stylish! They’re worth thinking about…..



Lulu Frost Letter Necklace
J Crew Girls Letter Necklace


Letter Necklace,, $385.00

Girls Letter Necklace,, $12.50


Lulu Frost Letter Necklace
Girls Letter Necklace J Crew


All letters are available!

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  1. What a great idea, so sweet. I check them out. I will get for a gift!

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