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  • 30th October 2013

The hotly anticipated collaboration collection between Isabel Marant and H&M debuts in just 2 weeks on November 14th.  We already know it is going to be a sell-out courtesy of the look book and if you still have any doubts they can be washed away after seeing a star-studded lineup looking flawless in her attire.



Freida Pinto and Olga Kurylenko wear Isabel Marant for H&M.

Freida Pinto and Olga Kurylenko wear Isabel Marant for H&M. Photo Courtesy of: Getty Images



One reason why we particularly love this collaboration is that her collection for H&M actually looks like pieces we just saw in her 2013 Pre-Fall and Fall collection.  She has not dumbed anything down for the masses, and uses the same signature charcoal grey/bright red and white with a bohemian twist—bold combination.


If you missed these amazing jeans earlier this year (below).  You get a second chance at her winning color combo via her pièce de résistance jacket.


Isabel Marant jeans Song of Style

Photo Courtesy of: Song of Style.

Isabel Marant for H&M grey, white and red jacket.

Using the same basic colors and bohemian aesthetic.                                                                                          This jacket is available in stores and online for £199.99 on 11/14.









We featured this fabulous scarf straight off of the runway in our August 5, 2013 post.  Now you can get an almost identical version.


Isabel Marant Scarf. Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Collections Paris

Isabel Marant Scarf from her 2013 Pre-Fall Collection. Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Collections Paris

Isabel Marant Fall 2013 Collection

Isabel Marant Pre Fall 2013 Collection. Notice the thin scarf of the model on the right.



Isabel Marant Metallic Scarf H&M

This scarf reminiscent of the two above is available at H&M.



Metallic scarf available at H&M will retail at a very affordable  £29.99


Studs and grommets which factored heavily in her Fall Collections are also beautifully incorporated into the H&M line.



Isabel Marant Elvis Leather Sandals

Her studded Elvis Leather Sandals caused a stir earlier this year.

Studded Pumps Isabel Marant for H&M

In the same vein, her studded pumps for H&M are already adorning the most fashionable feet.



Studded pumps available at H&M on 11/14 retail for  £99.99.


Buy two or three pieces from this line and you will easily hit on major trends of the season as well as (and most importantly) her very signature style.  This element stayed truly intact with her H&M collection.  The pieces are cutting-edge enough to very easily slide right into all of next year’s seasons.



Her lace up leather pants capture a trend that has been brewing and picking up momentum since Fendi and DKNY last spring.  At this price point they will make a very big splash.


White Leather Lace Up Trousers Isabel Marant for H&M

White leather lace up trousers. How can you go wrong?

Black leather lace up trousers Isabel Marant for H&M.

Perfect for any evening soirée.


Leather lace-up trousers available at H&M on 11/14 retail for £179.99



Lace up leather trousers and sheer shirt Isabel Marant for H&M.

A sleek, sexy and perfect look all from the line. Photo courtesy of: Getty Images.




Marant insists she designs for everyone, which means you!  So get ready to switch on your lap top at 12:00 pm or head to your local store at 8:00 am on 11/14 and claim your favorite pieces.


Here are a few more favorites of ours:


Isabel Marant for H&M black and white trousers.

Again a signature look available for £59.99

January Jones in Isabel Marant for H&M.

January Jones in trousers and a sheer top from the H&M line.



Two cute, too cute kids accessories from the line:


Greek Fisherman Cap for Kids Isabel Marant for H&M.

Marant offers a chic cap to kids via the Greek Fisherman (check out our 7/18 post for how au courant it is).

Slouchy Suede Boots for girls Isabel Marant for H&M.

Slouchy suede boots for your girls from the Marant H&M line.



One of the coolest and most unique jumpers of the season:


Black and White Loop Jumper Isabel Marant for H&M.

Loop Jumper Available for £69.99



Perfect Wardrobe Capstone Pieces:


Fringe Scarf Isabel Marant for H&M.

Fringe Silk Scarf

Sequin Trousers Isabel Marant for H&M.

Sequin Trousers retail at £149.99



YOU MISSED THESE PANTS.….And are still longing for something out of the ordinary sequin, try this sequin blazer from Boden!


Sequin Blazer from Boden




Boden Sequin Blazer
Boden Sequin Blazer


Sequin Blazer,, $171.00



Boden Sequin Blazer



(Now, back to Marant…..)


Beautifully Bohemian:


Black and White Dress Isabel Marant for H&M.

Dress available for £69.99.

Strapless Dress Isabel Marant for H&M.

Strapless dress available for £69.99.



Behind the Scenes Isabel Marant for H&M photo Courtesy of: Vogue Italia

Behind the Scenes Isabel Marant for H&M photo Courtesy of: Vogue Italia


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