Frites Fantastique

  • 26th April 2013

If you made a New Year’s resolution involving healthy eating and you are still sticking with it, this is not the post for you!  If you have designs on a particular swim suit for the summer which involves steadfast will-power, look away!




Herbed French Fries


For everyone else, these French fries, or herbed chips as Nigelissima would call them are absolutely fabulous!!


I watched her make them, courtesy of Thai Airways inflight entertainment, as we had just begun to make our way across the Pacific ocean.  Then, I thought about them for the next 14+ hours.


Her secret is putting the potatoes into cold oil.  As she puts it, you would think the fries would emerge soggy, but in fact the insides are light and fluffy and the outsides perfectly crispy.


Cut your potatoes into generously sized wedges, leaving the skin on, and lightly dry them on a paper towel.


Potato Wedges for Frying



Lightly salt them.  Place them in your preferred oil on the stove and then fire up the heat to high.  When the oil is bubbling add about 6-7 cloves of garlic to the pan, again skin on.  The garlic caramelizes within the thin skin exuding a delicious subtle flavor to the fries.


While lightly turning the fries add a thin coating of coarse sea salt.


Just before removing the fries from the pan, add a palm full of hand-torn fresh sage and let it fry for 1 minute.


Fresh Sage



Remove fries from the oil and let them stand on a paper towel to absorb any excess grease.  Arrange fries on a platter and season generously with coarse sea salt and the fried sage.  Remove skins from garlic and sprinkle slightly crushed cloves throughout.   Serve immediately.



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  1. They look absolutely delicious! Who would of thought cold oil!

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