Chocolate Sparkle Cookies Shine for the Holidays

  • 23rd November 2013

This flourless cookie is prepared with ground almonds, rich dark chocolate and butter, making it more like a truffle.  The recipe originated in Vancouver with Haas a fourth-generation pastry chef from Germany’s Black Forest region.  It is one of the most popular holiday cookies in the bakery.



Chocolate Sparkle Cookies

Chocolate Sparkle Cookies, decadent and divine




“The cookie is just so soft and rich inside,” says Haas speaking of its appeal.




The chocolate sparkle cookies ready to bake.

The chocolate sparkle cookies ready to bake.




The recipe appeared in the LA Times in 2002 and was immediately seized upon by renowned LA epicure Shirley Cha.  As soon as you taste Cha’s baking or cooking in general you instantly trust that Cha can recognize a good recipe when she sees one.  She handed us the recipe and we have been baking these cookies at holiday time for years!  Every season, like the author of the article Jennifer Lowe says, people beg and beg for the recipe.  Well, here it is….courtesy of Shirley Cha, the LA Times, Ms. Lowe and the German pastry chef, Haas.



Chocolate Sparkle Cookies:


Makes about 36 cookies (we found it made about 20-24)

Note:  Use chocolate that is 70% cocoa.  (We used Ghiradelli semi sweet chocolate combined with Organic Green & Black 85% dark)


*The dough for these cookies needs to be chilled overnight




• 1/2 lb semi sweet chocolate

• 3 tablespoons butter, room temperature

• 2 eggs

• 1/3 cup sugar, plus more for rolling

• 3/4 cup ground almonds (if you don’t want to grind them yourselves, you can purchase ground almonds at Trader Joes ready to go!)

• Powdered sugar for garnish



Ground Almonds

Ground Almonds





1.) Melt the chocolate in the top of a double-broiler set over, but not touching simmering water.  Remove from the heat.  Cut the butter into a few pieces and mix into the chocolate until melted.




Melted chocolate with butter pieces




2.) Beat the eggs with an electric mixer gradually adding the sugar until ribbons form.  Fold in the chocolate-butter mixture.  Gently add the ground almonds.  Cover and refrigerate overnight.


3.) Heat the oven to 325 degrees.  Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.



Chocolate mixture with ground almonds




4.) Use a cookie scoop (or 1 tbsp measuring spoon) to form the dough into 1-inch balls.  Roll the balls in granulated sugar, place on the baking sheet about 2 inches apart and immediately place in the oven.



Baked cookies




5.) Bake until the center of the cookie is no longer wet, 9 to 12 minutes.  When slightly cool, lightly dust the cookie with powdered sugar.










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