Genteel Grocery Store Easter Finds

  • 9th March 2013

As opulent and delectable as Easter-themed chocolates from around-the-world can be, sometimes it is easier and more affordable to choose the most elegant options available closer-to-home.


On that note, look no further than your local grocery store or Walmart to find delicious, festive options from Lindt.


Lindt Easter Basekt



Special Lindor Springtime Balls are available now, as well as chocolate-hazelnut blended birds/bees and carrots.


Invest in a gorgeous glass basket that you can re-use every year.  The one above has been around from Williams Sonoma for the past 5 years and beautifully holds Lindt Easter candy every year.


There are options in all price ranges:


Williams Sonoma Glass Easter Basket



1.) Hobmail Milk Glass Basket,, $79.00

2.) Glass Oval Easter Basket,, $9.99

3.) Glass Candy Basket,, $32.95

4.) Blue Art Glass Basket,, $75.00



Glass Easter Basket

Pretty with springtime ranunculus, now available and decently priced at most farmer’s markets



While a full range of Lindt specialties can be found at, chocolates are also available (for less!) at, and at your local grocery store and pharmacy.


Lindt Hens

Milk Chocolate Hen Set,, $18.00


Lindt Bugs and Bees



Chocolate Bugs and Bees,, $4.50

Chocolate Carrot Bundle,, $6.00

Chocolate Carrot Bundle,, $3.68
Spring Lindor Balls Lindt
Spring Lindor Balls, 36 pc,, $14.00

Lindt Gold Bunny,, $4.50

Lindt Gold Bunny,, $3.68

Lindt Chicks


Milk Chocolate Chick Easter,, $4.50

Milk Chocolate Easter Chicks,, $3.28


Parting Tip:  Hang on to the containers the Lindt Bugs & Bees come in.  They make perfect palettes to hold paint for children, and are excellent for housing sequins, glitter and glue when decorating eggs.  




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