Cheap and Chic

  • 22nd January 2013

One of my favorite floral challenges is to take blooms I typically avoid and find a way to make them shine. Alstromeria, the Peruvian lily, chrysanthemums, and carnations are three blossoms that are constantly snubbed. They’re common, they’re cheap, they’re everywhere. . .your local grocery store, Costco, the farmer’s market (always!).

While usually relegated to background filler status in large bouquets, they actually look beautiful center-stage.

• Cut them short
• Keep them solo (no Baby’s Breath or greens sneaking in)
• Monochromatic is key
• Find some cheap blue and white, Asian-inspired pots/vases (also everywhere!).

yellow mums

The best part, if you add ice-cubes every other day, and change the water occasionally (nothing serious, just once-in-a-while) they will last for 3 weeks. . .yes, 3 weeks for under $10.00 for two bunches. Amazing!

The carnations keep giving and are gorgeous dried. Let them air-dry naturally (you do nothing) and use them:
• Sprinkled on top of tissue paper within a gorgeously wrapped gift box
• Casually thrown down the center of a dining table like a runner, or thrown around the base of candles for a boho-chic look
• To fill clear vases holding obviously artificial flowers (my favorite for this look, wood flowers)

wooden flowers

They fall under the heading ‘kids storage,’ but the Mercado Basket, from Serena & Lily, whose lively colors conjure up all of the fun of a festive open-air market-place could work almost anywhere in the house for gorgeous de-cluttering. Two for $48.00 is definitely doable.


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