Lace it Up!

  • 1st February 2013

It’s the combination of dense embroidery and open space, coupled together, that makes the delicate pattern of lace so incredibly dynamic.  At the moment it is also ubiquitous, but there are still a few pieces that stand apart.


Lace collage

Lace Collage


1.) Sacai Luck Floral Lace Striped Dress,, $895.00

2.) Lace Print Pencil,, $118.00

3.) RED Valentino Skirt,, $850.00

4.) Pre-Order Collection Lace-Stripe Tuxedo Pant,, $445.00

5.) Milly Walker cotton-blend lace top,, $250.00

6.) Christian Louboutin Milady 100 Chantilly lace and satin peep toe pumps,,  $995.00

7.) Lanvin One-Shoulder Floral Lace Top,, $2095.00 (available on pre-order)

8.) Dress, H&M, Navy Lace, $29.95, available in-store

9.) Panther Lace Pants,, $170.00

10.) Daisy Lace Minaudiere,, $278.00

11.) Faux Leather Cut Work Skirt,, $79.90


For lace, vintage can be an exquisite option.  Many specialty vintage boutiques provide lovely lace waists (waist is a common term for a woman’s shirt from the early 19th century through the Edwardian period) that look amazing paired with your favorite broken-in boyfriend, or skinny black jeans.  The two below are from Paris 1900.  Enter this gem of a boutique in Santa Monica to find a curated collection of vintage and vintage-inspired lace blouses, dresses and boleros.



Paris 1900 Santa Monica
Paris 1900 Lace Shirt


Battenburg Tape Lace Top with hand-done brides, Circa 1900, $650.00, Paris 1900, Santa Monica

Edwardian Vintage Waist, Circa 1910, $325.00, Paris 1900, Santa Monica


Add an Edwardian touch to your home décor with this delicately modern table by moooi

Moooi Crochet Table


Lace crochet table,

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