If You’re Heading to…Paris

  • 25th March 2013

Even if you are not!…it’s a real feast for the eyes and worth dreaming about!


The boutique chocolates and confections of Pierre Hermé Paris



Oeuf Galets Pierre Herme
Oeuf Theobroma Pierre Herme
Oeuf Mendiant Noir Pierre Herme



Some are available by home delivery throughout France & Europe, some by courier in Paris and some only by pick-up in store.  If this does not work for you location-wise…just take inspiration from the beauty, and imagine the decidedly delectable tastes!  


Oeuf Griffe Lait
Oeuf Dentelle Noir



Hens and rabbits can be delivered throughout Europe!


Poule Noir Pierre Herme
Lapin Noir Pierre Herme


Now let’s move away from Easter and into the exquisite realm of ‘macarons.’  Everyone is doing them now.  But are they offering flavors like these?  Hardly!


Chocolate & Honey from the Maquis Shrubland Region of Corsica:  “Pierre Hermé prolongs the state of grace with a chocolate ganache that is surprisingly low in bitterness, in order to allow this very special honey to express the many facets of its character. This equilibrium is as captivating and fragile as the natural environment of the Island of Beauty itself.”


Pierre Herme Macaroons



More outrageously interesting options include:  Aniseed & Saffron, Vanilla & Basil, Lemon & Caramelized Fennel, Chocolate & Lime…


Pierre Herme Macarons




Olive Oil with Mandarin Orange, Liquorice & Violet, Rose & Rose Petal….



Pierre Herme Macarons




Pierre Hermé Paris

Locations throughout Paris and France—and within England, Japan and the United Arab Emirates

Paques Preview (Deux)

  • 21st March 2013

Every Easter as a child, we have fond memories of the most beautiful 3-dimensional lamb-cake gracing the center spot on the holiday table.  This was in the late 70s and early 80s in St. Louis.  For the past 10 years, in efforts to recreate this tradition on the West Coast, we have used an industrial lamb mold and the fruits of our labor while not nearly as lovely are certainly delicious!


Lamb Cake
Lamb Cake


It’s a particularly fun tradition to start with children as decorating the little lamb requires many merry-making ingredients, frosting, shredded coconut, candies, sprinkles, ribbon and bells! It’s a wonderful way to cap-off an afternoon of egg dying!


Lamb Cake Mold


12″ Lamb Cake Mold,, $67.50



Some other pretty, delicious and fun Easter finds for your celebrations and Easter baskets… 


Lamb Tray Robin King Designs
Rabbit Plate Robin King Designs
Lamb Plate Robin King Designs



Lamb Tapestry Tray,, $225.00

Rabbit Plate with Pink Flowers,, $44.00


Wooden Rabbit in Oak nova68


Wooden Rabbit in Oak,, $120.00


Bunny Dish Set Olive and Cocoa
Bunny Dish Set Olive and Cocoa



Bunny Dish Set,, $58.00


Fill these sweet little nests with delicious Medici Almonds from Williams Sonoma.  These Jordan almonds are unlike any others that you buy elsewhere due to a lining of vanilla just underneath the candy shell.   They are a delicious treat all year long.  We buy boxes and save them to portion out throughout the year.  (They last well for up to 10 months if you store them in a cool dark place.)  They also make a lovely hostess gift for Easter, bridal showers, brunches, or baby showers.  


Easter Birch Twig and Nest Grandinroad


Easter Birch Twig and Nest,, $19.00-$39.00


Williams Sonoma Medici Almonds
Williams Sonoma Medici Almonds



Medicis Almonds,, $15.99



Choice Confections

  • 16th March 2013

Using antique Victorian candy molds, Shane Confectionery perfectly preserves holiday traditions in the Old City of Philadelphia.  We caught a glimpse of these stunning “clear toy” candies in the recent Martha Stewart Living magazine and had to investigate.


Clear Toy Candies, Shane Confectionery

Photo Courtesy of: Martha Stewart Magazine


These hand made treats are a German tradition, dating to the 18th century.  They were made only during holidays and gifted to children.  The dazzling effect is created using molten sugar.


Clear Toy Candies, Shane Confectionery



A confectionery has been on premise since 1863, Shane Confectionery opened there in 1911:

No. 110 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106



Clear Toy Candies, Shane Confectionery
Clear Toy Candies, Shane Confectionery


Since Colonial days Philadelphia has been a ‘hot spot’ for candy making due to its busy port.  Ships would bring in sugar, cocoa and exotic fruits and nuts that had traveled from the West Indies, West Africa, the Mediterranean and India.  A tradition was born….



Shane Confectionery Clear Toy Candies
Shane Confectionery Clear Toy Candies


Read their marvelous detailed history, explore the candy making traditions of Philadelphia and marvel at dreamy creations at:

(215) 922-1048


Shane Confectionery Clear Toy Candies
Shane Confectionery Clear Toy Candies


  • 5th February 2013

It’s been less than 2 weeks and we’re covering another chocolate company (I know!).  But Valentine’s Day is right around the corner providing the perfect excuse!?

Discovered by my sister who has an uber-discriminating palate, in the Amsterdam airport almost 15 years ago, we have been obsessed ever since.  For a while you could only buy Neuhaus chocolates in Europe or Neiman Marcus, but now, we are happy to report they are available to us all online (and at many fine retailers throughout the United States).

The 14th awaits, buy them for yourself…we often do!

Manon Sucre

Made from buttercream and sugar within their chocolate atelier

Neuhaus Manon Sucre

Truffle Tiramisu

Buttercream with tiramisu taste covered in Amaretti cookie

Neuhaus Truffle Tiramisu


Nougatine cookie filled with ganache from hazelnuts

Neuhaus Praline Cookie


Vanilla fresh cream on a gianduja base

Neuhaus Vanilla Fresh Cream


 And many more decadent flavors

This fine Belgian chocolate company claims to have invented the “praline” and we don’t doubt it.  All chocolates are still created and packaged near Brussels.






What I Love Today…

  • 3rd February 2013

My amazingly health conscious, Ashland-Oregon based friend has been turning up aces recently with a wide range of all-natural delicious treats.  Many of them are blog-worthy, but this 100% pure Maple Candy is in season right now and not for long.  A delicious dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, guilt-free gift for yourself or someone else.

Coombs Family Farms Maple Candy
Coombs Family Farms
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