Forever 21, but Under Fifteen

  • 28th August 2013


Put any prejudice aside and prepare for fun.  If you’re in need of retail therapy, an end-of-summer pick-me-up, some wardrobe pizzaz, gifts for girlfriends…whatever, it’s here.




Great finds at Forever21.

This whole array cost a few cents more than $100.00



With the same fervor that some scour estate sales, it can be just as much fun to scour the endless pages of jewelry on Forever21.  Every third or fourth page there is an amazing find.  Even if it only lasts for one season (though we’ve never found that to be the case) it has barely cost you as much as a muffin and a fancy latte (nothing costs more than $15.00).  In fact, the whole bundle above came in at just over $100.00 ($100.32).



Goddess Crescent Earrings



All of the these pieces pair perfectly with this summer’s beloved maxi dress, a simple white long sleeve t-shirt ushering in autumn and the last hint of a summer glow.


Goddess Crescent Earrings in navy,, $6.80



I know we’ve posted it before, but it is very hard not to LOVE this cheetah ring.


xo ring set and cheetah ring




Rhinestoned Cheetah Ring in gold,, $5.80

xo Ring Set,, $4.80



Edgy and modern…



Shell plated triangle necklace



Shell plated triangle necklace in pink,, $8.80


A few fun ‘art-deco-ish’ pieces…


Chained Art Deco Earrings
Sparkling Art Deco Earrings








Chained Art Deco Earrings,, $6.80

Sparkling Art Deco Earrings in mint,, $6.80



knotted braided chain necklace




knotted braided chain necklace





Knotted braided chain necklace,, $9.80



Bold emerald cut earrings



Bold emerald cut earrings in dusty pink,, $6.80


Ropes & ropes…


Braided Chain Necklace Navy and Gold




Braided Chain Necklace in navy and gold,, $8.80

Faux Suede Woven Necklace,, $5.80

Box Chain Choker,, $14.80



Flirty and fun…


Heart shaped hoops




Heart Shaped Hoops,, $2.80




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