Artist’s Board…pour les petites!

  • 26th March 2013

Everyday it’s a struggle to help your children realize it’s the process that matters most and not the outcome.  For this reason (and many more) we love the design of this art-board for kids.  It’s a simple way to highlight a masterpiece as well as all of the lovely effort that went into it.



Ballard Design Cork Board


The bonus is—it’s super simple to swap out items and it brightens up any room!!


On the board above we placed:

2 framed canvases

2 raw canvases

One lovingly used palette and strips of dried acrylic paint pulled off

Used acrylic paint tubes

2 paint brushes

Thematic push pins


(all of the above were used by the child to create the featured artwork)


It absolutely works!


Set of 12 Style Tacks
Set of 12 Style Tacks




set of 12 style tacks




Set of 12 Style Tacks,


Madison Cork Board


Madison Corkboard,, $249.00


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