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Clearly Delicious…Part Un

  • 15th June 2013

Ditch the traditional white ceramic cookie jar!!  (Well, maybe just put it in the cupboard for a while).  These cookies deserve a more fancified presentation.  


Coconut Thumbprint Cookies with Salted Caramel

Coconut Thumbprint Cookies with Salted Caramel. Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living


We’ll get to the recipe, and some tips on baking them in Saturday’s post (and YOU WANT IT, believe us!)


But, first let’s look at the newest ways people are serving up sweet treats.


Mini Glass Cake Domes by Myriam B. Maguire

Mini Glass Cake Domes by Myriam B. Maguire. Photo Courtesy of: Departures Magazine



The Mini Glass Dome cakes created by Myriam B. Maguire are pure whimsical fun! Only 90 pieces of each style are being created in a limited and numbered collection. Starting from $375.00, for more information please contact Bergdorf Goodman or myriambmaguire.com




Cupcake domes by Myriam B. Maguire




How much fun is this?  “Our La Bonbonniere cloche gives any dessert tableau a sense of sweet Parisian panache. This unique glass globe-shaped lidded vessel sits atop a super tall footed stem.” —Olive & Cocoa


La Bonbonniere Olive and Cocoa



labonbonniere, oliveandcocoa.com, $228.00


Why can’t your most fabulous wine decanter grace the table-top with bite-sized cookies and candies cozied up inside?


Bubbles decanter by Saint-Louis
Saint Louis Bubbles Decanter


Bubbles wine decanter by Saint-Louis, michaelcfina.com, $750.00



Grassland Roads Just Desserts Candy and Cupcake Pedestals


Grasslands Roads Just Desserts Cupcake Pedestal Candy Jars Three Styles, amazon.com



Floral Fantasy

  • 13th June 2013

In reading about the Spring Collections recently we came across this picture in the UK InStyle showcasing the “couture” garden creations which popped up at Chanel, Dior, and many of the major fashion houses.


Spring Collection 2013 Florals

Photo Courtesy of: InStyle UK


Yes, these lush pieces are gorgeous, but if you break them down the flowers are not that extraordinary and it got us thinking about a few specific roses and one signature green flower that your garden requires in order to create truly bespoke, and unique florals.  


Let’s start with the three roses that are simply for your cutting garden.


1.) Scentimental is not new by any means.  But, you will be hard-pressed to find this unique, paint-splattered rose in an arrangement done by your local florist.  It’s a floribunda that will keep producing throughout the season.  It will not add pop or much interest to your garden in general, but as a cutting-rose it creates standout arrangements with the most amazing perfume.


Scentimental Rose Up Close

Close up of ‘Scentimental’ in an arrangement

Scentimental in the yard

Scentimental in the yard



Scentimental, jacksonandperkins.com, $18.95

2.) Blue Girl  is also not a new comer.  This hybrid-tea bursts into bloom in silvery, bluish lavender with long hardy stems.  Again, for the same reason it is not a knockout in the yard, it is perfect for singular arrangements.  The color is unusual, subtle and not replicated by any flower-shop finds.  A fantastic bonus is that the perfume is second-to-none.


Blue Girl Rose and Scentimental in a gorgeous flower arrangement

Blue Girl Rose and Scentimental in a gorgeous flower arrangement

Blue Girl Rose in the yard

Blue Girl Rose in the Yard


Blue Girl Rose, heirloomroses.com, $17.50


3.) Koko Loko is an absolute rookie!  This newcomer has the color of the creamiest latte.  It is amazingly rare to find a flower this attractive that is a beautiful, nutty light brown.  It gives any arrangement a vintage look and a true elegance.  It carries no perfume.




The Light Brown Koko Loko up close

The ‘latte brown’ Koko Loko Up Close



Koko Loko, edmundsroses.com, $19.95


We have nothing against hydrangeas, but in the spring you can achieve a much lacier and delicate effect by substituting in young Viburnum (also called Japanese Snowball) into your florals.  Viburnum flowers prolifically and while it comes on a sturdy woody stalk the weight of the flower ball allows it to drape just perfectly over the side of your vase.


Viburnum in a floral arrangement with roses, poppies and tulips

Viburnum is the green ball on the lower right side

Viburnum amongst hyacinth, peonies and roses

Viburnum amongst hyacinth, peonies and roses





We recommend picking the viburnum while it is still green otherwise it matures into a snow white flower.  Unlike the roses mentioned above, viburnum looks truly lovely in your yard and brings a night garden to life.


Mature Viburnum in the garden

Mature Viburnum in the garden



Viburnum, whiteflowerfarm.com


Last Look Florals


Green Powder Room with Gorgeous Floral Appliques

Powder Room with Hand Painted Aluminum Flowers Created by designer Katie Ridder. Photo Courtesy of: Elle Décor

Dolce&Gabbana Floral Earrings

Dolce & Gabbana Floral Earrings and Pendant

The Glamour of Gingham

  • 10th June 2013

Transitioning seamlessly from spring to summer to fall, the glamour of gingham never misses a beat!  From beach-side shorts to a preview of looks to come in the fall, gingham grips its place center-stage and won’t let go!


The Inspiration:



Michelle Dockery in Prada Gingham

Michelle Dockery in Prada Gingham. Photo Courtesy of: Bazaar, UK

Pastel Pink Gingham Vogue Japan

Pastel Pink Gingham Vogue Japan




The best gingham looks for summer and spring

Photos Courtesy of: Vogue and InStyle




Prada Lilac Gingham

Prada Lilac Gingham Dress



Our Favorite Dresses: 


Kate Spade New York 'Aubrey' Silk Blend Wrap Dress



1.) Kate Spade New York ‘Aubrey’ Silk Blend Wrap Dress, nordstrom.com, $398.00

2.) Marc by Marc Jacobs Stacy Check Dress, bloomingdales.com, $278.40

3.) Love Moschino Gingham Ruffle Dress, harrods.com,  £300.00

4.) Miu Miu Shirt Dress with Gingham Balloon Skirt, mytheresea.com, € 495.00




Lela Rose Strapless Gingham

Lela Rose Strapless Gingham. Photo Courtesy of: Vogue.com, Paris




Our Favorite Shorts:


Lily Pulitzer buttercup gingham shorts
Thom Brown Gingham Bermuda Shorts




Lily Pulitzer Buttercup Shorts in Fiesta Pink, 6pm.com, $40.80

Thom Browne Bermuda Shorts (For men, but gorgeous enough for us to borrow them!), colette.fr, € 770.00



Our Favorite Bikini:


The inspiration!

Gottex Gingham Bikini

Gottex Gingham Bikini, Photo Courtesy of: Vogue




Laurence Doligé Bucket Bikini


Laurence Doligé Bucket Bikini, frenchtrotters.fr, 85,00 €


Favorite Tops:


Comme des Garçons Patchwork Gingham T-Shirt



5.) Comme des Garçons Patchwork Gingham T-Shirt, farfetch.com, $543.62

6.) Frilled Hem Gingham Top, yesstyle.com, $65.00

7.) C&C California Tie Front Shirt in Gummy Green, piperlime.com, $88.00


Two Skirts to LOVE: 


Stacy Check Skirt by Marc Jacobs
Love Moschino Gingham Bow Skirt




Stacy Check Skirt by Marc Jacobs, modaoperandi.com, $348.00

Love Moschino Gingham Bow Mini Skirt, farfetch.com, $189.03



Socks & Shoes:


Top Shop Gingham Ruffle Sock
Tod's Heaven Gingham Check Slipper Shoes




Top Shop Green Gingham Trim Ankle Socks, topshop.com, $6.00

Tod’s Heaven Gingham Check Slipper Shoes, matchesfashion.com, $341.00


Hats & Scarves:


Jonathan Adler Straw and Ribbon Fedora
Vicose Scarf in Gingham Motif


Jonathan Adler Ribbon and Straw Fedora, jonathanadler.com, $68.00

Vicose Scarf in Gingham Motif, jmclaughlin.com, $55.00


Perfect for the Home: 


Square Gingham Pouf Serena & Lily


Square Gingham Pouf, serenaandlily.com, $88.00



 Last Look:


Prada keeps the gingham trend going well into the fall!


Prada Gingham Skirt

Prada: Photo Courtesy of Vogue Collections Paris

Prada Gingham Dress

Prada: Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Collections



Prada Check Handbag

Prada: Photo Courtesy of Vogue Collections Paris

Prada Pink Gingham Trench

Prada: Photo Courtesy of Vogue Collections Paris


We absolutely LOVE:


“Finding beauty in the unloved is important to me,” says Danish designer Nina Tolstrup.  Indeed:  In conjunction with London design gallery 19 Greek Street, Tolstrup created a standout limited-edition line of day-beds, sofas, chairs, and tables using discarded seating from London second-hand shop and bolts of kinky fabric left-over from Marc by Marc Jacobs’ spring 2013 collection.” (Text and below photo from Elle).  Fabulous!!!!

Nina Tolstrup chair with Marc Jacobs fabric






Allure d’Asie Part Three

  • 2nd June 2013

Asian inspired rooms are typically warm and beautifully balanced.  Add lacquer and some bamboo accents and you’re all set! The allure of Asia is easier to recreate than you think courtesy of some prime pieces that are more accessible than ever.



Play up the Pagoda

Pagoda Bar Cabinet, Century Furniture

Pagoda Bar Cabinet, Century Furniture


Pagoda Bar Cabinet, centuryfurniture.com



Pagoda Console Apartment 48


Pagoda Console, apartment48.com, $1995.00



Zig Zag Pagoda Prints Horchow



Florence de Dampierre “Zig Zag Pagoda Prints,” horchow.com, $425.00 each (available on pre-order)


Cathay Pagoda Light Fixture by Two Worlds Art


Cathay Pagoda Light Fixture by Two Worlds Arts, twoworldsarts.com



Pagoda Hooked Wool Rug from Garnet Hill

Pagoda Hooked Wool Rug from Garnet Hill



Pagoda Hooked Wool Rug, Garnethill.com, $328.00


Chinese Chippendale is Consistently Classy


And it looks particularly fresh in stark white.  


Taryn Desk Ballard Designs





Lacquer White Chinese Chippendale Mirror,



Taryn Desk, ballarddesigns.com, $699.00

Lacquer White Chinese Chippendale Mirror, zincdoor.com, $778.00


A Fresh Springy Lantern Print for Kids:


Chinese Lanterns Percale Bedding from Garnet Hill

Chinese Lanterns Percale Bedding from Garnet Hill



Chinese Lanterns Percale Bedding, Garnethill.com, $30-$90


Clash of Civilizations

Lacquered bamboo meets a Greek fret pattern to create a distinctly unique and unbearably chic piece!



British Colonial Cabinet Navy Wisteria



British Colonial Cabinet Navy, wisteria.com, $1199.00


Asian Aristocrats


Prince Tole Wastebasket
In the Emperor's Forest Lladro




Prince Tole Wastebasket, wisteria.com, $69.00

In the Emperor’s Forest, lladro.com, $6700.00



Accents for Your Table


China Town Tart Tray

Si Kiang Dinnerware



Chinatown Tart Tray, homejameseasthampton.com, $75.00

Si Kiang Dinnerware, gearys.com, $98.00 and up


A new take on the classic centerpiece 


Gold Bonsai Tree z Gallerie



Gold Bonsai Tree, zgallerie.com, $99.95



Last Look:



horchow Eastern Console




Happy Hosting

  • 31st May 2013

We love these generously sized Anthropologie mugs.  They make the perfect parting favor for a weekend brunch or afternoon tea.  And they double as a whimsical centerpiece arrangement.  Buy one alphabet mug for each guest and invite them to take their namesake mug on the way out (florals included).


Anthropologie monogrammed mug
Anthropologie monogrammed mug






This idea warrants a trip to a florist wherein you can purchase only a few stems of different flowers in varying hues, size and appearance.  (Each mug only needs a few stems)

It’s a budget way to ensure a parting gift that remains under $10.00 per person and doubles as your florals for the party.  A nice bonus, your guests will think of you every morning with their cup of coffee or tea!


The mugs works with any flowers, or even just simple greens from your garden.


Anthropologie monogrammed mug


They can be placed at the table to complement individual place-settings as well.

Monogrammed Mug, anthropologie.com, $6.00 (available in-store as well)

Anthropologie Monogrammed Mug



Alphabet mugs or beautiful coffee mugs/tea cups from a local boutique are a fine substitute as well.  


Two more floral ideas to complement any brunch or afternoon tea:


Rose Petal Soap RSH Catalog



Rose Petal Soaps from the RSH Catalog are gorgeous in your guest bath.  One petal can be used by each guest.

Rose Petal Soap, rshcatalog.com, $25.00


Floral tape is a lovely accent when wrapping guests’ gifts.  It can also be used to decorate place mats, place cards or table tents.


Botanical Paper Tape RSH Catalog



Botanical Paper Tape, rshcatalog.com, $22.00

Dream Accoutrements for the Summer Garden Party!

  • 22nd May 2013

Spotlight:  Bhldn!


Specially crafted to create a dream wedding with the most unique accessories, this web site is also the perfect launching point to scoop up some summer garden party finds.




Ridged Tin Vases bhldn.com



Ridged Tin Vases, bhldn.com, $4.00—$12.00



Best of all, their vintage chic look is affordable too!  We LOVE this flatware!



Birch Chevron Flatware bhldn.com



Birch Chevron Flatware, bhldn.com, $12.00


The lace parasol, straight out of Paris and the movie Gigi, really brings the garden party to life…



Picturesque Parasol Bhldn.com



Picturesque Parasol, bhldn.com, $78.00


These placeholders are the ultimate in personalization as you can customize a different bloom for each guest…



Bubble Vase Placeholder BHLDN.com



Bubble Vase Placeholder, bhldn.com, $6.00



Add some elegance to an open bottle of wine or champagne.



Dapper Bottle Stopper BHLDN.com



Dapper Bottle Stopper, bhldn.com, $10.00


A perfect pairing of playful summer patterns…



Gingham Cocktail Napkins BHLDN.com
Blooming Shoppe Straws, BHLDN.com



Gingham Cocktail Napkins, bhldn.com, $6.00 for 20

Blooming Shoppe Straws, bhldn.com, $7.00



Pile up brownies and cookies in here for a truly unique presentation!



Birdcage Envelope Holder


Birdcage Envelope Holder, bhldn.com, $48.00



Decorate the area with colorful, cheery oversized poms and girlish fans.


Papered Pom Set BHLDN.com
Flora Crinkle Fans




Papered Pom Set, bhldn.com, $24.00 for 5

Flora Crinkle Fans, bhldn.com, $20.00 for ten



Last Look:


We LOVE milk glass! Just like your favorite pair of shoes this season, it’s studded!


Milk Glass Hobnail Jar



Milk Glass Hobnail Jars, bhldn.com, $6.00—$8.00




All the Buzz!

  • 21st May 2013

Bees may be in decline globally (which is truly no laughing matter) but, they seem abundantly celebrated everywhere else.  Having never been stung (yet!) and passionately enamored with everything floral, a love of bees naturally follows.



Cara Delevingne wears the  Lanvin bee brooch.  Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Italia

Cara Delevingne wears the Lanvin bee brooch. Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Italia





Delfina Delettrez To bee or not to be piercing ring delfina delettrez

To bee or not to be piercing ring, delfinadelettrez.it, € 1.100,00



Thus we are more than happy to (bee) part of this incredible buzz!



Solange Azagury Partridge Bee Ring
Schield Bee Ring




Solange Azagury Partridge Bee Ring, astleyclarke.com, $1760.00

Schield Bee Ring, luisaviaroma.com, $197.00



From well over $1,000 to under $10.00, there are accessories to suit all…



Target Bee Clutch

Target Bee Earrings



Bee Cuff Bracelet, target.com, $9.99

Bee Earrings, target.com, $7.99



Bee earrings metropolitan museum of art store



Bee earrings and pin, metstore.org, $95.00


Embroidered Bee Clutch Alexander McQueen


Embroidered Bee Clutch Alexander McQueen, matchesfashion.com, $4,495.00



Jeffrey Campbell Who Could that Be? Sandals
Etro Bee Detail T-Bar Sandal






Jeffrey Campbell Who Could that Bee? Sandals, modcloth.com, $114.99

Etro Bee Detail T-Bar Sandal, farfetch.com, $531.78



Evocateur Bumble Bee Vintage Cuff



Evocateur Bumble Bee Vintage Cuff, ahalife.com, $458.00



Delfina Delettrez cuff.  Photo Courtesy of:  Elle Italia

Delfina Delettrez cuff. Photo Courtesy of: Elle Italia




Marni Jewel Bee Embellished Metallic Leather and Suede Sandals
Bee Blazer Sonia Rykiel




Marni Jewel Bee Embellished Metallic Leather and Suede Sandals, theoutnet.com, $469.99


Bee Blazer Sonia Rykiel, farfetch.com, $564.26




Eve Bee Necklace with Diamonds and Citrine in Gold



Eve Bee Necklace with Diamonds and Citrine in Gold, kiki.co.uk, £1,600.00



Betsey Johnson Antique Gold Plated Rosette Bee Earrings
Bee Studs Forever21



Betsey Johnson Antique Gold Plated Rosette Bee Earrings, lordandtaylor.com, $30.00

Bee Studs, Forever21.com, $5.80




Embroidered Napoleonic Bee Pillow
Natural World Dessert Plate, Bee




Embroidered Napoleonic Bee Pillow, Ballarddesigns.com, $55.00

Natural World Dessert Plate, Bee, anthropologie.com, $18.00


Fornash Bumble Bee Earrings
Fornash Bumble Bee Earrings



Fornash Bumble Bee Earrings, simplysoles.com, $32.00




Bee Crochet Hat


Little Bee Crochet Hat, shopruche.com, $23.00




Last Look


Chocolate Bees


These are gorgeous!!! Perfect for the chocolate lover, the gardener, the insect lover….the list goes on and on….


Not chewy like a store bought caramel, our bee chocolates have a liquid caramel center and a clear, caramelized honey taste. This unique flavor comes naturally from the fragrant basswood honey we use, supplied by the Draper Family Apiaries in Millerton, PA. Once filled, each of the nine bees is carefully painted by hand with a paper-thin layer of yellow and black cocoa butter. Guaranteed to please the palate just as much as the eye.


Chocolate Bees John & Kiras
Chocolate Bees John & Kiras


Chocolate Bees 9 Piece, johnandkiras.com, $29.00


Super cute for the kids room:


Bee Stand Ballard Designs



Bee Stand, ballarddesigns.com, $35.00

Clearly Delicious…Part Deux

  • 17th May 2013

If you don’t believe us, read the reviews online…these cookies are heavenly. Make them today and bite through oozing caramel goodness surrounded by decadent cakey coconut richness topped off with a salty kick!




Coconut Thumbprint Cookie with Salted Caramel

Finished to perfection…this was soon gobbled up!



They’re also pretty gorgeous and give the appearance of bakery bought.


Coconut Thumbprint Cookies with Salted Caramel


Recipe from MarthaStewart.com


  • 3 sticks unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
  • 3 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • Table salt
  • 2 large eggs, lightly beaten
  • 12 ounces sweetened flaked coconut
  • 44 small soft caramel candies (12 ounces), such as Kraft
  • 6 tablespoons heavy cream
  • Large, flaky sea salt, such as Maldon
The Caramel Sauce

The Caramel Sauce




Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Beat together butter and sugar with a mixer on medium speed until pale and fluffy, then beat in vanilla. With mixer on low, gradually add flour and 1/2 teaspoon table salt, and beat to combine. Press dough together in plastic wrap, then roll into 1 1/4-inch balls. Dip each ball in beaten egg, and roll in coconut. Place balls on parchment-lined baking sheets, and press an indentation into each with your thumb. Bake for 10 minutes, then remove sheets from oven, and re-press indentations. Bake cookies until golden, 9 to 10 minutes more. Let cool on wire racks. Repeat with remaining dough.



Ready to pull out of the oven

Ready to pull out of the oven




Place caramels and heavy cream in a small saucepan over low heat. Cook, stirring constantly, until the caramels are melted and mixture is smooth, 4 to 6 minutes. Spoon into indentations in cookies, and sprinkle with sea salt. Rewarm caramel if it hardens before all cookies are filled.



Ready for a drizzle of salt

Ready for a drizzle of salt


Store in airtight containers for up to 2 days.


We had about 1/2 of the caramel sauce left-over.  You can store it in the fridge to use on yogurt, drizzle over morning coffee, serve with ice-cream….or, make more cookies!!


Last Look!

This is truly how we feel about these cookies!!! (Also, we love these pillows—-perfect to throw anywhere!)


Garnet Hill French Word Style Felt Pillow Cover


Garnet Hill Word Style Felt Pillow Cover, garnethill.com, $88.00


Sur la Table

  • 1st May 2013

Michael Aram’s disposable elegance is almost too good to throw away!


Black Orchid Fine Paper Plates Aram
Black Orchid Fine Paper Plates Aram


Black Orchid 8 Count Fine Paper Luncheon Plates, madhousecollection.com, $6.00


Black Orchid Fine Paper Plates Aram
Black Orchid Fine Paper Plates Aram


Black Orchid Beverage Napkins, madhousecollection.com, $6.00,


The fine paper dinnerware from Aram is so glossy and gorgeous it is only upstaged by the disposable cutlery.


Translucent Twig Cutlery Aram
Translucent Twig Cutlery Aram


Translucent Twig 12 Piece Cutlery, madhousecollection.com, $6.00



For the more eco-conscious the unfussy tin plates from Au Bain Marie Paris are a casually elegant alternative.



Au Bain Marie Tin Plates

Bracquemond Flowers, aubainmarie.fr, 10,00 €



Au Bain Marie Tin plates

If You’re Heading to…Laos

  • 30th April 2013

Indochine Revisited


Deneuve in Indochine

Catherine Deneuve in Indochine

Anakha Boutique

Anakha Boutique



Located in a beautiful, historic, “Blue House” French Colonial building constructed in 1920, Anakha Boutique is straight out of the ’90s best foreign film Indochine.


Store Front Anakha Boutique
Song Sunglasses

Sunglasses for sale from the French Vietnamese Designer ‘Song’


For anyone visiting Luang Prabang, Anakha is an absolute must!


Silk Dresses for sale in Anakha



Anakha captures that perfect essence wherein the taste is French and the fabrics, the products are Asian—colonial in spirit with a touch of modernity.



Decor Anakha
Vintage Photos Create the Most Transformative Atmosphere

Vintage Photos Create the Most Transformative Atmosphere



The Anakha brand is French designed with Lao fabrics, 100% Cotton hand made, natural dye, no chemicals


Silk Shirt Anakha
Deneuve Indochine

Deneuve in Indochine




They produce a limited range of items so each one is unique and special.  Due to the 100% hand made Lao fabric and the natural dye, many products cannot be reproduced (since no two fabrics are the same).


Purse Anakha




Anakha is located in the ‘Blue House’ a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

9, rue Sakkarine, Ban Vat Sene

Luang Prabang, LAO PDR

+33 (0) 662 62 80 43


La Mer

  • 29th April 2013

Somewhere under the sea a whole lot of sea creatures don’t even realize how they are being celebrated up here!! As we are getting beach-ready so to are designers in every realm from home décor to jewelry.




Octopus in Glass, Silver Mint



Octopus in Glass, Silver Mint, plantationdesign.com, $425.00



Gold Octopus Pin .o5ct Diamond with Ruby Eyes
Opening Ceremony Octopus Patch Sweater




Gold Octopus Pin .o5ct Diamond with Ruby Eyes, scullyandscully.com, $2800.00

Opening Ceremony Octopus Patch Sweater, shopbop.com, $185.00


Jellyfish Giclee


Jellyfish Giclee, Ballarddesigns.com, $169.00



Jelly Bowls, gulnurozdaglar


Jelly Bowls, gulnurozdaglar.com




Anchors Away!


Awikio Riviera Stripe Dress by Malene Birger


Awikio Riviera Stripe Dress by Malene Birger, shopbop.com, $195.00


Joie Valera Anchor Jacuard Sweater
Cardigan in cotone stampa "mariniere,"

Photo Courtesy of: Marie Claire Italy


Joie Sweater, Valera Anchor Jacquard, bloomingdales.com, $219.30

Cardigan in cotone stampa “mariniere,” Marinayachting.it, 149€


Juicy Couture Knots & Anchors Necklace


1.) Gold Tone Stripe Anchor Drop Earrings, us.riverisland.com, $12.00

2.) Anchor Wheel Drop Earring, betseyjohnson.com, $40.00

3.) Juicy Couture Knots & Anchors Necklace, piperlime.gap.com, $48.00




The Big Fish


Chantecaille Save the Sharks Palette


Chantecaille Save the Sharks Palette, chantecaille.com, $83.00


Papier-mâché Shark

Papier-mâché Shark



Papier-mâché Shark, rhbabyandchild.com, $119.00


Enameled Dolphin Bangle JCrew



Enameled Dolphin Bangle, jcrew.com, $98.00



The Sea Equestrian


Anthropologie Bar Sea

Under the Sea Bar Ware, Anthropologie




Seahorse Bottle Opener Anthropologie


4.) Seahorse Bottle Opener, anthropologie.com, $14.00

5.) Blue Seahorse Charm, juicycouture.com, $48.00

6.) Finn Gold Pygmy Seahorse Pendant Necklace, barneys.com, $995.00





Anchor Locket Necklace Forever21


Locket Necklace, forever21.com, $3.80


Boy by Band of Outsiders, Sailboat Intarsia Sweater

Joules Womens Ships Print Silk Square Scarf







Boy by Band of Outsiders, Sailboat Intarsia Sweater, shopbop.com, $365.00

Joules Womens Ships Print Silk Square Scarf, psyche.co.uk, £33.99



Gap Large Striped Tote
Rosetti Ships Ahoy Sailboat Striped Shopper



Gap Large Striped Tote, gap.com, $39.95

Rosetti Ships Ahoy Sailboat Striped Shopper, kohls.com, $35.40



Shells & Coral


Shell X-Ray Photography Williams Sonoma
Shell X-Ray Photography Williams Sonoma


Shell X-Ray Photography, williams-sonoma.com, $350.00-$1250.00


Anna G Shell Cuff Shoplatitude


Anna G Shell Cuff, shoplatitude.com, $80.00



Sea Life Tea Set Anthropologie


7.) Sea Life Tea Set, anthropologie.com, $16.00-$34.00

8.) Coral Hooks Wall Décor, rshcatalog.com, $29.00

9.) Shell Carafe, Quattro Home Thailand



Last Look:


These lanterns from Pottery Barn provide the perfect way to do seaside accents, like sand and starfish alongside your candles.


Pottery Barn Lanterns

Pottery Barn Lanterns









Pottery Barn also features an amazing array of resin sea creatures.





Pottery Barn Shells




  • 21st April 2013

The Best Seat (out of) the House!


Swingrest Dedon


As balmy breezes blow through your backyard are you relaxed? Or, like us, thinking about how you can reinvent, restyle and rethink your pied a terre or backyard.  Here are some of the fabulous pieces we’ve encountered in our deliberate searches.  We’ll start with our favorites in seating and move on to a few choice outdoor accessories.


The Prime Seat


Swingrest Dedon



A few absolute favorites come by way of Dedon…


Swingrest, dedon.de


Leaf Daybed Dedon
Floor Rocker Dedon


Leaf, dedon.de

Floor Rocker, dedon.de



Bold Colors from Horchow Scream Summer


Navy Chinoiserie Outdoor Wing Chair
"Scoop" Side Chair



Navy Chinoiserie Outdoor Wing Chair, horchow.com, $725.00

“Scoop” Side Chair, horchow.com, $375.00



Janus et Cie Outdoors




Sleek Simple Lines and Natural Materials from Janus et Cie Bring Instant Zen





Yoda Lounge Chair Janus et Cie
Fibonacci Vantana Double Chaise





Yoda Lounge Chair,janusetcie.com

Fibonacci Vantana Double Chaise, janusetcie.com


B&B Italia Chairs in John Legend's House


These fabulous chairs above, were featured in Architectural Digest and are owned by musician John Legend in his Los Angeles Home.


B&B Italia Chairs from John Legend's Home



Armchair Crinoline, bebitalia.com


Luciana Bench, grandinroad.com, $299.00
Luciana Bench


Luciana Bench, grandinroad.com, $299.00


Light up the patio with these beautiful sconces


Hanging Pagoda Bell Lantern
Westport Sconce by Oomph


Hanging Pagoda Bell Lantern, charlesedwards.com, $7565.00

Westport Sconce by Oomph, oomphonline.com, $1095.00


Gorgeously unique accessories can really tie the exterior look together


Bohemian Parasols Olive & Cocoa

Antiqued Crown Bird Feeder Olive & Cocoa



Bohemian Parasols, oliveandcocoa.com, $44.00 for one, $108.00 for three

Antiqued Crown Bird Feeder, oliveandcocoa.com, $84.00


Zinc Wall Art Flowers Ballard Designs
Zinc Wall Art Flowers Ballard Designs


Zinc Flower Wall Plaque, ballarddesigns.com, $109.00



High Marks in Geometry

  • 12th April 2013

Students are not the only ones getting A’s drawing sharp angles, clean lines and bold curves.  Designers are following suit, with Fendi leading the way.



Fendi Cuff and Baguette
Fendi Spring/Summer

Photo Courtesy of: Harper’s Bazaar Australia



Fendi 2013 Graphic Clothing Sketch

Fendi 2013 Graphic Clothing Sketch. Photo Courtesy of: Baku




Jimmy Choo Geometric Snakeskin Clutch.  Photo Courtesy of: Vogue HK

Jimmy Choo Geometric Snakeskin Clutch. Photo Courtesy of: Vogue HK



Fendi Coat.  Photo Courtesy of: Saks Fifth Avenue

Fendi Coat. Photo Courtesy of: Saks Fifth Avenue





Study our picks below for a crash course in all sorts of circles, squares and shapes in-between!



Group 4, Wilfredo Rosado
Group 4, Wilfredo Rosado





Group 4, Wilfredorosado.com


Liza Sherman Agra Low Table

Photo Courtesy of: Architectural Digest



Agra Low Table, lizasherman.com, $6,500



Proenza Schouler Patchwork Perforated Snake A-line Skirt


Proenza Schouler Patchwork Perforated Snake A-line Skirt, net-a-porter.com, $2,350.00



Angular Gemstones Necklace Forever21


Angular Gemstones Necklace, Forever21.com, $12.80



Nike Woven Nagoya
Nike Woven Nagoya

Nike Woven Nagoya




Nike Woven Nagoya Sneakers available at select Nike retailers



Picasso Floor Lamp by Bunny Williams Home

Picasso Floor Lamp by Bunny Williams Home. Photo Courtesy of: Arch Digest


We love the sleek silhouette of the above lamp.

Picasso Floor Lamp, Bunnywilliamshome.com, $1,000




Hermes Garden Craft Bag

Hermes bag handmade in India features geometric patterns inspired by jockey jackets



Hermes Garden Craft Bag, hermes.com, $6350.00



Jessica Alba in Louis Vuitton

Jessica Alba in Louis Vuitton



Langford Canopy Bed Bernhardt Interiors


Langford Canopy Bed, bernhardt.com, $5,290.00


Fendi Cuff


Fendi Cuff, price upon request



Stella McCartney Contoured Mesh-Inset Gingham Sheath Dress
Paris Fashion Week Stella McCartney

Spotted at Paris Fashion Week: Courtesy of Elle Collections




Stella McCartney Contoured Mesh-Inset Gingham Sheath Dress, bergdorfgoodman.com, $1780.00



Edie Parker Jean Geo Clutch


Edie Parker Jean Geo Clutch, barneys.com, $1295.00



D'mond Prestige Ring


D’Mond Prestige Ring, dmond.com


Adria Ankle Cuff Sandal Vince


Adria Ankle Cuff Sandal, Vince, neimanmarcus.com, $350.00



Hermes Rallye 24 Porcelain

Photo Courtesy of: Architectural Digest


Hermes Rallye 24 Porcelain and Circuit 24 tumblers with stainless steel stirrers and a vase, usa.hermes.com





Lanvin Shell Minaudière


Lanvin Shell Minaudière, barneys.com, $2190.00




Zara Asymmetric Top with Knot Neckline



Asymmetric Top with Knot Neckline, zara.com, $59.90


Big Bracelet

Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Italy



A smaller, but no less impactful version of the above…..


Wendy Nichol Black Opal Triangle Ring



Wendy Nichol Black Opal Triangle Ring, barneys.com, $1250.00



Last Look!  How to wear the trend in the most unexpected ways


Geometric Eyes

Photo Courtesy of: L’Officiel Thailand


Topsy Turvy Indoor Gardening

  • 10th April 2013

Root Fed…


We came across this picture in the Korean magazine, Woman Chosun, and were immediately intrigued!



Sky Planter Upside Down Plant Pot



What a great idea to add some warmth and greenery, especially to an urban apartment.  Actually, the Sky Planter Upside-Down Plant Pot is more easily available than we thought!




Sky Plant Upside Down Plant Pot




How does it work? A web disk secures the plant and soil making it mess free.  Water goes directly into the roots (an interesting concept that does make sense!)   Apparently root-feeding conserves water as well?


Sky Plant Upside Down Plant Pot




Reach up, pick your herbs growing right over a pot of simmering sauce!



Picking Plants




Ceramic Mini Triple Pack, Boskke.com, $99.00 (Other sizes, colors and price ranges are also available)



Sky Plant Upside Down Pot



We’re a Fan!

  • 8th April 2013

Through its unusual shape alone, the Ginkgo draws an automatic fan club.  This living fossil is unique in that it has no close living relative.  Indigenous to China the Ginkgo is widely known for its medicinal properties and the splendid yellow hue it affords us in the fall.


This spring, designers are also drawn to the unique shape of the Ginkgo leaf using it as a base for clothes, jewelry and home décor.


Kate Spade Japanese Floral




Kate Spade Japanese Floral


Japanese Floral Dinnerware, Kate Spade, bloomingdales.com, $80.00 for 4 pc setting



Bronze Ginkgo Chairs by Claude Lalanne. Photo Courtesy of: Architectural Digest goldginkochairs




Bronze Ginkgo Chairs by Claude Lalanne. Photo Courtesy of: Architectural Digest

Bronze Ginkgo Chairs by Claude Lalanne. Photo Courtesy of: Architectural Digest



We are especially fond of the Ginkgo Foulard from Balenciaga!  Wrap it around the handle of  your favorite purse, tie it thin around your neck, or bandeau style sur la tête and don’t be surprised if you spawn a fan club yourself!



Balenciaga Gingko Foulard


Ginkgo Foulard, Balenciaga, barneys.com, $455.00


Baccarat Gingko Vase



Baccarat Ginkgo Vase, neimanmarcus.com, $400.00-$965.00


Tufted Gingko Rug Anthropologie



Tufted Ginkgo Rug, anthropologie.com, $498.00-$998.00


Gingko Print Ethereal Dress Balenciaga
Gingko Print Ethereal Dress Balenciaga



Ginkgo-print ethereal dress, Balenciaga, matchesfashion.com, $1471.00


Aurelie Bidermann Cuff.  Photo Courtesy of:  Vogue.de

Aurelie Bidermann Cuff. Photo Courtesy of: Vogue.de




Biloba Sculpture Gold


Biloba Sculpture Gold, plantationdesign.com, $175.00


Michael Aram Gingko Trivet


Ginkgo Trivet, Michael Aram, Michaelaram.com, $65.00


Misskukie Vintage Gingko Necklace



Misskukie Vintage Ginkgo Necklace, www.notonthehighstreet.com, £35.00


Aurelie Bidermann Gingko Earrings
Aurelie Bidermann Gingko Earrings


Earrings, Aurelie Bidermann, net-a-porter.com, $360.00

Earrings, Aurelie Bidermann, net-a-porter.com, $570.00



Vogue.de celebrates gold Ginkgo jewelry

Vogue.de celebrates gold Ginkgo jewelry


Cadeaux Parfait—Prix Parfait (Deux)

  • 5th April 2013

You’ve asked for it again and we’ve obliged!  Our second part in the ongoing series….Cadeaux Parfait!  Perfect gifts for under $50.00 (for you, a hostess, your best girlfriend, your great aunt!)




Sweet Creations


Beautiful, unique and delicious, ‘the Cinderella shoe,’ by Sweet Creations is completely edible and made from finely sourced chocolate.  Comes elegantly packaged

Cinderella Shoebit.ly/14wjJuY, $40.00



Antique Silver Condiment Set Pottery Barn



Antique Silver Condiment Set, potterybarn.com, $49.50


Tylt Y-Charge Dual USB Car Charger compatible with any device that takes a USB charger


tylt y-charge
tylt y-charge
tylt y-charge





tylt.com $25.00



Ballard Designs Beverage Tags


Set of 6 Beverage Tags, Ballard Designs.com, $15.00

Pure Tangerine Extract, igourmet.com, $12.99*


*Tangerine Extract is delicious in numerous cold drinks from lemonade to punch to iced-tea



Romano Tumblers


The perfect housewarming gift for the new couple:  two gorgeous tumblers and fancy cold-drinks for the fridge!


Romano Tumblers, exhibit.net.au, $17.00 a piece

Riemes French Limonades Blood Orange, amazon.com, $3.99



4" Bottle Vase with Wood Holder



4″ Bottle Vase with Wood Holder, set of 4, worldmarket.com, $9.99


1 bunch of multi-colored gerber daisies


Crossed Spoons Plate Stand



Crossed Spoons Plate Stand, anthropologie.com, $20.00

La Woof Plate, anthropologie.com, $24.00


Cave Coasters Zara Home


Cave Coasters, zarahome.com, $16.00

Fred Cool Jewels Ice Cube Tray, amazon.com, $7.64



Williams Sonoma Food Made Fast Asian Cookbook



Williams Sonoma Food Made Fast Asian Cookbook, williams-sonoma.com, $17.95

Norpro Deluxe 3-piece Bamboo Steamer, amazon.com, $16.84




Madeleine mold



Melamine Faience a la Corne plate, johnderian.com, $9.50

Norpro Non-Stick Mini-Madeleine Pan, bakedeco.com, $14.90

Gourmet Bourbon Vanilla Beans, lifegourmetshop.com, $9.99



What I Love Today…

  • 3rd April 2013

How could you not love these kitschy, adorable spoons!  While heart-shaped measuring spoons (as wedding/bridal shower favors especially) are prolific and over-done, these Alessi Caffe spoons are exquisite, fresh and would make the most beloved hostess, or house-warming gift.



Alessi Il Caffe Set of 4 Heart-Shaped Spoons


Alessi Il Caffe Set of 4 Heart-Shaped Spoons, amazon.com, $38.00



Who knew heart-shaped spoons were so abundant? Here are a few more choices…


DCI Bamboo Heart Shaped Spoon

DCI Bamboo Heart Shaped Spoon, thewestviewshop.com, $10.45


Heart Shaped Spoon Tea Infuser

Heart Shaped Spoon Tea Infuser, starwest-botanicals.com, $2.72


Heart Shaped Spoon with Braided Wire

Heart Shaped Spoon with Braided Wire, maryjurekdesigninc.com, $16.00


Olive Wood Spoon Heart Shaped


Olive Wood Spoon Heart Shaped, bethlehemolivewood.net, $14.95

Spotlight: Red Tractor Designs

  • 3rd April 2013

This whimsical, quirky company comes to us by way of Australia and offers the most adorably unique tea towels, tea bag holders, trays, etc., fun for us and perfect as gifts!


Piambong Red Tractor Company
Blue & White Tea Towel Red Tractor Company
Vegetable Patch Tea Towel Red Tractor Company



Piambong Tea Towel, redtractor.com.au, $16.95

Blue & White Tea Towel, redtractor.com.au, $16.95

The Vegetable Patch Tea Towel, redtractor.com.au, $16.95


Cake Show Tea Towel Red Tractor Company
Mixed Farming Tea Towel Red Tractor Company
Teapot Tea Towel Red Tractor Company




The Cake Show Tea Towel, redtractor.com.au, $16.95

Mixed Farming Tea Towel, redtractor.com.au, $16.95

Teapots Tea Towel, redtractor.com.au, $16.95




A Bush Wedding Teacup Holder
Teacup Teacup Holder Red Tractor Company





A Bush Wedding Teabag Holder, redtractor.com.au, $2.95

Teacups Tea Bag Holder, redtractor.com.au, $2.95


A Bush Wedding Sandwich Tray


A Bush Wedding Sandwich Tray, redtractor.com.au, $12.95


Teacup Sandwich Tray

Teacups Sandwich Tray, redtractor.com.au, $12.95


Cake Show Sandwich Tray



The Cake Show Sandwich Tray, redtractor.com.au, $12.95

à l’intérieur

  • 1st April 2013

It’s by no means new, but its style advice is timeless.  We recently revisited a classic, “Domino, the Book of Decorating,” when a friend was reinventing her entry way.  This small design trick made a world of difference.


Domino, The Book of Decorating

Photo Courtesy of: Domino, The Book of Decorating



“If you have the space, a lamp or two on a console bestows a welcoming glow (to an entry-way).  No room for lamps? Go for sconces.”—Domino, The Book of Decorating


Domino, The Book of Decorating

Photo Courtesy of: Domino, The Book of Decorating



Some of the lamps & sconces that caught our eye for our mission:


"New Leaf," maisongerard.com


“New Leaf,” maisongerard.com


French Brass "hand" Sconces, luccantiques.com


French Brass “hand” Sconces, luccaantiques.com, $1,850.00


The Bourgie Table Lamp



1.) Medium Hann Lamps, christopherspitzmiller.com

2.) Scorched Timber Base, anthropologie.com, $648.00

3.) Southill Urn, vaughandesigns.com

4.) Kowloon Table Lamp, gumps.com, $249.00

An ‘all-time’ favorite that remains forever chic, designed by Ferruccio Laviani in 2005 and made by Kartell

5.) The Bourgie Table Lamp, yliving, $308.00


Olivia Sconce, circalighting.com
Ralph Lauren Preston Sconce



Olivia Sconce, circalighting.com, $693.00

Ralph Lauren Preston Sconce, circalighting.com, $330.00


Swank Table Lamp, Architectural Brass


Swank Table Lamp, Architectural Brass, plantationdesign.com, $525.00



19th Century Casbah Crystal Sconce
19th Century French Empire Crystal Sconce


19th Century Casbah Crystal Sconce, restorationhardware.com, $595.00

19th Century French Empire Crystal Sconce, restorationhardware.com, $629.00



Marble Glaze Lamps christopher spitzmiller
Miles Lamp Jan Showers





Marble Glaze Lamps, christopherspitzmiller.com, $2,270

Miles Lamp, janshowers.com, price upon request





Michael Graves Renée Desk Lamp


Michael Graves Renée Desk Lamp, shop.neuegalerie.org, $960.00



Domino, The Book of Decorating



Domino, The Book of Decorating, amazon.com, $20.98


Spotlight: The Green Vase

  • 29th March 2013

One look and you’re hooked!



The Green Vase


The Green Vase, located in Riverdale, New York offers a wide selection of beautiful blooms there is no doubt.  But, what they are truly renowned for is their spectacular paper flowers.


Hollyhocks Green Vase
Hair Flower Green Vase



Delicate, ephemeral blossoms that are light as gossamer but explosive in color!


Orange Flowers Green Vase



Designer Livia Cetti began her paper magic about three years ago when she sought to create a Caribbean themed cake for a client.  Her idea was to use hibiscus, native to the Caribbean on the cake.  Her incredibly creative mind began to fashion them out of double-sided crepe paper and so experimentation ensued…


The Green Vase flowers for cake
The Green Vase Bouquet




Once she achieved success in this endeavor, she never stopped.  She began to experiment with all of her favorite flowers in all colors of tissue paper, working with fading colors and bleach.


The Green Vase Plants




The Green Vase Anemone



Paper flowers can be purchased online, in their Riverdale store, or at John Derian in New York.


The Green Vase Centerpiece




While they are expensive, they are worth it!  They never wilt, and you can pull them out at a moment’s notice for an impromptu event chez toi!


Yellow Flower The Green Vase
Purple Flower the Green Vase


Don’t sit down and open their website until you have a block of time!  You will want to keep clicking on picture after picture of stunning color!


Lily the Green Vase
Sweet Peas The Green Vase



2747 Edgehill Avenue

Riverdale, New York 10463


Livia Cetti


Joanne Donohoe



Artist’s Board…pour les petites!

  • 26th March 2013

Everyday it’s a struggle to help your children realize it’s the process that matters most and not the outcome.  For this reason (and many more) we love the design of this art-board for kids.  It’s a simple way to highlight a masterpiece as well as all of the lovely effort that went into it.



Ballard Design Cork Board


The bonus is—it’s super simple to swap out items and it brightens up any room!!


On the board above we placed:

2 framed canvases

2 raw canvases

One lovingly used palette and strips of dried acrylic paint pulled off

Used acrylic paint tubes

2 paint brushes

Thematic push pins


(all of the above were used by the child to create the featured artwork)


It absolutely works!


Set of 12 Style Tacks
Set of 12 Style Tacks




set of 12 style tacks




Set of 12 Style Tacks, ballarddesigns.com


Madison Cork Board


Madison Corkboard, ballarddesigns.com, $249.00


Paques Preview (Deux)

  • 21st March 2013

Every Easter as a child, we have fond memories of the most beautiful 3-dimensional lamb-cake gracing the center spot on the holiday table.  This was in the late 70s and early 80s in St. Louis.  For the past 10 years, in efforts to recreate this tradition on the West Coast, we have used an industrial lamb mold and the fruits of our labor while not nearly as lovely are certainly delicious!


Lamb Cake
Lamb Cake


It’s a particularly fun tradition to start with children as decorating the little lamb requires many merry-making ingredients, frosting, shredded coconut, candies, sprinkles, ribbon and bells! It’s a wonderful way to cap-off an afternoon of egg dying!


Lamb Cake Mold


12″ Lamb Cake Mold, bakedeco.com, $67.50



Some other pretty, delicious and fun Easter finds for your celebrations and Easter baskets… 


Lamb Tray Robin King Designs
Rabbit Plate Robin King Designs
Lamb Plate Robin King Designs



Lamb Tapestry Tray, robinkingdesigns.com, $225.00

Rabbit Plate with Pink Flowers, robinkingdesigns.com, $44.00


Wooden Rabbit in Oak nova68


Wooden Rabbit in Oak, nova68.com, $120.00


Bunny Dish Set Olive and Cocoa
Bunny Dish Set Olive and Cocoa



Bunny Dish Set, oliveandcocoa.com, $58.00


Fill these sweet little nests with delicious Medici Almonds from Williams Sonoma.  These Jordan almonds are unlike any others that you buy elsewhere due to a lining of vanilla just underneath the candy shell.   They are a delicious treat all year long.  We buy boxes and save them to portion out throughout the year.  (They last well for up to 10 months if you store them in a cool dark place.)  They also make a lovely hostess gift for Easter, bridal showers, brunches, or baby showers.  


Easter Birch Twig and Nest Grandinroad


Easter Birch Twig and Nest, grandinroad.com, $19.00-$39.00


Williams Sonoma Medici Almonds
Williams Sonoma Medici Almonds



Medicis Almonds, williams-sonoma.com, $15.99



If You’re Heading to…Maui

  • 15th March 2013

Hike Into the Bamboo Forest

When the wind sweeps through the trees Maui’s Bamboo Forest sounds like a cacophony of high-heeled shoes engulfing you, yet if you are lucky there are no other hikers (and definitely no stilettos) in sight.  It’s spectacular, intensely green and the end-note is a breathtaking waterfall.


Bamboo Forest Maui


The hike is neither hard nor long, but it is dirty, (squelchy) and reaching the waterfall up-close requires scrambling through rocky streams and getting quite wet!


Bamboo Forest Maui



If you are staying in Wailea, don’t let the drive scare you.  The road to Hana is definitely winding, and often one lane, but the views are spectacular, raw and truly untouched.



Once you’re rested, you might be pondering ways to infuse a little bamboo into your daily routine?  Some ideas…


Charlotte Olympia Bamboo Clutch


Charlotte Olympia Pandora Bamboo Perspex Clutch, net-a-porter.com, $825.00



Le Icon Il Bambu Purse Gucci

Le Icon Il Bambu Purse Gucci



Dinny Hall Gold Vermeil Bamboo Drop Pendant


1.) Dinny Hall Gold Vermeil Bamboo Drop Pendant, liberty.co.uk, £155

2.) Striped Grosgrain Sun Hat with Bamboo Ring, ralphlauren.com, $45.00

3.) Bettye Muller Pointe in Bamboo Print, simplysoles.com, $345.00

4.) Bamboo Trays, apartment48.com, $65.00


Wouters & Hendrix Long Bamboo Earrings
Uroco Kimono Bamboo Tote-Plum Flowers



Wouters & Hendrix Long Bamboo Earrings, farfetch.com, £407

Uroco Kimono Bamboo Tote-Plum Flowers, bottica.com, $212.00




Gucci Watch, Women's Swiss Bamboo and Stainless Steel Bangle Bracelet



5.) Brass Bamboo Console, horchow.com, $669.00

6.) Astley Clarke Colour Peach Blush Bamboo Bangle, astleyclarke.com, £175

7.) Gucci Watch, Women’s Swiss Bamboo and Stainless Steel Bangle Bracelet, macys.com, $995.00

8.) Annette Ferdinandsen Jade Bamboo Earrings, ylang23.com, $485.00



Gucci Oversized Rounded Square Sunglasses


Gucci Oversized Rounded Square Sunglasses, bloomingdales.com, $325.00



Paige Denim Skyline Skinny Ankle Peg Bamboo Jeans



9.) Paige Denim Skyline Skinny Ankle Peg Bamboo Jeans, coggles.com, £220

10.) Banana Republic Indo Bamboo Link Necklace, bananarepublic.gap.com, $70.00

11.) Kelly & Katie Bamboo Clutch, dsw.com, $24.95



Cathy Waterman Garnet Bamboo Earrings


12.) L’Wren Scott Bamboo Embroidered Dress, barneys.com, $1990.00

13.) Cathy Waterman Garnet Bamboo Earrings, ylang23.com, $2280.00

14.) Venetian Bamboo Leg Table, wisteria.com, $449.00









Add a Little ‘Khaleesi’ to Your Kingdom

  • 12th March 2013

Shot in the stark Moroccan desert, Daenerys’ storyline pays tribute to a half-bedouin, half-royal lifestyle.  These Moroccan pieces are also slightly split-personality, as much at home amongst lavish, royal finery as they are around a gypsy campfire.


Moroccan Pouf Viva Terra
Moroccan Mirror Wisteria


Metallic Leather Poufs, vivaterra.com, $429.00

Antiqued Moroccan Mirror, Wisteria.com, $220.15



Moroccan Glasses Blue
Moroccan Glasses


Moroccan Tea Glasses, justmorocco.com, $30.00


Anthropologie Pillow


Embroidered Fesi Pillow, anthropologie.com, $148.00


Fez Bowls
Tiffany Brass Moroccan Lamp



Fez Bowls, apartment48.com, $38.00

Tiffany Moroccan Brass Lamp, berbertrading.com, $299.00


Moroccan Tile Throw


Moroccan Tile Throws, horchow.com, $195.00



Voleur: Steal this Look

  • 11th March 2013

This perfectly simple arrangement of artificial flowers in a rustic terra cotta pitcher immediately caught our eye.  It’s the ideal center-piece when you want an understated effect.  It’s the kind of non-chalant decoration you might expect to find beside a tumble of glassware in a Tuscan kitchen.  Thanks Miu Miu!!


Miu Miu ad




Ways to re-create this look:



Fossilized Roses artfire.com


Fossilized Roses with Stems, artfire.com, $22.oo


Dried Palm Roses Curious Country Creations
Corn Husk Roses Curious Country Creations


Dried Palm Roses, curiouscountrycreations.com, $9.99

Dried Corn Husk Roses, curiouscountrycreations.com, $6.99


Paper Roses Woodcreek Drieds

Paper Roses Woodcreek Drieds


Paper Roses Wood Creek Drieds

Handmade Paper Roses, woodcreekdrieds.com, $7.95




Terra Cotta Pitcher Crate and Barrel

Terra Cotta Pitcher, crateandbarrel.com, $19.95


Rustic Tan Stoneware Pitcher

Rustin Tan Stoneware Table Pitcher, $40.57


To get the full effect of the above look keep the flower stems long and if you plan on buying 3 bunches (of 5 or 6 roses), splurge and buy 4—they won’t wither!

Dollop of Color

  • 10th March 2013

From elegant brushstrokes in hair, to wildly brilliant nails….


Town & Country Hair

Photo Courtesy of: Town & Country

Town & Country Hair

Photo Courtesy of: Town & Country



Victoria Beckham Pink Hair

Photo Courtesy of: Elle UK

Wild Nails

Photo Courtesy of: Elle Collections, Spring/Summer 2013







Top to Bottom, the runway looks for 2013 Spring/Summer are all about bold color



Eyes at Dior

Eyes at Dior, Photo Courtesy of: Elle Collections, Spring/Summer 2013


Here are few fabulous ways to work bright hues into your lifestyle and a few more runway looks to get your inner-palette energized!




stella.it jean skirt


skirt, stellajean.it, $544


Preen Serpent Skirt
Preen Serpent Skirt



Serpent Skirt by Preen, modaoperandi.com, $1,210


i-wares, seletti


i-wares,  Seletti.it and seletti.us



Stella Runway

Stella McCartney Runway

Stella Runway

Stella McCartney Runway

Stella Runway

Stella McCartney Runway



Irene Neuwirth Mixed Boulder Opal Bracelet

1.) Irene Neuwirth Mixed Boulder Opal Bracelet, barneys.com, $43,380.00

2.) Wave Vases, dbglassworks.com


Cambridge Satchel Company


Cambridge Satchel Company, cusp.com, $170.00



Arnold 100 patent-leather and mirrored-python sandals


3.) andreamarques.com

4.) Arnold 100 patent-leather and mirrored-python sandals, net-a-porter.com, $895.00

5.) Burberry London Metallic Leather Trenchcoat, bergdorfgoodman.com, $2995.00



Candy Chairs, indiamahdavi.com
Candy Chairs, indiamahdavi.com


Candy Chairs, indiamahdavi.com


Perro Leather Bookmark Coral


6.) Festive Wonderland Ornaments Cake, modernbite.com, $100.00

7.) Perro Leather Bookmark Coral, Loewe Madrid, loewe.com, 95 €

8.) Diorite Adizero sneakers, net-a-porter.com, $150.00



Eye Color at Spring Runway Shows

Eye Color at Spring Runway Shows. Photo Courtesy of: Elle Collections Spring/Summer 2013

Eye Color at Spring Runway Shows

Eye Color at Spring Runway Shows. Photo Courtesy of: Elle Collections Spring/Summer 2013



Mod Artist's Palette Painting, Horchow
Wild Chevron Giclee, Horchow

Mod Artist’s Palette Painting, horchow.com, $1125.00

Wild Chevron Giclee, horchow.com, $500.00



Charlotte Olympia Alexa Wedges


9.) Flip Flops Asia, Agatharuizdelaprada.com

10.) Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick, Rebelle, chanel.com, $34.00

11.) Alexa, charlotteolympia.com, £325


Waterford Araglin Prestige Cobalt 9" Vase
Napoleon Flatware, Horchow



Waterford Araglin Prestige Cobalt 9″ Vase, na.wwrd.com, $425.00

Napoleon Flatware, horchow.com, $84.90


M. Patmos Flora Silk Front Top
Veronica Beard the Skort





M. Patmos Flora Silk Front Top, shopbop.com, $395.00

Veronica Beard the Skort, shopbop.com, $495.00



Boden Seventies Wedge


Seventies Wedges, bodenusa.com, $98.00


For the little ones:


Bo-Kaap Trapeze Mini Dress

12.) Alex Toys Duct Tape Bangle Kit, store.metmuseum.org, $16.25

13.) Bo-Kaap Trapeze Mini Dress, teacollection.com, $27.00

14.) Durban Two Tie Romper, teacollection.com, $35.00













Genteel Grocery Store Easter Finds

  • 9th March 2013

As opulent and delectable as Easter-themed chocolates from around-the-world can be, sometimes it is easier and more affordable to choose the most elegant options available closer-to-home.


On that note, look no further than your local grocery store or Walmart to find delicious, festive options from Lindt.


Lindt Easter Basekt



Special Lindor Springtime Balls are available now, as well as chocolate-hazelnut blended birds/bees and carrots.


Invest in a gorgeous glass basket that you can re-use every year.  The one above has been around from Williams Sonoma for the past 5 years and beautifully holds Lindt Easter candy every year.


There are options in all price ranges:


Williams Sonoma Glass Easter Basket



1.) Hobmail Milk Glass Basket, onekingslane.com, $79.00

2.) Glass Oval Easter Basket, Shopko.com, $9.99

3.) Glass Candy Basket, williamsonoma.com, $32.95

4.) Blue Art Glass Basket, onekingslane.com, $75.00



Glass Easter Basket

Pretty with springtime ranunculus, now available and decently priced at most farmer’s markets



While a full range of Lindt specialties can be found at lindtusa.com, chocolates are also available (for less!) at amazon.com, walmart.com and at your local grocery store and pharmacy.


Lindt Hens

Milk Chocolate Hen Set, lindtusa.com, $18.00


Lindt Bugs and Bees



Chocolate Bugs and Bees, lindtusa.com, $4.50

Chocolate Carrot Bundle, lindtusa.com, $6.00

Chocolate Carrot Bundle, amazon.com, $3.68
Spring Lindor Balls Lindt
Spring Lindor Balls, 36 pc, lindtusa.com, $14.00

Lindt Gold Bunny, lindtusa.com, $4.50

Lindt Gold Bunny, amazon.com, $3.68

Lindt Chicks


Milk Chocolate Chick Easter, lindtusa.com, $4.50

Milk Chocolate Easter Chicks, walmart.com, $3.28


Parting Tip:  Hang on to the containers the Lindt Bugs & Bees come in.  They make perfect palettes to hold paint for children, and are excellent for housing sequins, glitter and glue when decorating eggs.  




Calling the Fowl

  • 3rd March 2013

First it was feathers…now it is full-on birds as an adornment of choice and a trend that has taken flight with one and all this spring.  From the sage owl to the fluttering hummingbird and flashy parrot, many a chirping friend is represented here.  Playfully perfect for spring!



Pull Pampana Paul and Joe


1.) Pull Pampana, paulandjoe.com, 380.00 €

2.) Audubon Birds Vase, store.metmuseum.org, $55.00

3.) Sydney Evan Small Bird Cage Pendant, ylang23.com, $1080.00

4.) Hand Beaded Flamingo Clutch, anthropologie.com, $68.00



J Crew Silk Minaudiere in Hummingbird Floral



5.) Silk Minaudiere in Hummingbird Floral, jcrew.com, $248.00

6.) Bird Bistro Furniture, grandinroad.com, $129.00-$399.00

7.) Betsy Johnson Love Bird Heart Earring, betseyjohnson.com, $55.00

8.) Pier One Jute Bird Napkin Ring, pier1.com, $3.95


Chloé Bird Print Tee


9.) Needlepoint Guilded Blue Songbird Pillow, thesouthernhome.com, $79.00

10.) Vintage Bird on a Wire, oliverbonas.com, $18.00

11.) Chloé Bird Print Tee, harrods.com, £57.95


Asos Kissing Birds Across Body



12.) Bird Tureen with Stand, mottahedeh.com, $300.00

13.) Asos Kissing Birds Across Body, asos.com, $30.00

14.) The Birding Life Book, rshcatalog.com, $49.00


Crewcuts Bird Song Dress



15.) Painted Owl, wisteria.com, $49.00

16.) Girls Birdsong Print Dress, jcrew.com, $68.00

17.) Macaw Danglers, anthropologie.com, $348.00

18.) Accessorize Eden Flower Garden Bird Zip Top, accessorize.com, $18.00


Marni Bird Pendant Necklace with Ribbon


19.) Set of 4 Blue bird Candles, oliveandcocoa.com, $78.00

20.) Marni Bird Pendant Ribbon Necklace, neimanmarcus.com, $447.00




Peacock Hooked Wool Rug Garnet Hill

Peacock Hooked Wool Rug Garnet Hill



21.) Peacock Hooked Wool Rug, garnethill.com, $328.00

Flush with Florals

  • 27th February 2013

Spring flowers might be just on the precipice of peeking out of the ground, but there are bouquets a-plenty on the minds of designers who’ve placed petals on everything from jeans to  pot holders to baby shoes.  Even as winter persists in many parts of the world there are sure to be abundant blooms.


Chanel Floral Bodice

Chanel Floral Bodice



Photo Courtesy of Vogue Italie

Photo Courtesy of Vogue Italie



Use these fresh florals below as inspiration to plan a spring-time garden party!!!



Dolce & Gabbana Floral Purse



1.) Cut Flowers Amaryllis, johnderian.com, $260.00

2.) Alice + Olivia Floral Skinny Jeans, shopbop.com, $198.00

3.) Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Embroidered Straw Handbag, mytheresa.com, € 2,250.00


Hybrid Insalatiera Salad Bowl, seletti.it


4.) Hybrid Insalatiera Salad Bowl, seletti.it

5.) Toms Daisy Print Slip-On, Youth, neimanmarcus.com, $38.00

6.) Moncler Giasone, store.moncler.com, $875.00


Set of Five Bella Spring Candle Rings, grandinroad.com


7.) Miu Miu Necklace with Flower Clasp, miumiu.com, $695.00

8.) Pantalon Valandro, paulandjoe.com, € 345.00

9.) Set of Five Bella Spring Candle Rings, grandinroad.com, $69.00



Girls Bermuda Short in Tea Rose



10.) Wedgwood Floral Majolica bowl with Strawberries, majolica.net, price upon request

11.) Slippers Candy Pink, Agnes B. Kids, littlefashiongallery.com, €52.68

12.) Girls Bermuda Short in Tea Rose, jcrew.com, $49.50


 Wallpaper Floral Print Dress, tedbaker.com


13.) Wallpaper Floral Print Dress, tedbaker.com, $375.00

14.) Boy’s Liberty Tie in June’s Meadow Floral, jcrew.com, $58.00

15.) Dolce & Gabbana Flower Dress, harrods.com, £415.00


Florigraphie, pot mat, seletti.it


Florigraphie, pot mat, seletti.it



Embellished Leather Thong Sandal, garnethill.com


16.) Embellished Leather Thong Sandal, garnethill.com, $39.50

17.)  Blossom Hook Rack, anthropologie.com, $19.95



Alberto Pinto Belles Saison & Compagnie Des Indes Dinner Plate
Alberto Pinto Belles Saison & Compagnie Des Indes Dinner Plate



Alberto Pinto Belles Saison & Compagnie Des Indes Dinner Plate, devinecorp.net, $360.00




Cadeaux Parfait—Prix Parfait

  • 26th February 2013

Great gifts under $50 are hard to find.

We are as fond of scented candles, aromatic soaps and good wine as anyone, but with just a tad more effort you can come up with something that will by-pass the random kitchen/hallway storage drawer and actually get used and loved.  And we have not gone above $50 (minus tax and shipping)

Cobalt Woven Paper Bowl Serena & Lilly


Cobalt Woven Paper Bowl, serenaandlily.com, $38.99



These are a few of our favorite ideas that work for anyone:  your friend’s birthday you suddenly remembered; end-of-year teacher ‘thank Us'; sudden invite to a colleague’s for brunch; secretary house-warming….whatever the occasion, stock up on a few of these now and you will be ready and thankful later.



GrandinRoad Lavendar Stack and RSH Hurricane


Lavendar Stack, grandinroad.com, $29.00

Small Hurricane, rshcatalog.com, $15.00



Handmade Jaipur Coasters Wisteria, Harvest Nut Tray DeanDeluca


Handmade Jaipur Coasters, wisteria.com, $16.80

Harvest Nut Tray, deandeluca.com, $24.00



Seventh Heaven Ring Sundance Catalog



Seventh Heaven Ring, sundancecatalog.com, $48.00


All Hours Winking Georgie Kate Spade




All Hours Winking Georgie, katespade.com, $49.00

(We suggest putting a few international coins from one of your favorite last trips inside just as a fun surprise!)


Gorjana Parker Leather Wrap Bracelet



Gorjana Parker Leather Wrap Bracelet, shopbop.com, $49.00



Embroidered Suzani Table Runner GrandinRoad

Embroidered Suzani Table Runner, grandinroad.com, $39.00


Bone Inlay Jewelry Box Serena & Lilly, Filigree Collar Necklace Forever21


Filigree Collar Necklace, Forever21.com, $8.80

Bone Inlay Jewelry Box, serenaandlily.com, $24.99



Iris Placemat The Southern Home
Dutch Tulip Placemat The Southern Home



Iris Placemat (set of 4) or Dutch Tulip Placemat (set of 4), thesouthernhome.com, $42.00


Threshold Flour Sack Towels Target



Threshold Flour Sack Cake Towel Set of 6, target.com, $20.00


Indian Ragamala Plate Met Museum Store


Favorite decoratively wrapped chocolates in…

Indian Ragamala Plate, store.metmuseum.org, $20.00



Mystic Tie-Back Bib Necklace



Mystic Tie-back Bib Necklace, anthropologie.com, $48.00



Renaissance Glassware Horchow



Renaissance Glassware, horchow.com, $26.90


English Toffee Crate Olive and Cocoa


English Toffee Crate, oliveandcocoa.com, $48.00


Gold Bangle Set Jcrew


Gold Bangle Set, jcrew.com, $39.50

Yellow Ceramic Muffin Pan Cost Plus


Yellow Ceramic Muffin Pan, worldmarket.com, $14.99

Hodgson Mill Whole Wheat Wild Blueberry Muffin Mix, amazon.com, $15.51



Ethnic Lace Applique Necklace Zara


Ethnic Lace Appliqué, zara.com, $29.90



Menagerie Juice Glasses Anthropologie



Menagerie Juice Glass, anthropologie.com, $12.00

Norpro Orange Juicer, amazon.com, $9.07


Coil Rope Bowl Ylang Home


A few beautiful green apples in…

Coil Rope Bowl, yliving.com, $48.00



Parisien Shoppers Tote Forever 21, Eiffel Tower Round Tray Target


Eiffel Tower Round Tray, target.com, $9.99

Champagne Cork Cookies by Fossier, igourmet.com, $9.99

Parisien Shopper’s Tote, forever21.com, $1.80



Brown Silhouette Pencil Holder Robin King Designs


Brown Silhouette Pencil Holder, robinkingdesigns.com, $30.00

Elegant Pencils with Red French Lettering Set of 4, etsy.com, $3.00


Vintage Hobnail Candydish One Kings Lane



Lindor Truffles (always a favorite) in…

Vintage Hobnail Candydish, onekingslane.com, $45.00


Modern Metallics

  • 25th February 2013

In homage to two of the most lovely dresses to glide down the red carpet at the 2013 Oscars…



Naomi Watts Oscar 2013

Halle Berry Oscar 2013




We visit some of this season’s most inspired modern metallics.  From shoes to clutches to planters, the sparklers below are winners in every category.


Maison Margiela Metallic Jacket, Michael Kors Soutache Lace Dress



1.) Maison Martin Margiela Metallic Front Jacket, barneys.com, $1590.00

2.) Phalaenopsis Orchid, pier1.com, $8.95

3.) Michael Kors Soutache Lace Dress, harrods.com, £2,499.00


Elizabeth and James Cree Silver Metallic Sandals

4.) Pamela Love Turquoise and Bronze Spike Earrings, ssense.com, $345.00

5.) Pleated Metallic Maxi Skirt, forever21.com, $22.80

6.) Elizabeth and James Cree Silver Metallic Sandals, couture.zappos.com, $250.00

7.) Clare Vivier Textured Metallic Flat Clutch, saks.com, $143.00


R13 Skinny in Silver, Jimmy Choo Pure Gold Leather Peep Toe Wedges



8.) Jimmy Choo Pure Gold Mirror Leather Peep Toe Wedges, jimmychoo.com, $650.00

9.) Fazilet Leather Bracelet, shoplatitude.com, $100.00

10.) Metallic Gold Drip Dish, neimanmarcus.com, $175.00

11.) R13 Skinny in Silver, forwardforward.com, $345.00

12.) Premium Metallic Origami Skirt, topshop.com, $80.00


Diane Von Furstenberg Juliette Metallic Leather Platform Sandals


13.) Faith Connexion Strapless Metallic Brocade Dress, fashion2us.com, $360.00

14.) Haute Hippie Sequined Jacket, shopbop.com, $747.50

15.) Metallic Crackle Herb Pot, anthropologie.com, $14.00

16.) Diane Von Furstenberg Juliette Metallic Leather Platform Sandals, saks.com, (pre-order) $298.00

17.) Saint Laurent Paloma Flat Sandal, barneys.com, $935.00


Joseph Clare Metallic Stretch Leather Pencil Skirt


18.) Joseph Clare Metallic Stretch Leather Pencil Skirt, cherae.com, $270.00

19.)  Square Toe Ballerina, tedbaker.com, $90.00

20.) High Heel Sandal with Ankle Strap, zara.com, $79.90

21.) Stella McCartney Metallic Linen Fold-Over Clutch, saks.com, $1120.00 (Pre-order)


Lola Cruz Mesh Sandal



22.) Reed Krakoff Metallic Oxford Pumps, mytheresea.com, $604.00

23.) Haute Hippie Metallic Detail Leather Mini, mytheresa.com, $304.00

24.) Lola Cruz Mesh Sandal, lorishoes.com, $225.00

25.) Naveena Hand-Pleated Maxi Skirt, calypsostbarth.com, $239.00


Urchin Vase Apartment 48


26.) Stella McCartney Jacquard Woven Trousers, mytheresa.com, $504.00

27.) Sheri Bodell Metal Mesh Maxi Dress, shopbop.com, $228.20

28.) Ted Muehling Candle Holder available at select locations (photo courtesy of Elle Décor)

29.) Urchin Vase, apartment48.com, $62.00



Willow Metal Spine Trim Skirt

30.) Willow Metal Spine Trim Skirt, willowltd.com, $348.00

31.) Tods available at select Tods locations

32.) Love Suede Pillow, calypsostbarth.com, $185.00


Pâques Preview…

  • 24th February 2013

If the Easter Hare hops into your home every spring—have her bypass the garish cartoon chick decorations and bring you some garden-themed, bucolic, simpler décor to display.  Here are a few favorites, #1 being the felt baskets below which have been beloved by kids the past 3 years.  (Every year Cost Plus World Market offers a slight variation on these baskets).



Felt Easter Basket Cost Plus World Market
Felt Watering Can Cost Plus World Market




Large Felt Rabbit Picket Fence Container, worldmarket.com, $7.99

Felt Watering Can, set of three, worldmarket.com, $20.97


Easter Baskets Ready for Children to Fill

Easter Baskets Ready for Children to Fill

Kids Counting Their Eggs

Kids Counting Their Eggs



Bunny Garland Oriental Trading Company




Plush Chocolate Easter Bunny Garland, orientaltradingcompany.com, $10.00


Villeroy & Boch Egg
Villeroy & Boch Egg






Spring Eggs, shop.villeroy-boch.com, $9.95



Pottery Barn Chair Backing Bunnies


Easter Chairbacker, potterybarnkids.com, $19.00


Pink Bunny Napkin Rings
White Bunny Napkin Rings



Pink & White Bunny Ear Napkin Rings, kirklands.com, 6 for $17.99



Botanical Egg Runner William Sonoma




Egg Botanical Print Runner, williams-sonoma.com, $59.95


Bunny Pillow



Easter Decoration Pillow, zazzle.com, $66.65

If You’re Heading to…Hong Kong

  • 15th February 2013

Spotlight:  Shanghai Tang

Founded in Hong Kong with the intention of reviving Chinese fashion of the 1920’s, Shanghai Tang has never been more fresh.  From home décor to children’s clothing it perfectly combines a classical Chinese flair with a modern touch.  If you are visiting Hong Kong, the flagship mansion is worth the trip, if not, you can access their online boutique.


 For the Home: 

Dragon Photo Frame Shanghai Tang
Porcelain Photo Frame Shanghai Tang


8R Dragon & Phoenix Wedding Photo Frame, shanghaitang.com, $189.00

4R Porcelain Collection Photo Frame, shanghaitang.com, $125.00


Lotus Square Jar with Lid Shanghai Tang
Empress Colour Decorative Tray Shanghai Tang



Lotus Square Jar with Lid, shanghaitang.com, $189.00

Empress Colour Decorative Tray, shanghaitang.com, $86.00


Lattice Candle Holder Shanghai Tang
Lattice Box in Lacquer Wood Shanghai Tang




Lattice Candle Holder, shanghaitang.com, $100.00

Lattice Box in Lacquer Wood, shanghaitang.com, $425.00



Double-Happiness Embroidered Cushion Cover
Double Happiness Embroidered Cushion Cover


Double Happiness Embroidered Cushion Cover, shanghaitang.com, $292.00


For You:



Shangri La Python Satchel



Shangri-La Python Satchel, shanghaitang.com, $2182.00



For the Girls:


Fancy Button Sweater Shanghai Tang
Save China's Tiger's Dress


Fancy Button Cardigan, shanghaitang.com, $122.00 (on sale! Hurry!)

Limited Edition Save China’s Tigers Sleeveless Dress, shanghaitang.com, $100.00



The flagship store, The Shanghai Tang Mansion, is located at:

1 Duddell Street in Central Hong Kong


Shanghai Tang Mansion


Their Manhattan address is:

600 Madison Avenue


Online Boutique:


Mark Your Calendar

  • 7th February 2013

If you have not heard of London-based Duro Olowu that’s OK.  But, now, go visit his site:


Once all of the brilliant patterns in the most vivid colors have soaked in, let this soak in to…The Nigerian-born designer has collaborated with JC Penney and the collection comes out in March (just a few weeks away!).  Unlike other fashion collaborations where a lot gets lost in translation, this collection does not disappoint.  It looks much like his runway Spring/Summer show and he pushes the aesthetic through to his home collection as well which includes everything from dinner plates to splashy umbrellas.


Photo Courtesy of: Doru Olowu

Photo Courtesy of: Doru Olowu



So, if you have a JC Penney retailer close-by it’s worth a trip come March, if not jcp.com is just a click away. Make sure to make a note!


Plate Doro Olowu

Photo Courtesy of: Elle Décor

Umbrella Doro Olowu

Photo Courtesy of: Elle Décor



des Animaux

  • 6th February 2013

Who says animal themes only work for young children’s birthdays?  Here are a few ways to create an evening soirée with a subtle, chic safari theme.


Start with the perfect cocktail dress:


Issa Zebra Print Silk Dress
Issa Zebra Print Silk Dress


Differing from the usual cat-spots, this fresh, swoopy, silky Issa dress sports a striped zebra/tiger motif.  It’s super flattering and comfortable.

Issa Zebra-Print Silk Dress, net-a-porter.com, $550



try a Safari inspired canvas skirt with great hard-ware, accented by bright orange booties


Leather Trimmed Skirt

Leather-trimmed Galston Skirt, ralphlauren.com, $298.00

Penelope Suede Oxford Bootie, in orange, ralphlauren.com, $695.00


Papier-mâché wall art is absolutely prize-winning

Papier Mache West Elm
Papier Mache West Elm






Papier-mâché Animal Sculptures, west-elm.com, $99.00-$199.00



Crested Crane Bust

Crested Crane Bust

Crested Crane Bust, anthropologie.com, $198.00



A coffee table book featuring the most majestic creatures


On This Earth, A Shadow Falls


Photo Courtesy of: A Shadow Falls, Nick Brandt

Photo Courtesy of: A Shadow Falls, Nick Brandt


On this Earth, A Shadow Falls by Nick Brandt, barnesandnoble.com, $96.38


Photo Courtesy of: A Shadow Falls, Nick Brandt

Photo Courtesy of: A Shadow Falls, Nick Brandt

Photo Courtesy of: A Shadow Falls, Nick Brandt

Photo Courtesy of: A Shadow Falls, Nick Brandt

Photo Courtesy of: A Shadow Falls, Nick Brandt

Photo Courtesy of: A Shadow Falls, Nick Brandt


Photo Courtesy of: A Shadow Falls, by Nick Brandt

Photo Courtesy of: A Shadow Falls, by Nick Brandt

Photo Courtesy of: A Shadow Falls, by Nick Brandt

Photo Courtesy of: A Shadow Falls, by Nick Brandt

Themed dinnerware provides the perfect accent


Jurliska Bamboo Dinnerware


Juliska Bamboo Natural Dinnerware, www.gearys.com, $22.00—$198.00

Le Tigre Dinnerplate Anthropologie


Le Tigre dinner plate, anthropologie.com, $24.00


Elephant Dinner Plate

Elephant Dinner Plate, www.zazzle.com, $28.10


Mikasa Animal Print Plates

Mikasa Black/Platinum Animal Print Plates, amazon.com, $39.99


Le Zig-Zag

  • 3rd February 2013

The inverted “V” chevron pattern is popular with everyone from the military to migrating birds.  Here are a few fresh takes on the design which is as old as Ancient Greece.

Chevron Clothes


1.) Chan Luu Chevron Sequin Mini Skirt, calypsostbarth.com, $295.00

2.) Gorjana Chevron Tribal Earrings, shopbop.com, $65.00

3.) Current Elliott The Ankle Skinny Jeans, shopbop.com, $218.00

4. Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Chevron Sweater in Vita Multi, revolveclothing.com, $460.00

5.) Milly, Carina Chevron Sheath Dress, saks.com, $375.00

6.) Stella McCartney Chevron Mesh Sweater, bergdorfgoodman.com, $880.00

7.) RHIÉ Chevron Stretch Pencil Skirt, barneys.com, $350 (available on pre-order)

8.) Trina Turk Corinne Chevron Dress, neimanmarcus.com, $268.00

9.) Wayuu Bracelet, Silvia Tcherassi, shoplatitude.com, $120.00

10.) High-waisted chevron shorts, forever21.com, $19.80



Pour La Maison

 Chevron Decor Collage


1.) Chevron Banded Drum Shade, anthropologie.com, $118.00-$128.00

2.) Blue ZigZar Tibor, emiliaceramics.com, $185.00

3.) Chevron Picture Frames, garnethill.com, $28.00

4.) Mint Green Zig Zag Pillow, zazzle.com, $49.95

5.) Grey Chevron Pouf, littlechoux.com, $116.00

6.)Chevron Patterned Knit Throw, neimanmarcus.com, $195.00

7.) Chevron Mirror, Wisteria.com, $379.00

8.) Threshold Chevron Shag Area Rug, 5’X7’, target.com, $279.99


Voleur: Steal this Look

  • 2nd February 2013

Dolce Isola Bakery Los Angeles

Dolce Isola Bakery

Recreate the Euro-chic café look at Dolce Isola with simple unframed artwork, brightly-hued bistro chairs, generous bunches of multi-colored flowers and over-sized blue & white vases.




1.) Fermob Bistro Metal Chair, thegardengates.com, $198.00

2.) Happiness Pots, wisteria.com, $239.00

3.) Chinese Lidded Jar Floral Garden, wisteria.com, $89.00

4.) Altered Ego Chair, Spindles, Anthropologie.com, $348.00

5.) Red Geraniums print, ballarddesigns.com, $159.00

6.) Poupée Porcelaine, Anthropologie.com, $948.00


Cheap and Chic

  • 22nd January 2013

One of my favorite floral challenges is to take blooms I typically avoid and find a way to make them shine. Alstromeria, the Peruvian lily, chrysanthemums, and carnations are three blossoms that are constantly snubbed. They’re common, they’re cheap, they’re everywhere. . .your local grocery store, Costco, the farmer’s market (always!).

While usually relegated to background filler status in large bouquets, they actually look beautiful center-stage.

• Cut them short
• Keep them solo (no Baby’s Breath or greens sneaking in)
• Monochromatic is key
• Find some cheap blue and white, Asian-inspired pots/vases (also everywhere!).

yellow mums

The best part, if you add ice-cubes every other day, and change the water occasionally (nothing serious, just once-in-a-while) they will last for 3 weeks. . .yes, 3 weeks for under $10.00 for two bunches. Amazing!

The carnations keep giving and are gorgeous dried. Let them air-dry naturally (you do nothing) and use them:
• Sprinkled on top of tissue paper within a gorgeously wrapped gift box
• Casually thrown down the center of a dining table like a runner, or thrown around the base of candles for a boho-chic look
• To fill clear vases holding obviously artificial flowers (my favorite for this look, wood flowers)

wooden flowers

They fall under the heading ‘kids storage,’ but the Mercado Basket, from Serena & Lily, whose lively colors conjure up all of the fun of a festive open-air market-place could work almost anywhere in the house for gorgeous de-cluttering. Two for $48.00 is definitely doable.

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