Pour les Hommes (et les petits hommes)

  • 29th March 2013

We’ve heard your complaints!  While not really geared for the metro-sexual male at this time, we are going to try to pepper in a few items and posts (every now and then) to suit the taste of a special person in your life, who happens to be male.


All Leather Slim Lap Top Case Mulholland Brothers
Bison iPad Case Mulholland Brothers
Bailey "Jackman" hat, Mulholland Brothers



All Leather Slim Laptop,, $485.00

American Bison iPad Case,, $70.00

Bailey, “Jackman” hat,, $95.00



Mulholland Store San Francisco

Mulholland Store, San Francisco



Wool Field Bag Small, filson
Wheeled Carry on Bag Filson


Wool Field Bag Small,, $175.00

Wheeled Carry On Bag,, $535.00


The Meisterstück Classique Rollerball


The Meisterstück Classique Rollerball,, $415.00



For the Little Guy:



Moleskine Mickey Mouse Limited Edition Notebook,, $18.95

(This notebook even includes a drawing guide so you can create your own Mickey!)




Turtle Stool Ballard Designs


Perfect for the play room, especially an animal or marine themed one:

Turtle Stool,, $49.00



Ollie & Piglet Leather Pigs



Looking to bypass a feminine looking porcelain or ceramic piggy bank, but preserve the fun!

Ollie & Piglet Leather Pigs,, $178.00 (available on pre-order)



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