Super Cheap Finds

Voleur: Steal This Look

  • 5th February 2013

If budget is no issue then we invite you try on any of the below fresh earring styles that caught our fancy.  If, however, your earring budget for the spring is under $10 per pair…explore for a few knock-offs of fabulous spring trends.

Oscar de la Renta Cabochon earrings





1.) Oscar de la Renta Cabochon Drop Clip Earrings, $450

2.) Fringed Drop Earrings in Red or Yellow,, $6.80


Rachel Zoe Geo Earrings

1.) Rachel Zoe Deco Drop Earrings, $260

2.) Fringed Geo Earrings,, $6.80


Isabel Marant Beaded Hoop earrings


1.) Isabel Marant Beaded Hoop Earrings, $155

2.) Embossed Circle Earrings,, $4.80


Mallarino Filigree Earring

1.) Mallarino, Rocio small 24-karat gold vermeil filigree earrings, $305

2.) Goddess Crescent Filigree Earrings,, $6.80


Oscar de la Renta Panther Earrings

1.)Oscar de la Renta Crystal Panther Clip Earrings $295

2.) Jaguar Stud Set,, $3.80




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