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  • 8th March 2013

Buy a Bag!  And, help combat child labor and trafficking….

Catrinka Project Nepalese Bag

Catrinka Project Nepalese Bag

Catrinka Project

Photo Courtesy of: The Catrinka Project



Buy a Bag!  And, help improve the quality of learning in girls education…..


Catrinka Project Ethiopia Bag

Catrinka Project Ethiopian Bag

School Girls Catrinka Project

Photo Courtesy of: The Catrika Project


Buy a Bag!  And, help reduce the prevalence of forced or early marriage in target communities around the world….



Catrinka Project Founders

The ladies who bravely started the Catrinka Project



Their goal:  Three women who wanted to do something tangible in the name of girls, for other girls far away, who face far greater challenges.


Their idea:  To work on a collection of artisanal bags to raise funds for girls’ education. The bags, made by socially responsible artisan groups that are woman-owned, woman-managed, or that predominantly employ women.


Their amazing success-story:  Although dubbed impossible, these ladies were able to design and produce 10 bags in 10 different countries in under 10 months.


Catrinka Project Tote

Catrinka Project Tote available at



Their Partnership:  All profits from all bags sold through April 13, directly funds 10×10.  10×10 is a social media campaign that aims to change minds and inspire action to support girls. At the heart of the campaign is a feature film, narrated by a host of stars, that tells the stories of 10 girls in 10 countries who have risen from extreme poverty to new hopes and dreams, because someone helped them go to school.


How to buy: Alisa Ng, the Founder & CEO of L-atitude became the online retail partner.  All bags are available in their (Shop for Good) “Global Give”  section.


The Catrinka Project



Artisans the Catrika Project

Artisans, Photo Courtesy of:
The Catrinka Project



Excerpt from the Catrinka Web site:


Meet Mabinti from Sierra Leone 

Posted by 

Mabinti Conteh, 19, from Freetown. She missed out on an education during the civil war and its aftermath, and had few marketable skills. She gained sewing skills in a training program and then work with our artisan partner, NearFar, which keeps her off the streets and making an income. Here is Mabinti with the Catrinka Sierra Leone clutch!


Mabinti, Catrinka Project

Photo Courtesy of: The Catrinka Project



The Catrinka Project

10×10 Educate Girls, Change the World



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