Extraordinary Eggs

  • 4th March 2013

Easter and the coming of spring has been celebrated around-the-world for hundreds of years.  Thus, it seems apropos to take a world-tour to find some of the most distinguished chocolate Easter eggs out there.


Two ateliers that must be highlighted for beauty, taste and popularity come by way of São Paulo and Copenhagen.


We begin with a look at Sweet Brazil:

Egg Chrysanthemum Sweet Brazil
Egg with Pistachio Sweet Brazil
Egg Oraboles Sweet Brazil

Almost too gorgeous to eat!!! (Almost!) 


Egg Chrysanthemum, sweetbrazilchocolate.com, $64.00

Egg with crispy pistachio, hazelnut and almond, sweetbrazilchocolate.com, $130.00

Egg Orabolas, sweetbrazilchocolate.com, $59.00


Born in 1986, Sweet Brazil has a commitment annually to create collections that are as exciting to the eyes as they are to the mouth.  Chocolatiere Paula Lima uses the purest chocolate, mainly sourced from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela and the Ivory Coast.  Her thematic Christmas and Easter collections are renowned.  Her signature blend ‘pleases the tastes of Brazil':  smooth, with hints of honey that melt in your mouth.


More from her Easter collection include custom-made Fabergé eggs:


Faberge Sweet Brazil
Faberge Box Sweet Brazil



Fabergé Egg,  sweetbrazilchocolate.com, $167.00

Fabergé Basket, sweetbrazilchocolate.com, $160.00



Al Raja Gabaglia, 155
Vila Olimpia, Sao Paulo, SP
Tel: +11 3842-0006


 Across the Atlantic to Copenhagen!!

The first of the highly sought Fabergé eggs was made as an Easter gift for the Empress Marie of Russia from her husband, Tsar Alexander, in 1883. It featured a small gold egg in an outside shell of platinum and enamel.


Today, replicas filled with three tantalizing chocolate eggs are produced annually by Sv. Michelsen.  They are a true-love of the Danish.  Beautiful inside and out…


Sv. Michelsen Egg
Sv. Michelsen Inside




Sv. Michelsen Chokolade Fabergé Eggs


This year’s ‘specialty’ egg is a copy of 2011, the Red Cross Egg has 3 handmade chocolate eggs inside and 10% of the proceeds go directly to the Red Cross.


Michelsen Red Cross Egg

svmichelsen.dk, Kroners 120—200.00


Michelsen Faberge
Michelsen Faberge
Michelsen Eggs in box





Sv. Michelsen Fabergé eggs are also available at Illum department store

Østergade 52  1100 Copenhagen, Denmark



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