The Spooks are Loose!

  • 19th October 2013

Whether you’re throwing an impromptu Halloween fete or just looking for a few super easy holiday-themed crafts and decor to do with your mini goblins at home, these simple activities are fun for all ages, even the youngest in the bunch.


We’ve combed through idea after idea to find the easiest crafts for little kids (and time-stressed parents) which do not require numerous unique supplies.


Halloween Fun!



French Pumpkins


Des Citrouilles  (French Pumpkins)


This idea, courtesy of Rachael Ray Magazine is uber cute and easy to create using black felt, pom-poms or pipe cleaners, a black sharpie and black mustache stickers (optional).  Kids 4+ are easily able to make it on their own.  Group (des hommes) in a bunch and they look especially fun!

• Cut a circle out of black felt to make the beret.  Glue a pom-pom or a loop out of black pipe cleaner onto the top.

• Place your mustache, or create your own with sharpie.

• Sketch on a fanciful face



Vampire Pumpkins


Vampire Pumpkins



For these little blood-suckers white pumpkins typically work best.  The idea comes courtesy of Martha Stewart Living and requires little to nothing.  Carve out a small mouth.  Have a little friend decorate the vampire teeth and a pair of googly eyes with a red sharpie.  Pop them in and glue them on respectively.  Eyelashes optional!




Coy Cat


Cat Pumpkin



Again, courtesy of Martha Stewart Living, this is the easiest of the bunch.  The trick is in picking the right pumpkins.  One should be a shorter, flatter, almost disc like pumpkin and the other a taller, thinner pumpkin with a well defined stem.  Cut the stem off of the shorter pumpkin and flip it onto its bottom.  While you paint a cat face, have your little one paint the stem of the tall pumpkin black creating a tail.  Black ears made from thick construction paper are the finishing touch.



Take the More Elegant Route


Metallic Pumpkins



Simple hardware store metallic silver spray paint and a sheet of Martha Stewart Line stickers transforms pumpkins elegantly.  You do the spraying and let the kids do the sticking.


Spider Attack! 



Spiders attacking pumpkin



Again, a flat disc like pumpkin makes the spider infested look easier to achieve.  Wipe the pumpkin clean first with a wet paper towel and using plastic spiders and glue dots the mock siege is easy to create.


Black & White Centerpieces


Black and White Halloween Centerpiece





Black & White Halloween Centerpiece




A pure white arrangement with black plastic spiders and black spray painted mini pumpkins.


Sneaky Mice Infestation


Mice Silhouette Halloween





Mice Silhouette Halloween



These templates are also available at Martha Stewart Living.  You can trace them onto black construction paper or just cut out the mice printed directly from your computer.  Let the kids stick them along the baseboards of a staircase and scattered running throughout the house!



Vamped Up Straws


Vampire Straws




Template for the straws are available at Rachael Ray Magazine.



3 Easy Party Crafts:


White Chocolate Dipped, Halloween Sprinkled Pretzels


Halloween Themed Sprinkled White Chocolate Pretzels




Dip the pretzel in white chocolate




Sprinkle Pretzel on parchment paper or paper plate





Add pretzels to the decorated bags





Send white chocolate dipped pretzels home in goody bags



Fun, delicious and a take-home treat, these Halloween spirited pretzels are easy for all guests.  You will need a bag of pretzels, white chocolate baking chips (the better the brand the better the taste), Halloween-themed sprinkles, paper plates, (clear bags and halloween stickers are optional).


Melt the chocolate in the microwave for about 1.5 minutes, stir and repeat until the chocolate is smooth.  Have sprinkles and paper plates at hand.  Dip the pretzels in half-way one-at-a-time and transfer to the plate.  Sprinkle and pop them into the freezer for 10-15 minutes.  Let sit 5 minutes and transfer to clear bags or your mouth!



Candy Filled Witches Brooms


Candy Filled Witches Brooms



This cute craft triples as a favor and/or centerpieces.  Amazingly easy to make they require minimal supplies.  Grab sticks from the park or your backyard.  Any candy will do as a filler.  (Idea courtesy of Martha Stewart Living)


Two lunch size paper bags are required for each broom.  Unfold one bag, push it out of its base while folding in the left and right sides.  Cut the bag into thinnish strips stopping before the base.  Cut thin strips as well into the top inch of the second bag.  Open both bags, and place the second bag inside the shredded one, then fill with candy.  Put a small twig about one inch into the bag and cinch the tops of both bags with pipe cleaners, black twine, or black twisty ties.


Your supplies:

All you need to make witches brooms




Pasta Skeletons


A little more time intensive, this is a great craft for a play date or a rainy afternoon.  Any pasta you have in the house can be substituted in and broken up to make different sizes.  Glue dots are easier and faster to use than craft glue for this activity.   (Idea courtesy of Martha Stewart Living)



Pasta Skeleton Mandible





Pasta Skeleton Humerus





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