What’s in a Face?

  • 30th January 2013

Once popular in Ancient Rome cameos can still hold their own.  They are set-off perfectly when paired with a thoroughly modern pant suit or pair of sleek leather leggings.  If you were slow to pick up on this trend early last year, don’t fret you still have options. Miu Miu’s nod to these objets d’art are a pop of color with whimsical profiles.  While almost completely sold-out you can still find their necklace in stunning scarlet at  (I think there’s just one left! and on sale too!)

 cameo collage



1.) Cameo Necklace with Brooch,, $1715.00 (Hurry on Sale!)

2.-3.)Cameo Circle Earrings and Linear Earrings,, $160.00 and $140.00

4.) Rhoda Cameo Gown,, $348.00

5.) Velvet Necklace with Cameo Pendant, Miu Miu,, € 335.00 (Hurry on Sale!!)

6.) Juliet & Company Cameo Stud Earrings,, $28.00

7.) Vintage Antiqued Bronze Queen Cameo Bracelet,, $5.99

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