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  • 24th April 2013

For all of our fellow flower lovers, your floral arrangements need not be relegated only to the table-top.  How about above it as well?



New Bloom Lights Kartell



Kartell’s NEW Bloom series lighting subtly imparts all of the youthful wonderment you felt when playing with Lite Brite, while displaying perfect modern elegance.


New Bloom Lights Kartell


A series of little lights located on the internal frame, beams light through the petals to refract on the faceted surfaces creating  thousands of reflections.  Gorgeous and magical!



Kartell New Bloom Series Lights



The new Bloom series offers an enhanced elliptical shape, new varied sizes and eye-catching hues of mint green and lavender alongside a sophisticated muted white.


Kartell New Bloom Series Lights



Prices start from $325.00



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