Movement in Three Tiers

  • 25th August 2013

A few years ago I tore a page out of Martha Stewart Living that became an absolute go-to guide for me, flower obsessed with not a stitch of training in arrangement.  


In this conversation with floral gurus, Nicolette Owen and Sarah Ryhanen (google them immediately), they describe how elaborate bouquets require movement and arrangements look better in three tiers.



Martha Stewart arrangement by Ryhanen and Owen.

Photo Courtesy of: Martha Stewart Living




“Bulky real estate items like heather and lilies create form and structure.  (Tier 1)  Showy “face” flowers like tea roses give a bouquet their focus (Tier 2).  Gestural, attention getting elements give a sense of finish. (Tier 3)”   I love this and it has given me direction and confidence ever since.


Today’s trip to the Farmer’s Market and the backyard gave meaning to their above words.  I am not a floral designer so my rendition did not look as elegant.  But, anyone can easily do four of the below arrangements in less than $25.00 and less than 20 minutes following their technique.



Tuberose and Love in the Mist arrangement.

Tuberose and Love in the Mist arrangement.



Love in the mist and a sturdy hydrangea stand in as the solid foundation—Tier One.  Vibrantly hued dahlias and garden roses with their explosive pops of color serve perfectly as the “showy face flowers”—Tier Two.  But, my favorite is the ‘gestural’ detail, because it is only in bloom for a few more weeks…the Tuberose—Tier Three.  What better gesture than it’s plump creamy buds bursting with sweet fragrance.

Another tip from Rhyanen, is to avoid the all too easy and deadly “pyramid” arranging.  Stagger heights of flowers and create asymmetry with beautiful movement.


The bouquet should have inherent movement.

The bouquet should have inherent movement.



Finally, for the showy “face flowers” avoid the temptation to sprinkle them about.  Instead, cluster like colors, shades and shapes together.



Dahlias and garden roses anchor each 'side' of the arrangement.

Dahlias and garden roses anchor each ‘side’ of the arrangement.




Another look for inspiration, from Ryhanen’s blog, Saipua….


Photo Courtesy of: Saipua

Photo Courtesy of: Saipua






Topsy Turvy Indoor Gardening

  • 10th April 2013

Root Fed…


We came across this picture in the Korean magazine, Woman Chosun, and were immediately intrigued!



Sky Planter Upside Down Plant Pot



What a great idea to add some warmth and greenery, especially to an urban apartment.  Actually, the Sky Planter Upside-Down Plant Pot is more easily available than we thought!




Sky Plant Upside Down Plant Pot




How does it work? A web disk secures the plant and soil making it mess free.  Water goes directly into the roots (an interesting concept that does make sense!)   Apparently root-feeding conserves water as well?


Sky Plant Upside Down Plant Pot




Reach up, pick your herbs growing right over a pot of simmering sauce!



Picking Plants




Ceramic Mini Triple Pack, Boskke.com, $99.00 (Other sizes, colors and price ranges are also available)



Sky Plant Upside Down Pot



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