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  • 31st May 2013

We love these generously sized Anthropologie mugs.  They make the perfect parting favor for a weekend brunch or afternoon tea.  And they double as a whimsical centerpiece arrangement.  Buy one alphabet mug for each guest and invite them to take their namesake mug on the way out (florals included).


Anthropologie monogrammed mug
Anthropologie monogrammed mug






This idea warrants a trip to a florist wherein you can purchase only a few stems of different flowers in varying hues, size and appearance.  (Each mug only needs a few stems)

It’s a budget way to ensure a parting gift that remains under $10.00 per person and doubles as your florals for the party.  A nice bonus, your guests will think of you every morning with their cup of coffee or tea!


The mugs works with any flowers, or even just simple greens from your garden.


Anthropologie monogrammed mug


They can be placed at the table to complement individual place-settings as well.

Monogrammed Mug, anthropologie.com, $6.00 (available in-store as well)

Anthropologie Monogrammed Mug



Alphabet mugs or beautiful coffee mugs/tea cups from a local boutique are a fine substitute as well.  


Two more floral ideas to complement any brunch or afternoon tea:


Rose Petal Soap RSH Catalog



Rose Petal Soaps from the RSH Catalog are gorgeous in your guest bath.  One petal can be used by each guest.

Rose Petal Soap, rshcatalog.com, $25.00


Floral tape is a lovely accent when wrapping guests’ gifts.  It can also be used to decorate place mats, place cards or table tents.


Botanical Paper Tape RSH Catalog



Botanical Paper Tape, rshcatalog.com, $22.00

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