Dream Accoutrements for the Summer Garden Party!

  • 22nd May 2013

Spotlight:  Bhldn!


Specially crafted to create a dream wedding with the most unique accessories, this web site is also the perfect launching point to scoop up some summer garden party finds.




Ridged Tin Vases bhldn.com



Ridged Tin Vases, bhldn.com, $4.00—$12.00



Best of all, their vintage chic look is affordable too!  We LOVE this flatware!



Birch Chevron Flatware bhldn.com



Birch Chevron Flatware, bhldn.com, $12.00


The lace parasol, straight out of Paris and the movie Gigi, really brings the garden party to life…



Picturesque Parasol Bhldn.com



Picturesque Parasol, bhldn.com, $78.00


These placeholders are the ultimate in personalization as you can customize a different bloom for each guest…



Bubble Vase Placeholder BHLDN.com



Bubble Vase Placeholder, bhldn.com, $6.00



Add some elegance to an open bottle of wine or champagne.



Dapper Bottle Stopper BHLDN.com



Dapper Bottle Stopper, bhldn.com, $10.00


A perfect pairing of playful summer patterns…



Gingham Cocktail Napkins BHLDN.com
Blooming Shoppe Straws, BHLDN.com



Gingham Cocktail Napkins, bhldn.com, $6.00 for 20

Blooming Shoppe Straws, bhldn.com, $7.00



Pile up brownies and cookies in here for a truly unique presentation!



Birdcage Envelope Holder


Birdcage Envelope Holder, bhldn.com, $48.00



Decorate the area with colorful, cheery oversized poms and girlish fans.


Papered Pom Set BHLDN.com
Flora Crinkle Fans




Papered Pom Set, bhldn.com, $24.00 for 5

Flora Crinkle Fans, bhldn.com, $20.00 for ten



Last Look:


We LOVE milk glass! Just like your favorite pair of shoes this season, it’s studded!


Milk Glass Hobnail Jar



Milk Glass Hobnail Jars, bhldn.com, $6.00—$8.00




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