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  • 19th May 2013

Summer plans are being solidified now as Spring comes to a close and there is no better time than to get organized for the impending packing.  If it’s the sweet mountain air that’s calling you….then you’re in luck!



Wildflowers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Wildflowers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming



Today we feature a special guest post from an impeccably stylish, mother-of-three who manages to keep everything under control effortlessly, Sheralyn Baltes.  Her love affair with Jackson Hole, Wyoming has been going strong for years and if you are headed to the mountains, ranch or countryside this summer we urge you to take her lead….



Mountains skyrocket up in Jackson

Mountains skyrocket up in Jackson


Sheralyn talks about the ‘Modern Mountain’ style…

Growing up in Seattle, I was able to experience a perfect balance between city living and mountain living. With the Cascade Mountain range at our fingertips, we camped, hiked, fished, and chased crickets all summer long. When I became a parent, I knew that I wanted my children to have the same experience. We are blessed to spend 8 months of the year in Santa Monica and the other 4 months in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The 3 summer months are particularly magical. I’m filled with nostalgia and joy everyday as I watch my 3 young boys run around our property freely. 


Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

In an effort to free up my time out there, every spring, I get very strategic about my summer “in the mountains” fashion choices. The last thing I want to be doing on a warm summer evening is ordering new shoes from Zappos! No, no, nothat is precious time used for making guacamole and fresh margaritas! This year, I wanted to be particularly crafty. I needed to make versatile yet stylish choices. I was stuck somewhere between Coachella and the Jackson Hole Rodeo. (Coachella, I knew was too young, too hip, and too music festival cool for me. The Jackson Hole Rodeo smells like horse poop and Wranglers look weird on my back side.) What’s a girl to do?! 
I wrote out the following guidelines: 
  1. Must be durable: Let’s not forget that I’m chasing 3 boys through river beds. 
  2. Must reflect my personality: Disciplined/structured but likes to let loose from time to time.
  3. Must reflect my sense of style: Disciplined/structured but likes to let loose from time to time.
  4. Must respect my age: I’m a 40 year old mom not a 25 year old music festival attendee. 
  5. Must be versatile: Need items that will interchange easily. 
  6. Must be cost conscious: Gotta know when to splurge and when to save. 
  7. Must be found online: Who has time to go shopping? 



I used a few pictures from our property and created the storyboard picture shown above. I got inspiration from the area, and I slowly added clothing pieces that seemed to fit. Below is what I ended up with: 

1. Low ankle Golden Goose boots: My one big splurge.

 These boots can be worn with shorts, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, dresses, or just about anything. The boots from this brand are pricey, but they are worth it. I bought my last pair almost 5 years ago and I still wear them 2-3 times per week. The belt shown is also from Golden Goose. 

2. Boyfriend cut-off shorts: I bought mine from Current Elliot. 

  • Save: Take an old pair of low-waisted baggy jeans, cut them off mid thigh, leave the ends frayed, wash a few times, and you’re good to go. 
  • When cutting, make sure to cut mid-thigh, not too short, not too long. 
  • Make sure they are low-waisted. 
  • Make sure they are loose fitting. 


3. Simple, lightweight, versatile blouses

  • Save: The floral print in the picture is from Forever 21, it was $17.00. It is so pretty in real life. It’s sheer, ties at the waist, and is absolutely versatile and flattering. 
  • The tunic is from Madewell, also a great value. 
  • The white sleeveless top is from Vince. A bit of a splurge but worth it. 


4. No.6 Clogs: I’m obsessed. They are so cute and so comfortable. I found mine at Steven Allen. I wear these with shorts, boyfriend jeans, and simple dresses. 



5. Button-down dress: This is a mountain girl must have. This one is from Old Navy. 



6. Rings & necklace: I made these at Semi Precious on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica. 

  • Ask for Amy, show her a picture of what you’re looking for, and she’ll either make it for you or help you make it. 
  • She has an amazing selection of materials, she’s incredibly talented, and she’s really fun.  
Sunrise over Jackson Vista

Sunrise over Jackson Vista

I’m styled and ready for summer—Now, all I need to do is get through the rest of the school year!!
Giddy up Girlfriends!








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