Floral Appliqués

  • 4th May 2013

We already know that petals are prolific this season.  But some of our favorite spots for flower power are not the usual standbys, but rather sunglasses, motorcycle gloves and sneakers.


Floral Sunglasses Allure Italia

Floral Sunglasses Allure Italia




Floral Sunglasses

Photo Courtesy of L’Officiel Thailand



Anna-Karin Karlsson Sunglasses

Anna Karin Sunglasses

Anna-Karin Karlsson Sunglasses


Cause a Flippin Can Sunglasses,, 635 Euros



Mercura NYC Floral Sunglasses

Mercura NYC Floral Sunglasses, Photo Courtesy of: Town & Country


Asos Cat Eye Sunglasses


Asos Cat Eye Sunglasses with Flower Corner Embellishment,, $29.93


Louis Vuitton Waves Sunglasses
Louis Vuitton Waves Sunglasses


Louis Vuitton Sunglasses Waves Flower,, $115.00



Porcelain Frame Sunglasses LibertyUK

Porcelain Frame Sunglasses LibertyUK, Photo Courtesy of: VogueUK, 350£


Sneak Attack!


The bounty of blooms make these some of our favorite tennies ever.


Chanel Floral Sneakers

Chanel Floral Sneakers, Photo Courtesy of: Town & Country

Chanel Camelia Sneakers


Chanel Camellia Embellished Sneakers,, $1,725.00



Chanel Camellia Embellished Leather Boots

Chanel Camellia Embellished Leather Boots. Photo Courtesy of: Elle UK


Chanel Camellia Embellished Leather Boots, available at select Chanel retailers, £3125.00



Fingerless Gloves


Chanel Camellia Fingerless Gloves
Chanel Camellia Fingerless Gloves




Chanel Camellia Embellished Fingerless Gloves,

Steal this Look—Audrey in Rome

  • 20th April 2013

The much anticipated private album of rare snaps that we featured months ago, is finally out.  With the release of Audrey in Rome we absolutely must do a few ‘Steal this Look’ posts.  Where better to start, than with the front cover?


Audrey in Rome Cover



For a modern interpretation that’s still true to the above look we turn to two key pieces:

Lanvin Sunglasses


Shiny Opaline Sunglasses in Ivory, Lanvin


Shiny Opaline Sunglasses in Ivory, Lanvin,, $450.00


Rue du Mail mod belted coat with stand-up collar


Rue du Mail Mod Belted Coat




Rue du Mail Mod Belted Coat,, $2,640.00


Pair with ballet flats and a chic updo (the vespa at your side may be harder to come by!)



à la Mod, Part Deux

  • 18th April 2013

Styling references to the ’60s dominate spring fashion, so we’ll take a quick look at the how to’s in hair, and ways to ‘mod-ify’ any outfit with prime accessories.


HairThe sexy, tousled bouffant

60s hair how to

Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Australia

60s hair how to

Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Australia


The first step is always a good volumizing spritz to the hair roots.

Use an oversized round brush to blow-dry hair big and voluminous.

Center-part hair.

Divide the hair on the crown of head into three equal sections.  Two front sections (see picture above) and one back section.

For the back section, use 2-3 inch pieces turn-by-turn and back-comb with a fine-toothed comb.

Using your fingers to gently tousle, pull back the back-combed sections together midway down your head and cinch.  This should have created a little uplift at the crown.   Tease the two front sections to add a touch of volume.  Keep the center part, or arrange as a dramatic side-part. Cinch the two front sections in the back as well and voila!


The Shoesa touch of white


Vogue White Boots

Photo Courtesy of: Vogue


There are lots of interpretations of the perfect white boot this spring.  But, Jil Sander’s comes up on top!


Jill Sander Half Boots in White/Black


Jil Sander Leather Half Boots in White/Beige or White/, $1270.00


jill Sander White Boots

Photo Courtesy of: Harper’s Bazaar



Jil Sander Leather Boots



Jil Sander Leather, € 895.00


Jill Sander Leather Calf Boot

Jil Sander Leather Calf Boots,, $1250.00


White Boots

Photo Courtesy of: Vogue



Stuart Weitzman Cuffy White Sandal

Photo Courtesy of: Vogue



Cuffy Sandal,, $335.00


Cuffy Sandal Stuart Weitzman





Last LookKey Accessories



Mod Colorful Sunglasses Dolce & Gabbana




Etnia Barcelona X Araki Sunglasses
Etnia Barcelona X Araki Sunglasses


 Etnia Barcelona X Araki Sunglasses,, $210.13


Dolce & Gabbana Mod Sunglasses 


Black Resin Bangle Wallis UK
Cream Resin Bangle Wallis UK


Black (cream) resin bangle,, £5.95


Bonnie Jonas Stud Earrings
Moschino Gloria Mini Briefcase Bag


Bonnie Jonas Stud Earrings,, $8.00

Moschino Gloria Mini Briefcase Bag,, $1894.65

If You’re Heading to…Maui

  • 15th March 2013

Hike Into the Bamboo Forest

When the wind sweeps through the trees Maui’s Bamboo Forest sounds like a cacophony of high-heeled shoes engulfing you, yet if you are lucky there are no other hikers (and definitely no stilettos) in sight.  It’s spectacular, intensely green and the end-note is a breathtaking waterfall.


Bamboo Forest Maui


The hike is neither hard nor long, but it is dirty, (squelchy) and reaching the waterfall up-close requires scrambling through rocky streams and getting quite wet!


Bamboo Forest Maui



If you are staying in Wailea, don’t let the drive scare you.  The road to Hana is definitely winding, and often one lane, but the views are spectacular, raw and truly untouched.



Once you’re rested, you might be pondering ways to infuse a little bamboo into your daily routine?  Some ideas…


Charlotte Olympia Bamboo Clutch


Charlotte Olympia Pandora Bamboo Perspex Clutch,, $825.00



Le Icon Il Bambu Purse Gucci

Le Icon Il Bambu Purse Gucci



Dinny Hall Gold Vermeil Bamboo Drop Pendant


1.) Dinny Hall Gold Vermeil Bamboo Drop Pendant,, £155

2.) Striped Grosgrain Sun Hat with Bamboo Ring,, $45.00

3.) Bettye Muller Pointe in Bamboo Print,, $345.00

4.) Bamboo Trays,, $65.00


Wouters & Hendrix Long Bamboo Earrings
Uroco Kimono Bamboo Tote-Plum Flowers



Wouters & Hendrix Long Bamboo Earrings,, £407

Uroco Kimono Bamboo Tote-Plum Flowers,, $212.00




Gucci Watch, Women's Swiss Bamboo and Stainless Steel Bangle Bracelet



5.) Brass Bamboo Console,, $669.00

6.) Astley Clarke Colour Peach Blush Bamboo Bangle,, £175

7.) Gucci Watch, Women’s Swiss Bamboo and Stainless Steel Bangle Bracelet,, $995.00

8.) Annette Ferdinandsen Jade Bamboo Earrings,, $485.00



Gucci Oversized Rounded Square Sunglasses


Gucci Oversized Rounded Square Sunglasses,, $325.00



Paige Denim Skyline Skinny Ankle Peg Bamboo Jeans



9.) Paige Denim Skyline Skinny Ankle Peg Bamboo Jeans,, £220

10.) Banana Republic Indo Bamboo Link Necklace,, $70.00

11.) Kelly & Katie Bamboo Clutch,, $24.95



Cathy Waterman Garnet Bamboo Earrings


12.) L’Wren Scott Bamboo Embroidered Dress,, $1990.00

13.) Cathy Waterman Garnet Bamboo Earrings,, $2280.00

14.) Venetian Bamboo Leg Table,, $449.00









A Little Tom Ford, A Little Lenny Kravitz and a Whole Lot of Cool

  • 24th January 2013

When someone as unabashedly sexy as Lenny Kravitz gives you the top ten things he cannot live without (thank you Elle Décor) you take note…when he gives you his must-have scent you run to try it immediately hoping it’s transformative…Well, it is! Rich tonka bean, sweet vanilla and earthy wood-sap linger the way only tobacco can.  On a woman it’s truly unexpected and absolutely perfect.  Pair it with Tom Ford’s seasonal cat-eye sunglasses (Nikita) and instantly upgrade any spring outfit.




Photo Courtesy Google Images

Photo Courtesy Google Images





Tom Ford Sunglasses




Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum,, 1.7 oz $205.00, 3.4 oz $280.00

Tom Ford ‘Nikita’ Cat Eye Sunglasses, Bloomingdales, $360.00

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