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  • 22nd January 2013

Who doesn’t love versatility? This crazy cheap sweater can pair with jeans (soft pink velvet perhaps), a chiffon maxi skirt or a streamline mini. It captures a huge love affair with hearts we’ll dive into in the coming blogs. . .

Love Sweater
love sweater

Longline Love Sweater in Navy/White, Forever21 $22.80
Knotted Tri-Tone Necklace, Forever21 $5.80
Chiffon Maxi Skirt, Forever21, $24.80

Pair with your favorite ankle boots or slouchy cowboys!


Not for parents? This new travel guide series designed by Lonely Planet for children 8 and up is collecting fans rapidly. It steers away from where to buy coffee, antiques and go zip-lining and gets down to a kids’ level. Why are taxis in New York painted yellow? Did the ancient Romans wear underpants? Interwoven within these enticing tid-bits is history and culture and enough to get kids ready to pound the pavement in these cities and be your own tour-guide. At least that’s what happened with our daughter when visiting Rome!

The ‘Not for Parents’ series covers: London, Rome, Paris and New York City as well as a How to be a World Explorer Handbook. (P.S. it says ‘not for parents’ but it is pretty interesting. . . you’ll pick it up too!)

‘Not for Parents’ Lonely Planet Guides, The Lonely Planet Shop, $10.49

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