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If You’re Heading to…Laos

  • 30th April 2013

Indochine Revisited


Deneuve in Indochine

Catherine Deneuve in Indochine

Anakha Boutique

Anakha Boutique



Located in a beautiful, historic, “Blue House” French Colonial building constructed in 1920, Anakha Boutique is straight out of the ’90s best foreign film Indochine.


Store Front Anakha Boutique
Song Sunglasses

Sunglasses for sale from the French Vietnamese Designer ‘Song’


For anyone visiting Luang Prabang, Anakha is an absolute must!


Silk Dresses for sale in Anakha



Anakha captures that perfect essence wherein the taste is French and the fabrics, the products are Asian—colonial in spirit with a touch of modernity.



Decor Anakha
Vintage Photos Create the Most Transformative Atmosphere

Vintage Photos Create the Most Transformative Atmosphere



The Anakha brand is French designed with Lao fabrics, 100% Cotton hand made, natural dye, no chemicals


Silk Shirt Anakha
Deneuve Indochine

Deneuve in Indochine




They produce a limited range of items so each one is unique and special.  Due to the 100% hand made Lao fabric and the natural dye, many products cannot be reproduced (since no two fabrics are the same).


Purse Anakha




Anakha is located in the ‘Blue House’ a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

9, rue Sakkarine, Ban Vat Sene

Luang Prabang, LAO PDR

+33 (0) 662 62 80 43

La Mer

  • 29th April 2013

Somewhere under the sea a whole lot of sea creatures don’t even realize how they are being celebrated up here!! As we are getting beach-ready so to are designers in every realm from home décor to jewelry.




Octopus in Glass, Silver Mint



Octopus in Glass, Silver Mint,, $425.00



Gold Octopus Pin .o5ct Diamond with Ruby Eyes
Opening Ceremony Octopus Patch Sweater




Gold Octopus Pin .o5ct Diamond with Ruby Eyes,, $2800.00

Opening Ceremony Octopus Patch Sweater,, $185.00


Jellyfish Giclee


Jellyfish Giclee,, $169.00



Jelly Bowls, gulnurozdaglar


Jelly Bowls,




Anchors Away!


Awikio Riviera Stripe Dress by Malene Birger


Awikio Riviera Stripe Dress by Malene Birger,, $195.00


Joie Valera Anchor Jacuard Sweater
Cardigan in cotone stampa "mariniere,"

Photo Courtesy of: Marie Claire Italy


Joie Sweater, Valera Anchor Jacquard,, $219.30

Cardigan in cotone stampa “mariniere,”, 149€


Juicy Couture Knots & Anchors Necklace


1.) Gold Tone Stripe Anchor Drop Earrings,, $12.00

2.) Anchor Wheel Drop Earring,, $40.00

3.) Juicy Couture Knots & Anchors Necklace,, $48.00




The Big Fish


Chantecaille Save the Sharks Palette


Chantecaille Save the Sharks Palette,, $83.00


Papier-mâché Shark

Papier-mâché Shark



Papier-mâché Shark,, $119.00


Enameled Dolphin Bangle JCrew



Enameled Dolphin Bangle,, $98.00



The Sea Equestrian


Anthropologie Bar Sea

Under the Sea Bar Ware, Anthropologie




Seahorse Bottle Opener Anthropologie


4.) Seahorse Bottle Opener,, $14.00

5.) Blue Seahorse Charm,, $48.00

6.) Finn Gold Pygmy Seahorse Pendant Necklace,, $995.00





Anchor Locket Necklace Forever21


Locket Necklace,, $3.80


Boy by Band of Outsiders, Sailboat Intarsia Sweater

Joules Womens Ships Print Silk Square Scarf







Boy by Band of Outsiders, Sailboat Intarsia Sweater,, $365.00

Joules Womens Ships Print Silk Square Scarf,, £33.99



Gap Large Striped Tote
Rosetti Ships Ahoy Sailboat Striped Shopper



Gap Large Striped Tote,, $39.95

Rosetti Ships Ahoy Sailboat Striped Shopper,, $35.40



Shells & Coral


Shell X-Ray Photography Williams Sonoma
Shell X-Ray Photography Williams Sonoma


Shell X-Ray Photography,, $350.00-$1250.00


Anna G Shell Cuff Shoplatitude


Anna G Shell Cuff,, $80.00



Sea Life Tea Set Anthropologie


7.) Sea Life Tea Set,, $16.00-$34.00

8.) Coral Hooks Wall Décor,, $29.00

9.) Shell Carafe, Quattro Home Thailand



Last Look:


These lanterns from Pottery Barn provide the perfect way to do seaside accents, like sand and starfish alongside your candles.


Pottery Barn Lanterns

Pottery Barn Lanterns









Pottery Barn also features an amazing array of resin sea creatures.





Pottery Barn Shells



New Moon on Monday

  • 28th April 2013

As sure as a new moon rises every month, so to has a new trend accentuating this semi-circular feature.


Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer in Nirvana

Photo Courtesy of: Bon Appétit


So, if time and cash are not on your side, or, you are just an inspired do-it-yourselfer (like us!), we picked up these styling tips from Heidi Klum’s web site….


Nail Art Striping Paint

Photo Courtesy of: Bon Appétit



How to Get Half-Moon Nails (Edit from


Metallic or glitter polish
Color #2,  polish
10 reinforcement stickers (like you may have used in high school to fix a tear on a 3 ring binder)
Clear top coat


1. Start with clean, bare nails that have been filed.

2. Apply 1 to 2 coats of the metallic/glitter polish (depending on the coverage of the polish). Be sure to paint your whole nail. If the color ends up showing through the other polish it will just add a little sparkle, but it is important to have a smooth first layer. Let the polish dry for at least 30 minutes. It is important your nails are dry before placing the reinforcement stickers on them or else the stickers will peel off the polish and you will have to start all over again.

3. Once nails are completely dry, place a reinforcement sticker on each nail with the outside of the sticker mimicking the shape of the moon of your nail. Cutting a slit in each sticker will allow the stickers lay more evenly on each nail. You can decide what size you would like the moons to be, but it is important that the size stay consistent across all your nails for it to look right. Once they are all placed where you would like them, apply pressure to each making sure they are secure to your nail.

4. Now paint the top half or your nail with 2 coats of Color #2 polish. Let this coat dry for at least 10 mins.

5. Once that’s dry, carefully pull the reinforcement stickers off of each nail.

6. Finish with a clear top coat.


Half Moon Nails

Photo Courtesy of: L’Officiel Thailand

Half Moon Nails

Photo Courtesy of: L’Officiel Thailand




In the event that you just want to free-hand it or try a more abstract approach we recommend:


Art Club Nail Art Gold Glitter Striping Paint,, $8.00


Nail Art

Photo Courtesy of: InStyle



Art Club Women’s The Nail Art Foil Flakes,, $10.00



Art Club Women's The Nail Art Foil Flakes


 Last Look:  The whole combination of the single-standout nail, the modern graphic ring and the bold color combination of bright orange and vivid teal made this photo (from one of our favorite Thai magazines) and styling idea, unforgettable in our minds…



Standout Nail

Frites Fantastique

  • 26th April 2013

If you made a New Year’s resolution involving healthy eating and you are still sticking with it, this is not the post for you!  If you have designs on a particular swim suit for the summer which involves steadfast will-power, look away!




Herbed French Fries


For everyone else, these French fries, or herbed chips as Nigelissima would call them are absolutely fabulous!!


I watched her make them, courtesy of Thai Airways inflight entertainment, as we had just begun to make our way across the Pacific ocean.  Then, I thought about them for the next 14+ hours.


Her secret is putting the potatoes into cold oil.  As she puts it, you would think the fries would emerge soggy, but in fact the insides are light and fluffy and the outsides perfectly crispy.


Cut your potatoes into generously sized wedges, leaving the skin on, and lightly dry them on a paper towel.


Potato Wedges for Frying



Lightly salt them.  Place them in your preferred oil on the stove and then fire up the heat to high.  When the oil is bubbling add about 6-7 cloves of garlic to the pan, again skin on.  The garlic caramelizes within the thin skin exuding a delicious subtle flavor to the fries.


While lightly turning the fries add a thin coating of coarse sea salt.


Just before removing the fries from the pan, add a palm full of hand-torn fresh sage and let it fry for 1 minute.


Fresh Sage



Remove fries from the oil and let them stand on a paper towel to absorb any excess grease.  Arrange fries on a platter and season generously with coarse sea salt and the fried sage.  Remove skins from garlic and sprinkle slightly crushed cloves throughout.   Serve immediately.



DVF Darlings

  • 25th April 2013

The second Diane von Furstenberg collection for GapKids debuted today to the most rave reviews.


iane von Furstenberg GapKids Skinny Jeans
Diane von Furstenberg GapKids sun hat
Diane von Furstenberg GapKids anorak




Diane von Furstenberg GapKids Skinny Jeans,, $50.00

Diane von Furstenberg GapKids Sunhat,, $20.00

Diane von Furstenberg GapKids Kids Packable Anorak,, $65.00



Diane von Furstenberg GapKids Romper





Diane von Furstenberg GapKids Romper,, $50.00

Diane von Furstenberg GapKids Wrap Dress,, $50.00

Diane von Furstenberg GapKids Printed Drawstring Shorts, $35.00


We’ve shortlisted the collection…


Diane von Furstenberg GapKids Sleeveless Tank Dress
Diane von Furstenberg GapKids Sleeveless Tank Dress


Diane von Furstenberg GapKids Pleated Tank Dress,, $70.00


So that you can swoop-up choice pieces before they sell-out!


Diane von Furstenberg GapKids Zebra shirt
Diane von Furstenberg GapKids Camel T-shirt



Diane von Furstenberg GapKids Heart T-shirt



Diane von Furstenberg GapKids Graphic T,, $35.00


The collection is available online at




Gapkids Diane von Furstenberg Asymmetrical Tank Dress
Gapkids Diane von Furstenberg Shirt Dress


Diane von Furstenberg GapKids Asymmetrical Tank Dress,, $50.00

Diane von Furstenberg GapKids ShirtDress,, $50.00


AND at your nearest Gap retailer.


Gapkids Diane von Furstenberg Printed Leggings
Gapkids Diane von Furstenberg Turban Headband


Diane von Furstenberg GapKids Printed Leggings,, $25.00

Diane von Furstenberg GapKids Turban Headband,, $15.00


Sizes available include: baby, toddler girls & girls


What I Love Today…

  • 24th April 2013

For all of our fellow flower lovers, your floral arrangements need not be relegated only to the table-top.  How about above it as well?



New Bloom Lights Kartell



Kartell’s NEW Bloom series lighting subtly imparts all of the youthful wonderment you felt when playing with Lite Brite, while displaying perfect modern elegance.


New Bloom Lights Kartell


A series of little lights located on the internal frame, beams light through the petals to refract on the faceted surfaces creating  thousands of reflections.  Gorgeous and magical!



Kartell New Bloom Series Lights



The new Bloom series offers an enhanced elliptical shape, new varied sizes and eye-catching hues of mint green and lavender alongside a sophisticated muted white.


Kartell New Bloom Series Lights



Prices start from $325.00

The Long & Short of It…

  • 22nd April 2013

There’s nothing straight and clean-cut about hemlines this season.


One Shoulder Marchesa Gown in Peacock

Marion Cottiard in Asymmetric Dior Couture




Marchesa One Shoulder Gown,, $8500.00

Dior Couture,




Asymmetrical skirts and dresses are making waves on the red carpet and beyond….


Brunello Cucinelli Pleated Cutaway Skirt
Jupe Plissee Asymetrique en soie Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli Photo Courtesy of: L’Officiel



Brunello Cucinelli Pleated Cutaway Skirt,, $1045.00


Alice + Olivia Jasmine Gathered Tulip Dress
Fais Silk High-Low Dress BCBG



Alice + Olivia Jasmine Gathered Tulip Dress,, $495.00

Fais Silk High-Low Dress,, $338.00



Modern and graphic, long and flowy, jupe ou robe, there are a myriad of ways to master this uneven look



Viktor & Rolf One Shoulder Pleated Dress


1.) Acne Moa Two-Toned Skirt,, € 250.00

2.) Viktor & Rolf One Shoulder Pleated Dress,, $3290.00

3.) Romantic Afternoon One-Shoulder Dress in Teal,, $45.00

4.) Balenciaga Asymmetric Ruffled Hem Skirt,, $1195.00

5.) Emerald Green Dip Hem Skirt,, $27.00



Lanvin One-Shoulder Duchesse-Satin Dress

Lanvin One-Shoulder Duchesse-Satin Dress. Photo Courtesy of: InStyle

Lanvin One-Shoulder Duchesse-Satin Dress







Lanvin One-Shoulder Duchesse-Satin Dress,, $3,585.00



Look No. 32 Christian Dior

Look No. 32 Christian Dior. Photo Courtesy of: InStyle



Look No. 32, Red Draped Dress Dior Couture,



Carven Asymmetrical Safari Skirt


6.) Carven Asymmetric Safari Skirt,, $390.00

7.) Costume National Black and White Strapless Dress,, $1,835.00

8.) Maison Martin Margiela 1 Short Dress,, $465.00


Last Look


Marion Cotillard in Dior

Marion Cotillard in Dior. Photo Courtesy of: Vogue

Emilia Clarke in Chanel Resort

Emilia Clarke in Chanel Resort. Photo Courtesy of: Marie Claire






  • 21st April 2013

The Best Seat (out of) the House!


Swingrest Dedon


As balmy breezes blow through your backyard are you relaxed? Or, like us, thinking about how you can reinvent, restyle and rethink your pied a terre or backyard.  Here are some of the fabulous pieces we’ve encountered in our deliberate searches.  We’ll start with our favorites in seating and move on to a few choice outdoor accessories.


The Prime Seat


Swingrest Dedon



A few absolute favorites come by way of Dedon…




Leaf Daybed Dedon
Floor Rocker Dedon



Floor Rocker,



Bold Colors from Horchow Scream Summer


Navy Chinoiserie Outdoor Wing Chair
"Scoop" Side Chair



Navy Chinoiserie Outdoor Wing Chair,, $725.00

“Scoop” Side Chair,, $375.00



Janus et Cie Outdoors




Sleek Simple Lines and Natural Materials from Janus et Cie Bring Instant Zen





Yoda Lounge Chair Janus et Cie
Fibonacci Vantana Double Chaise





Yoda Lounge Chair,

Fibonacci Vantana Double Chaise,


B&B Italia Chairs in John Legend's House


These fabulous chairs above, were featured in Architectural Digest and are owned by musician John Legend in his Los Angeles Home.


B&B Italia Chairs from John Legend's Home



Armchair Crinoline,


Luciana Bench,, $299.00
Luciana Bench


Luciana Bench,, $299.00


Light up the patio with these beautiful sconces


Hanging Pagoda Bell Lantern
Westport Sconce by Oomph


Hanging Pagoda Bell Lantern,, $7565.00

Westport Sconce by Oomph,, $1095.00


Gorgeously unique accessories can really tie the exterior look together


Bohemian Parasols Olive & Cocoa

Antiqued Crown Bird Feeder Olive & Cocoa



Bohemian Parasols,, $44.00 for one, $108.00 for three

Antiqued Crown Bird Feeder,, $84.00


Zinc Wall Art Flowers Ballard Designs
Zinc Wall Art Flowers Ballard Designs


Zinc Flower Wall Plaque,, $109.00



Steal this Look—Audrey in Rome

  • 20th April 2013

The much anticipated private album of rare snaps that we featured months ago, is finally out.  With the release of Audrey in Rome we absolutely must do a few ‘Steal this Look’ posts.  Where better to start, than with the front cover?


Audrey in Rome Cover



For a modern interpretation that’s still true to the above look we turn to two key pieces:

Lanvin Sunglasses


Shiny Opaline Sunglasses in Ivory, Lanvin


Shiny Opaline Sunglasses in Ivory, Lanvin,, $450.00


Rue du Mail mod belted coat with stand-up collar


Rue du Mail Mod Belted Coat




Rue du Mail Mod Belted Coat,, $2,640.00


Pair with ballet flats and a chic updo (the vespa at your side may be harder to come by!)



De Bon Goût—In Good Taste

  • 20th April 2013

Pistachio Madeleines

These pistachio madeleines are the perfect Sunday afternoon snack.  They have a delicate nutty flavor and the clarified butter lends a light, fluffy texture. The recipe is from the LA Times and was adapted from Keswick Hall in Virginia.



Pistachio Madeleines



Total time: 45 minutes

Servings: Makes 3 1/2 dozen cookies



Pistachio Madeleines
Pistachio Madeleines



1 1/4 cups clarified butter (the butter should be firm but not hard), plus more for greasing

To make the clarified butter, heat 1 1/2 cups (3 sticks) butter in a small saucepan over low heat; allow the butter to melt and separate, then spoon off any foam on the top and remove the pan from the heat. Gently ladle out the clear (clarified) butter, leaving the milky residue in the bottom of the pan. Refrigerate the butter until it is firm but not hard, about 2 hours.

1 1/3 cups sugar

4 eggs

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/8 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup chopped pistachios

2 cups flour


1. Heat the oven to 350 degrees. In the bowl of a stand mixer using a paddle attachment, or in a medium bowl with a hand mixer, beat the butter and sugar until light and fluffy, about 5 minutes. With the mixer running, add the eggs, one at a time. Mix in the vanilla and salt, then fold in the pistachios and flour just until fully incorporated.

2. Pipe or spoon the batter into greased madeleine molds. Bake until set and light brown, about 10 minutes. Cool the cookies in the trays 10 minutes before removing from the molds.


Parting Words…

  • 20th April 2013

All roads indeed lead to Rome, but theirs also is a more mystical destination, some bourne of which no traveller knows the name, some city, they all seem to hint, even more eternal.
Richard Le Gallienne




Trending…High on Top

  • 19th April 2013

What’s filling the Italian Vogue ‘Scrapbook?’ Taking a cue from our favorite high-school footwear, high-tops are waltzing down the runways with increasing alacrity.


Vogue Italy Scrapbook Hightops

Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Italy



And they can be found in the windows of the trendiest boutiques on Robertson Blvd. as well!


High Tops Monika Chiang
High Tops Monika Chiang


Artemys Sneaker,, $385.00


Zippered Artyemis Sneaker Monika Chiang



Zippered Artemys Sneaker in Black,, $425.00

The options are endless, but here are a few favorites:


Isabel Marant the Bekket High-Top Suede Sneaker


1.) High Sneaker,, $795.00

2.) Mulberry Leather and Suede High-Top Sneakers,, € 550.00

3.) Isabel Marant Bekket high-top suede sneakers,, $640.00



Type Z Misty
Type Z Misty


Type Z Misty,, $59.00


Last Look


Hightop and Dress

Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Italy

What I Love Today…

  • 19th April 2013

This shoe has it all!  It mixes a boyish wingtip patent leather look with a sleek cat print atop the most elegant kitten heel.  It’s almost gone.  There’s 1 shoe left in the following sizes: 6.5 (36.5), 7 (37), 8  (38) and 8.5 (38.5)


Perfect with jeans, colorful capri pants and your best little black dress! It will work every time.


Dolce & Gabbana Open Toe Pump


Dolce&Gabbana Open Toe Pump,, $695.00

à la Mod, Part Deux

  • 18th April 2013

Styling references to the ’60s dominate spring fashion, so we’ll take a quick look at the how to’s in hair, and ways to ‘mod-ify’ any outfit with prime accessories.


HairThe sexy, tousled bouffant

60s hair how to

Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Australia

60s hair how to

Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Australia


The first step is always a good volumizing spritz to the hair roots.

Use an oversized round brush to blow-dry hair big and voluminous.

Center-part hair.

Divide the hair on the crown of head into three equal sections.  Two front sections (see picture above) and one back section.

For the back section, use 2-3 inch pieces turn-by-turn and back-comb with a fine-toothed comb.

Using your fingers to gently tousle, pull back the back-combed sections together midway down your head and cinch.  This should have created a little uplift at the crown.   Tease the two front sections to add a touch of volume.  Keep the center part, or arrange as a dramatic side-part. Cinch the two front sections in the back as well and voila!


The Shoesa touch of white


Vogue White Boots

Photo Courtesy of: Vogue


There are lots of interpretations of the perfect white boot this spring.  But, Jil Sander’s comes up on top!


Jill Sander Half Boots in White/Black


Jil Sander Leather Half Boots in White/Beige or White/, $1270.00


jill Sander White Boots

Photo Courtesy of: Harper’s Bazaar



Jil Sander Leather Boots



Jil Sander Leather, € 895.00


Jill Sander Leather Calf Boot

Jil Sander Leather Calf Boots,, $1250.00


White Boots

Photo Courtesy of: Vogue



Stuart Weitzman Cuffy White Sandal

Photo Courtesy of: Vogue



Cuffy Sandal,, $335.00


Cuffy Sandal Stuart Weitzman





Last LookKey Accessories



Mod Colorful Sunglasses Dolce & Gabbana




Etnia Barcelona X Araki Sunglasses
Etnia Barcelona X Araki Sunglasses


 Etnia Barcelona X Araki Sunglasses,, $210.13


Dolce & Gabbana Mod Sunglasses 


Black Resin Bangle Wallis UK
Cream Resin Bangle Wallis UK


Black (cream) resin bangle,, £5.95


Bonnie Jonas Stud Earrings
Moschino Gloria Mini Briefcase Bag


Bonnie Jonas Stud Earrings,, $8.00

Moschino Gloria Mini Briefcase Bag,, $1894.65

De Bon Goût—In Good Taste

  • 17th April 2013

How many ways can you use bananas and the bounty of the banana tree?


Banana Tree

Banana tree in Ban Xieng Men, Laos

Banana Tree

Banana tree off of the lane in Ban Xieng Men, Laos






In Laos the banana flower is cut up and used in traditional salads, the leaves are used to steam food like fish, often as decorative plates for meals and in traditional floral décor and offerings.


Banana Flower

Banana Flowers for sale in the morning market in Luang Prabang

Banana Leaf Plate

Banana Leaf Plate

Banana Leaf Floral Offerings

Floral Offerings


Experiencing all the unexpected ways they use bananas in Laos inspired us to dig-up this surprising and delicious beloved banana cake recipe.  Similar to the above, it is an unexpected role for bananas in that they are center-stage in an upside down cake—nudging pineapple right out of the spotlight!




Caramel-Walnut Banana Upside Down Cake

Caramel-Walnut Banana Upside Down Cake. Photo Courtesy of: Bon Appetit



Caramel-Walnut Upside-Down Banana Cake 

(Recipe from Bon Appetit, March, 2008)




  • Nonstick vegetable oil spray
  • 1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter
  • 1 cup (packed) golden brown sugar
  • 3 tablespoons dark corn syrup
  • 3/4 cup walnut halves or pieces


  • 1 3/4 cups cake flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 3/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup (packed) golden brown sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 cup mashed very ripe bananas (2 to 3 large)
  • 3 tablespoons sour cream
  • 1 tablespoon dark rum
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Whipped cream or vanilla ice cream



  • Spray 8-inch round cake pan with 2-inch-high sides with nonstick spray. (We substitute a 9″ cake pan here) Bring butter, sugar, and corn syrup to boil in medium saucepan, stirring constantly until butter melts. Boil syrup 1 minute. Stir in nuts. Spread topping in prepared pan. Let topping cool completely.


  • Preheat oven to 350°F. Sift first 4 ingredients into medium bowl. Using electric mixer, beat butter and both sugars in large bowl until blended. Beat in eggs 1 at a time, then mashed bananas, sour cream, rum, and vanilla. Beat in dry ingredients in 2 additions just until combined. Spoon batter into pan.
  • Bake cake until tester inserted into center comes out clean, about 55 minutes. Cool 15 minutes. Cut around cake. Place platter over pan. Holding pan and platter together, turn over. Let stand 5 minutes, then gently lift off pan. Cool at least 15 minutes for topping to set. Serve warm or at room temperature with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

Parting Words…

  • 17th April 2013

Mother Teresa said that in India, a woman dying in the street will share her banana with anyone who needs it, whereas in America, people amass and hoard as many bananas as they can to sell for an exorbitant profit. So half of them go bad, anyway.


Anne Lamott



à la Mod, Part One

  • 16th April 2013

Maybe it’s in homage to Mad Men starting up again, maybe it’s the release of Audrey in Rome, whatever the inspiration….if you loved the mod ’60’s look, now’s your time to really work it!


Wool Skirt, MIchael Kors

Photo Courtesy of: Marie Claire

Cotton Dress Moschino

Photo Courtesy of: Marie Claire


Michael Kors Optic Check Miniskirt,, $595.00

Moschino 3/4 Length Dress,, $1895.00


Two options easier on the bank…..


Jacquard Mod Skirt Forever 21
Colorblocked Shift Dress Forever 21




 Jacquard Mod Skirt,, $8.99

Colorblock Shift Dress,, $25.00


The Louis Vuitton Mod Romper


Louis Vuitton Mod Romper

Kristen Stewart Louis Vuitton Jumpsuit

Photo Courtesy of: L’Officiel Thailand



Other ways to do mod black & white….


Kate Spade Checked Black & White Skirt

Kate Spade, Photo Courtesy of L’Officiel Thailand

Marc Jacobs Black & White Jumpsuit

Marc Jacobs, Photo Courtesy of Marie Claire


Paired with a print or a solid color, this skirt is super flattering and packs a punch!


Marni Checkered Skirt
Marni Checkered Skirt


Marni skirt,, $760.00


Mod + Glam = a stylish, sexy look


Emilio Pucci Bicolor Stretch Wool Dress


Emilio Pucci Bicolor Stretch Wool Dress,, $2590.00 (available on pre-order)



Beyond Black & White



Candy Colored Moschino

Photo Courtesy of: Elle Thailand


Mod Styles with a pop of color


Michael Kors Circle Pocket Mini




1.) Michael Kors Circle Pocket Mini,

2.) RED Valentino Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress,, $595.00

3.) Moschino Piped Tank Dress,, $1495.00

4.) London Times Dress,, $79.00



Cutest Kids Last Look


Zoe Colorblock Mod Shift Dress


Zoe Colorblock Mod Shift Dress,, $130.00



Stick it to them

  • 15th April 2013
Lanvin Cravate Pin

Lanvin Cravat Pin. Photo Courtesy of: DuJour Magazine

Kidd Lilavivat Pins

Kidd Lilavivat Stick Pins



Cravat pin, lapel pin, stick pin, whatever you call them, they’re a uni-sex stye that’s fabulous and incredibly on trend!



A whole array awaits at the Lanvin boutique.

A whole array awaits at the Lanvin boutique.




Sonia Rykiel Stick Pin
Marni Wooden Stick Pin Brooch


Sonia Rykiel Smoked Crystal Brooch,, $83.00

Marni Wooden Bird Brooch,, $450.00


Prada Plexiglass Pin


Prada Plexiglass Brooch,, $375.00


Lanvin Cravate Pin


Lanvin Cravate Rose Pin,, $165.00



With Lanvin and Prada both creating elegant versions of this accessory you know it’s time to go all out dapper and invest in one!



Seahorse Acne Pin
Starfish Acne Pin
Turtle Acne Pin




Acne Unisex lapel pin,, $51.07



For a large selection of antique stick pins ranging in price from $25.00 to well into the thousands of dollars, please visit and enter search “stick pin”


Rubylane Stick Pin
Rubylane Stick Pin
Rubylane Stick Pin



Last Look—A More Modern Approach


Photo Courtesy of:  Vogue Italy

Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Italy



Soke Dee Pi Mai!

  • 14th April 2013


Happy Lao New Year



Happy Lao New Year!


In celebration of Lao New Year from April 14-16, we are so pleased to share a recipe for this favorite Laotian breakfast, which is delicious for lunch or dinner as well!



Fer Broth

Fer Broth served at the Amantaka



Fer Broth (Recipe provided by the Amantaka in Luang Prabang, Laos)



2 cups chicken stock

50 grams of chicken raw

2 pcs sliced ginger or galangal root


Organic Farm Luang Prabang

Organic Farm in Luang Prabang

Organic Herbs

Organic herbs







Soy sauce

Fish Sauce

Oyster Sauce

Lime Wedges



70 Grams rice noodles

Bean sprouts

Diced Tomato

Sliced Spring Onion

Chopped Corriander

Fried Garlic



Noodles for sale

Fresh noodles for sale in the market of Luang Prabang


For the Broth:

Put the chicken stock, meat, ginger/galangal in a pot and bring it to a boil.  Once boiling turn down the heat to a very low simmer and let cook until the meat is cooked through.  Season to taste with the soy sauce, fish sauce, and oyster sauce and lime wedges.


In a bowl, add your rice noodles and however much garnish you would like except for the fried garlic.


Once all of your garnish is in the bowl, add the broth and serve with a selection of chopped chili, lime wedges, soy sauce, lettuce, watercress, long beans, mint or basil, fresh cilantro on the side.


Then sprinkle with chopped fried garlic.


Butterflies congregating

Butterflies congregating in the organic farm




  • 14th April 2013

Ethereal Lace Pants 


Versace Lace Pants

Versace. Photo Courtesy of: L’Officiel Thailand



Lace pants are gracing the legs of the jet-set crowd the world-over.




Lace Pants

Photo Courtesy of: Elle Thailand

Roberto Cavalli Lace Pants

Roberto Cavalli. Photo Courtesy of: L’Officiel Paris


Possible Inspiration


Royal Mansour Hotel, Marrakech

Royal Mansour Hotel, Marrakech. Photo Courtesy of: L’Officiel Paris


Ways to Wear it…


Miller Crop Lace Pants Club Monaco


Miller Crop Lace Pants in Mint and Navy,, $198.50


Sonia Rykiel Cropped Lace Pants

Sonia Rykiel Cropped Lace Pants,, $1695.00



Last Look!


Lace Pants

Photo Courtesy of: Marie Claire



Azul Accents

  • 13th April 2013

The color crush for eyes takes a cue from pop art and aqua accents abound.  Let’s look at the trend, find the right products and examine the ‘how to…’


Marilyn Andy Warhol
Kate Moss Rimmel


Aqua eyes sparkled on the runways this spring


Dior Aqua Sparkly Eyes
Dior Aqua Sparkly Eyes


Stylists, designers and trendsetters are looking to Warhol for inspiration


Aqua Eyes Warhol
Aqua Eyes Elle Magazine

Photo Courtesy of: Elle


A few ways to wear this trend


1.) On the lashes

For edgy, bold blue lashes try this technique dreamed up by makeup artist Pat McGrath for the Stella McCartney show, and featured in Vogue India.

Start with a good base coat of black mascara.  Add a layer of clear mascara on to which you hand-paint (or dab) crushed blue shadow pigment.  Gorgeous!


Vogue India

Photo Courtesy of: Vogue India



2.) The Floating Stroke

A single swift, clean line…


Floating Stroke

Photo Courtesy of: Elle Thailand

Floating Stroke

Photo Courtesy of: Elle Thailand

Try:  Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color No. BL711; Estée Lauder Intense Kajal Eyeliner Duo No. 1; Crazy Lazy metallic eye pencil; Intense Color Super Soft Kohl Pencil Peacock Feather (Courtesy: Elle Thailand)


3.) Pair with coral and burnt orange

Vogue Thailand

Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Thailand

Vogue Thailand

Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Thailand




We’re seeing the brightest blue paired beautifully with coppery/orange tones.


Calvin Klein One Street Edition

Calvin Klein One Street Edition


4.) Boomerang Curves

Elle UK uses the Eye Crayon in Kingfisher from Top Shop Make-up to do the boldest bright blue lids.  Start by drawing a line across your eye socket using a bright eye crayon.

Step 1

Step 1: Photo Courtesy of Elle UK


Using an eyeshadow in the same color, sweep across the lid


Step 2

Step 2: Photo Courtesy of Elle UK


Blend under the lower lash line


Step 3

Step 3: Photo Courtesy of Elle UK



Voila! Photo Courtesy of: Elle UK


5.) Superquick Mermaid Eyes

This quickie comes by way of Marie Claire.  Start with Garnier’s BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector, then swipe on Lancome’s Khol in Love in Jade Crush along the lash line.


Lancome Khol in Love in Jade Crush

Photo Courtesy of: Marie Claire



Watch for the azur trend to catch-on everywhere.  In talking about Turquoise, renowned jewelry designer Chan Luu says, “I love the vivid color.  It makes me happy. That’s why I keep a big container of turquoise nuggets by my bed!”



High Marks in Geometry

  • 12th April 2013

Students are not the only ones getting A’s drawing sharp angles, clean lines and bold curves.  Designers are following suit, with Fendi leading the way.



Fendi Cuff and Baguette
Fendi Spring/Summer

Photo Courtesy of: Harper’s Bazaar Australia



Fendi 2013 Graphic Clothing Sketch

Fendi 2013 Graphic Clothing Sketch. Photo Courtesy of: Baku




Jimmy Choo Geometric Snakeskin Clutch.  Photo Courtesy of: Vogue HK

Jimmy Choo Geometric Snakeskin Clutch. Photo Courtesy of: Vogue HK



Fendi Coat.  Photo Courtesy of: Saks Fifth Avenue

Fendi Coat. Photo Courtesy of: Saks Fifth Avenue





Study our picks below for a crash course in all sorts of circles, squares and shapes in-between!



Group 4, Wilfredo Rosado
Group 4, Wilfredo Rosado





Group 4,


Liza Sherman Agra Low Table

Photo Courtesy of: Architectural Digest



Agra Low Table,, $6,500



Proenza Schouler Patchwork Perforated Snake A-line Skirt


Proenza Schouler Patchwork Perforated Snake A-line Skirt,, $2,350.00



Angular Gemstones Necklace Forever21


Angular Gemstones Necklace,, $12.80



Nike Woven Nagoya
Nike Woven Nagoya

Nike Woven Nagoya




Nike Woven Nagoya Sneakers available at select Nike retailers



Picasso Floor Lamp by Bunny Williams Home

Picasso Floor Lamp by Bunny Williams Home. Photo Courtesy of: Arch Digest


We love the sleek silhouette of the above lamp.

Picasso Floor Lamp,, $1,000




Hermes Garden Craft Bag

Hermes bag handmade in India features geometric patterns inspired by jockey jackets



Hermes Garden Craft Bag,, $6350.00



Jessica Alba in Louis Vuitton

Jessica Alba in Louis Vuitton



Langford Canopy Bed Bernhardt Interiors


Langford Canopy Bed,, $5,290.00


Fendi Cuff


Fendi Cuff, price upon request



Stella McCartney Contoured Mesh-Inset Gingham Sheath Dress
Paris Fashion Week Stella McCartney

Spotted at Paris Fashion Week: Courtesy of Elle Collections




Stella McCartney Contoured Mesh-Inset Gingham Sheath Dress,, $1780.00



Edie Parker Jean Geo Clutch


Edie Parker Jean Geo Clutch,, $1295.00



D'mond Prestige Ring


D’Mond Prestige Ring,


Adria Ankle Cuff Sandal Vince


Adria Ankle Cuff Sandal, Vince,, $350.00



Hermes Rallye 24 Porcelain

Photo Courtesy of: Architectural Digest


Hermes Rallye 24 Porcelain and Circuit 24 tumblers with stainless steel stirrers and a vase,





Lanvin Shell Minaudière


Lanvin Shell Minaudière,, $2190.00




Zara Asymmetric Top with Knot Neckline



Asymmetric Top with Knot Neckline,, $59.90


Big Bracelet

Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Italy



A smaller, but no less impactful version of the above…..


Wendy Nichol Black Opal Triangle Ring



Wendy Nichol Black Opal Triangle Ring,, $1250.00



Last Look!  How to wear the trend in the most unexpected ways


Geometric Eyes

Photo Courtesy of: L’Officiel Thailand


Parting Words…

  • 12th April 2013
The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.
Pablo Picasso

Comic Relief

  • 11th April 2013

Archie’s Girls & Mickey make a mainstream splash!



Archie's Girls
Mickey Mouse Sweater



Marc Jacobs Really Gets the Mouse Out of His House…



3/4 Sleeve Mickey Sweater Marc Jacobs

Photo Courtesy of: Elle Thailand

3/4 Sleeve Mickey Sweater Marc Jacobs

Photo Courtesy of: 2 Mag Thailand


This uber-popular sweater is sold-out at almost all retailers, but still available at Marc


3/4 Sleeve Mickey Sweater Marc Jacobs


Mickey 3/4-sleeve sweater,, $995.00


If $995.00 is too much for you to spend on this little fellow here are a few budget ways to add his dapper charm to your look.


Mickey Sweater


1.) Top Shop Mickey Crop Sweat,, $45.00

2.) Disney Mickey Mouse Two-Toned Simulated Crystal Watch,, $51.00

3.) Mickey Roses Raglan Tee,, $25.00

4.) Frederica Moretti Navy Mickey Ears Peeked Cap,, £125.00

5.) Miss Selfridge Mickey Mouse Jumper,, $32.00

6.) Mickey Kiss Me Tee,, $25.00

7.) Forever 21 Contrast Mickey,, $23.00


Miley Cyrus Mickey Mouse
Zendaya Coleman Mickey Mouse


Ear Headpiece

Photo Courtesy of: Marie Claire UK

Ear Headpiece

Photo Courtesy of: Marie Claire UK




Headpieces by Maison Michel



How to wear cat-ear headbands effortlessly:

Lace Hairband from Maison Michel

This outfit (courtesy of: Elle UK) demonstrates how to incorporate the lace cat-ear headband effortlessly.



The Return to Riverdale!


Archie Comics

Photo Courtesy of: 2 Mag Thailand



If you knew/know all the characters in the constantly popular Archie comic series, i.e., you feel like a best-friend to Jughead, are a little scared of Mr. Lodge, love to devise pranks to play on Mr. Weatherbee, then MAC’s new make-up/accessories line is just for you!


Archie Comics

Photo Courtesy of: 2 Mag Thailand


 All Photos Below Courtesy of


Veronica Lipstick

Photo Courtesy

Veronica Lipstick

Photo Courtesy


Betty & Veronica Lipsticks—$16.50 each,


Archie's Girls Mascara

Photo Courtesy of:


Mascara,, $17.50 each



Archie Young Heart's Mirror

Photo Courtesy of:


Young Hearts Mirror,, $25.00


My Dear & lukcy in Love Pigment

Photo Courtesy of:

My Dear & Lucky in Love Pigment

Photo Courtesy of:


Lucky in Love & Cheers My Dear Pigment,, $23.00


Yours Forever Tote

Photo Courtesy of:


Yours Forever Tote,, $49.50


More Archie’s Girls products are available online and in stores and boutiques carrying MAC products.

Topsy Turvy Indoor Gardening

  • 10th April 2013

Root Fed…


We came across this picture in the Korean magazine, Woman Chosun, and were immediately intrigued!



Sky Planter Upside Down Plant Pot



What a great idea to add some warmth and greenery, especially to an urban apartment.  Actually, the Sky Planter Upside-Down Plant Pot is more easily available than we thought!




Sky Plant Upside Down Plant Pot




How does it work? A web disk secures the plant and soil making it mess free.  Water goes directly into the roots (an interesting concept that does make sense!)   Apparently root-feeding conserves water as well?


Sky Plant Upside Down Plant Pot




Reach up, pick your herbs growing right over a pot of simmering sauce!



Picking Plants




Ceramic Mini Triple Pack,, $99.00 (Other sizes, colors and price ranges are also available)



Sky Plant Upside Down Pot



De Bon Goût—In Good Taste

  • 10th April 2013

The Queen of Fruits

Why is it called the ‘Queen of Fruits?’  Some believe because of the legend that Queen Victoria offered a reward of 100 pounds sterling to anyone who could deliver her fresh Mangosteen.  Even a few years ago, Mangosteen sold for up to $45 per pound in some specialty stores in New York.






In our humble opinion it tastes like a strawberry coated in sugar, it’s so good!


The tropical evergreen tree is believed to have originated in the Sunda Islands and the Molaccas of Indonesia.  The rind of the fruit, which is not edible, is a deep, beautiful, reddish purple when ripe. Mangosteens are best when harvested from May-August.  To eat or use the Mangosteen, cut the shell around the circumference of the fruit.  Rotate it gently and remove the shell.


Mangosteens have become more readily available in the United States recently.  They can be found at high-end specialty grocers, or Asian markets


Mangosteen and Lime Sorbet

2 Mangosteens delicately halved with stones discarded.  (Keep outer shell of fruit to serve in)

1 lime juiced

1/2 cup icing sugar

1 egg white

4 ice cubes


Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until completely smooth

Empty the mixture into a shallow container and let it set, for approximately 15-20 minutes in the freezer

Scoop the mixture into the preserved mangosteen shells

Serve immediately, garnished with fresh mint or a pinch of freshly grated lime zest


Recipe courtesy of:  Ready Steady Cook



Putting the Dazzle Back in Travel

  • 10th April 2013

With an artfully elegant suitcase in hand anyone can head off on the most exotic journey with full confidence!  The second collaboration between Anna Sui and Tumi is glamorous whimsy meets trusted functionality.  


Anna Sui Medium Trip Packing Case
Anna Sui Medium Trip Packing Case


Anna Sui Medium Trip Packing Case,, $595.00


Sui combed through her archives for the perfect illustrations for this second collection and decided upon a floral watercolor print (too bad since no one is excited about flowers this spring!!) used in two dresses from her spring 2009 runway.


Anna Sui Ballistic Snap Case for new iPad


Anna Sui Ballistic Snap Case for new iPad,, $49.00



The fabulous pale lavender cases and travel accessories such as shoe bags, luggage tags, ipad cases and totes are all available in limited edition.



Enna Large Travel Pouch
Enna Large Travel Pouch


Enna Large Travel Pouch,, $115.00


In an interview with, Sui said, “We had to bring back a little glamour to travel because that’s how it used to be.”  Her packing advice:  bring books, magazines and music and stick to one color to streamline packing!





An Eye for White

  • 9th April 2013

This beautiful cotton broderie anglaise dress from Moschino just screams summer.  It would be elegant at a sea side sunset wedding or evening cocktails overlooking Istanbul.


Cotton Broderie Anglaise Dress Moschino

Photo Courtesy of: Marie Claire UK


If your budget is not $3,000.00 but closer to $150.00, this white stunner comes in at a close second.


Sundance Catalog EyeSundance Catalog Isla Eyelet White Dresslet White Dress



Patchwork Broderie Anglaise Long Tank Dress Moschino,, $2,995.00

Isla Eyelet Dress,, $148.00



Back of Dress Moschino

Back of Dress Moschino



Back of Isla Eyelet Dress

Back of Isla Eyelet Dress



White is blinding us with its presence this spring, but never has it looked so elegant as in the ever abundant maxi dress form.


Photo Courtesy of: L'Officiel Thailand

Photo Courtesy of: L’Officiel Thailand

Photo Courtesy of: Harper's Bazaar Australia

Photo Courtesy of: Harper’s Bazaar Australia


If you are going to buy one maxi dress this season, make it long, lean and clean (white!).  Here are a few more of our favorites…


Cushnie et Ochs Suspended Silk Gown
Cushnie et Ochs Suspended Silk Gown




Cushnie et Ochs Suspended Silk Gown,, $1895.00



Free People Jill's Limited Edition White Story Dress
M Missioni Paneled Stretch-Knit Maxi Dress





Free People Jill’s Limited Edition White Story Dress,, $500.00

M Missioni Paneled Stretch-Knit Maxi Dress,, $1,295.00



6 Shoreroad Monsoon Tie-Strap Maxi Dress
Young Fabulous and Broke Lou Crochet Strapless Maxi Dress



6 Shoreroad Monsoon Tie-Strap Maxi Dress,, $188.00

Young Fabulous and Broke Lou Crochet Strapless Maxi Dress,, $194.00



Ermanno Scervino Sleeveless Dress




Ermanno Scervino Sleeveless Dress,, $2312.73




We would pair any of these picture perfect whites with effortlessly cool metallic sandals…


Sundance Thong Sandals

Sundance Thong Sandals


Thong Sandals,, $178.00


AND, the perfect bold, red lipstick…


MAC Matte Lipstick Russian Red,, $19.85


MAC Russian Red lipstick


The Knot that’s Hot!

  • 8th April 2013

The Christian Dior collar knot is swiftly wrapping itself around the necks of models and celebrities alike.


Christian Dior Collar Knot

Photo Courtesy of: L’Officiel Thailand



It’s available in a range of colors and looks equally appealing paired with a flowy strapless dress or a structured blazer.


Christian Dior Collar Knot

Photo Courtesy of: Bazaar Australia


Available currently at Dior boutiques only (hopefully it will be available for purchase on the internet soon!)



Jennifer Lawrence Christian Dior Collar Knot

Photo Courtesy of: Coolspotters



Christian Dior Collar Knot

We’re a Fan!

  • 8th April 2013

Through its unusual shape alone, the Ginkgo draws an automatic fan club.  This living fossil is unique in that it has no close living relative.  Indigenous to China the Ginkgo is widely known for its medicinal properties and the splendid yellow hue it affords us in the fall.


This spring, designers are also drawn to the unique shape of the Ginkgo leaf using it as a base for clothes, jewelry and home décor.


Kate Spade Japanese Floral




Kate Spade Japanese Floral


Japanese Floral Dinnerware, Kate Spade,, $80.00 for 4 pc setting



Bronze Ginkgo Chairs by Claude Lalanne. Photo Courtesy of: Architectural Digest goldginkochairs




Bronze Ginkgo Chairs by Claude Lalanne. Photo Courtesy of: Architectural Digest

Bronze Ginkgo Chairs by Claude Lalanne. Photo Courtesy of: Architectural Digest



We are especially fond of the Ginkgo Foulard from Balenciaga!  Wrap it around the handle of  your favorite purse, tie it thin around your neck, or bandeau style sur la tête and don’t be surprised if you spawn a fan club yourself!



Balenciaga Gingko Foulard


Ginkgo Foulard, Balenciaga,, $455.00


Baccarat Gingko Vase



Baccarat Ginkgo Vase,, $400.00-$965.00


Tufted Gingko Rug Anthropologie



Tufted Ginkgo Rug,, $498.00-$998.00


Gingko Print Ethereal Dress Balenciaga
Gingko Print Ethereal Dress Balenciaga



Ginkgo-print ethereal dress, Balenciaga,, $1471.00


Aurelie Bidermann Cuff.  Photo Courtesy of:

Aurelie Bidermann Cuff. Photo Courtesy of:




Biloba Sculpture Gold


Biloba Sculpture Gold,, $175.00


Michael Aram Gingko Trivet


Ginkgo Trivet, Michael Aram,, $65.00


Misskukie Vintage Gingko Necklace



Misskukie Vintage Ginkgo Necklace,, £35.00


Aurelie Bidermann Gingko Earrings
Aurelie Bidermann Gingko Earrings


Earrings, Aurelie Bidermann,, $360.00

Earrings, Aurelie Bidermann,, $570.00 celebrates gold Ginkgo jewelry celebrates gold Ginkgo jewelry


Daisy Goes Designer

  • 7th April 2013

Even the extras in Baz Luhrmann’s hotly anticipated The Great Gatsby, set to release May 10, will be clad in perfectly tailored Brooks Brothers, while Carey Mulligan and the cast of ladies will be outfitted in Prada and Miuccia-inspired glittery, feathery, sumptuous frocks.


Great Gatsby Prada and Brooks Brothers

Photo Courtesy of: 2-Mag, Thailand


Miuccia Prada helped Lhurmann’s wife, costume designer Catherine Martin to create many of the outfits and of the 40 sketches she produced for the film, the 4 above were shared as an “amuse bouche” of sorts.

The orange organza dress comes adorned with plastic fish scale paillettes. It is inspired by the Prada Fall/Winter 2011 collection.  According to the, the Radzmire dress (celadon) is elegantly employed with bustier embroidered with pearls, stones and sequin fringes. Inspired by a revisited silhouette of the 1920s, it is made contemporary by the use of modern fabrics and embroideries of the 1950s. 

Carey as Daisy, wears just one dress from Prada.



The Great Gatsby

Photo Courtesy of:


According to an interview with EW, “[Carey Mulligan’s] Daisy costumes were made in-house in Australia and designed by me,” Martin told EW. ”I had a workshop of about 90 people… I designed and had made all of the principal women’s costumes within that workshop, and a lot of the incidental male costumes.”


Daisy’s one designer moment comes by way of one of the film’s party scenes, where she dons this Prada gown.


The Great Gatsby

Photo Courtesy of:


“[Daisy’s] party dress, when she goes to Gatsby’s party, was a redux of a Prada dress, a crystal dress, that she had done previously,” Martin said of the chandelier frock — made of crystal drops connected by a net of small metal rings — which was inspired by look 33 from Prada’s Spring/Summer 2010 runway collection.


The Great Gatsby

Photo Courtesy of:


In the 1974 Gatsby film version, a handsome Redford was clad in Ralph Lauren, this year DiCaprio and and Tobey Maguire wear Brooks Brothers.  In fact, Brooks Brothers created a stunning 500 day and evening ensembles adding up to about 1,700 pieces including neckwear, shoes and accessories for cast and extras.  Martin has repeatedly pointed out that Fitzgerald in fact was a Brooks Brothers customer, so the association was a natural one.


The Great Gatsby

Photo Courtesy of: The Hollywood Reporter

Photo Courtesy of:



“It was this most basic and fundamental connection that has made our collaboration so authentic,” Martin said. “Brooks Brothers is mentioned several times in Fitzgerald’s writings as a representation of the ultimate gentleman’s purveyor of fine clothing to the American man of distinction.”

Photo Courtesy of:


Martin worked meticulously researching hundreds of photos, advertisements and catalogues from that time.  She needed to properly assess weights, textures and colors of fabrics that would perfectly be conveyed on screen and lend description to the era.

Photo Courtesy of:


Miuccia and Martin worked together to create costumes with “the European flair that was emerging amongst the aristocratic East Coast crowds in the 1920s” and hope the pieces illustrate the “dichotomy between those who aspired to the privileged, Ivy League look of wealthy Long Island and those who were aspiring to European glamour, sophistication and decadence.”




Photo Courtesy of:

“Baz and Miuccia have always connected on their shared fascination with finding modern ways of releasing classic and historical references from the shackles of the past,” explains Martin. “This connection is central to our relationship with Miuccia Prada on The Great Gatsby , and has connected our vision with hers.”


“In the same way Nick Carraway reflects on a world that he is within and without, we have tried to create an environment that the audience will be subconsciously familiar with, yet separated from.”

Photo Courtesy of: Blouartinfo



Perfect Fusion

  • 6th April 2013

A perfect fusion of price and style has happened with the new line Pearl by Georgina Chapman of Marchesa, for JC Penney.


Pearl Marchesa JC Penney
Pearl Marchesa JC Penney


Price points range between $75.00—$250.00 and the collection has a cocktail evening focus.


Pearl Marchesa JC Penney
Pearl Marchesa JC Penney




The Marchesa aesthetic is now available to a much wider audience in store and online.


Pearl Marchesa JC Penney


The collection is named after Chapman’s daughter India Pearl.  And like the name suggests, it features all of the adornments of Indian wear—sequins, gauze, ruffles, shimmery fabrics….


Pearl Marchesa JC Penney
Pearl Marchesa JC Penney
Pearl Marchesa JC Penney 


Parting Words…

  • 6th April 2013

In Luang Prabang, Laos, the Dragonfly represents Three Theravada Buddhist values:

Detachment from stress; Humility of your surroundings; Impermanence of the moment




Dragonfly Amantaka


(Courtesy of the Amantaka)




Cadeaux Parfait—Prix Parfait (Deux)

  • 5th April 2013

You’ve asked for it again and we’ve obliged!  Our second part in the ongoing series….Cadeaux Parfait!  Perfect gifts for under $50.00 (for you, a hostess, your best girlfriend, your great aunt!)




Sweet Creations


Beautiful, unique and delicious, ‘the Cinderella shoe,’ by Sweet Creations is completely edible and made from finely sourced chocolate.  Comes elegantly packaged

Cinderella, $40.00



Antique Silver Condiment Set Pottery Barn



Antique Silver Condiment Set,, $49.50


Tylt Y-Charge Dual USB Car Charger compatible with any device that takes a USB charger


tylt y-charge
tylt y-charge
tylt y-charge




Ballard Designs Beverage Tags


Set of 6 Beverage Tags, Ballard, $15.00

Pure Tangerine Extract,, $12.99*


*Tangerine Extract is delicious in numerous cold drinks from lemonade to punch to iced-tea



Romano Tumblers


The perfect housewarming gift for the new couple:  two gorgeous tumblers and fancy cold-drinks for the fridge!


Romano Tumblers,, $17.00 a piece

Riemes French Limonades Blood Orange,, $3.99



4" Bottle Vase with Wood Holder



4″ Bottle Vase with Wood Holder, set of 4,, $9.99


1 bunch of multi-colored gerber daisies


Crossed Spoons Plate Stand



Crossed Spoons Plate Stand,, $20.00

La Woof Plate,, $24.00


Cave Coasters Zara Home


Cave Coasters,, $16.00

Fred Cool Jewels Ice Cube Tray,, $7.64



Williams Sonoma Food Made Fast Asian Cookbook



Williams Sonoma Food Made Fast Asian Cookbook,, $17.95

Norpro Deluxe 3-piece Bamboo Steamer,, $16.84




Madeleine mold



Melamine Faience a la Corne plate,, $9.50

Norpro Non-Stick Mini-Madeleine Pan,, $14.90

Gourmet Bourbon Vanilla Beans,, $9.99



What I Love Today…

  • 3rd April 2013

How could you not love these kitschy, adorable spoons!  While heart-shaped measuring spoons (as wedding/bridal shower favors especially) are prolific and over-done, these Alessi Caffe spoons are exquisite, fresh and would make the most beloved hostess, or house-warming gift.



Alessi Il Caffe Set of 4 Heart-Shaped Spoons


Alessi Il Caffe Set of 4 Heart-Shaped Spoons,, $38.00



Who knew heart-shaped spoons were so abundant? Here are a few more choices…


DCI Bamboo Heart Shaped Spoon

DCI Bamboo Heart Shaped Spoon,, $10.45


Heart Shaped Spoon Tea Infuser

Heart Shaped Spoon Tea Infuser,, $2.72


Heart Shaped Spoon with Braided Wire

Heart Shaped Spoon with Braided Wire,, $16.00


Olive Wood Spoon Heart Shaped


Olive Wood Spoon Heart Shaped,, $14.95

De Bon Goût—In Good Taste

  • 3rd April 2013

These adorable spoons deserve a delicious accompaniment and this they find in Hazelnut Gâteau Breton.    If you like Gianduja or Nutella, trust us, you will LOVE this cake.  It’s dense and buttery and is traditionally served with coffee in the late afternoon.  It is unmistakably French in that it is amazingly simple in ingredients, yet complex in flavor and texture.


Gateau Breton

Photo Courtesy of: Bon Appetit


Hazelnut Gâteau Breton

Recipe from Bon Appetit, May 2007


  • 1 1/4 cups Vanilla Sugar , divided  (SEE Recipe below for Vanilla Sugar—It’s worth making as you can use it all other baking recipes sprinkle it on yogurt or enjoy it in your morning tea or coffee.  A real treat!)
  • 1/2 cup hazelnuts, lightly toasted, husked
  • 6 large egg yolks (preferably organic)
  • 1 cup (2 sticks) salted butter, melted
  • 2 cups unbleached all purpose flour
  • 1 large egg yolk beaten with 2 teaspoons water (for glaze)
  • Whole strawberries with stems attached or warm strawberry jam (optional)


Position rack in center of oven and preheat to 325°F. Butter and flour 9-inch-diameter springform pan. Combine 2 tablespoons vanilla sugar and hazelnuts in processor; blend until nuts are finely ground but not pasty. Combine 6 egg yolks and remaining 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons vanilla sugar in large bowl; whisk until well blended and slightly thicker, about 2 minutes (do not use electric mixer). Whisk in hazelnut mixture. Gradually whisk in melted butter. Sift flour over batter; stir just until blended (batter will be thick; do not over-mix or cake may be tough).

Transfer batter to prepared pan; smooth top with offset spatula (layer will be thin). Brush top generously with egg glaze. Using back of tines of fork, deeply mark crisscross pattern atop cake, marking 3 times across in 1 direction and 3 times in opposite direction. Bake cake until deep golden on top and tester inserted into center comes out clean, about 1 hour. Cool in pan on rack 15 minutes, then remove pan sides and cool cake completely. DO AHEAD Can be made 1 day ahead. Wrap in foil and store at room temperature.

Cut cake into wedges and serve with whole strawberries or with warm strawberry jam.

Vanilla Sugar:

  • 2 1/2 cups sugar
  • 1 coarsely chopped vanilla bean

Blend sugar and vanilla bean in processor until bean is finely ground. Store in covered container at room temperature at least 2 days, then strain through fine strainer before using.





Spotlight: Red Tractor Designs

  • 3rd April 2013

This whimsical, quirky company comes to us by way of Australia and offers the most adorably unique tea towels, tea bag holders, trays, etc., fun for us and perfect as gifts!


Piambong Red Tractor Company
Blue & White Tea Towel Red Tractor Company
Vegetable Patch Tea Towel Red Tractor Company



Piambong Tea Towel,, $16.95

Blue & White Tea Towel,, $16.95

The Vegetable Patch Tea Towel,, $16.95


Cake Show Tea Towel Red Tractor Company
Mixed Farming Tea Towel Red Tractor Company
Teapot Tea Towel Red Tractor Company




The Cake Show Tea Towel,, $16.95

Mixed Farming Tea Towel,, $16.95

Teapots Tea Towel,, $16.95




A Bush Wedding Teacup Holder
Teacup Teacup Holder Red Tractor Company





A Bush Wedding Teabag Holder,, $2.95

Teacups Tea Bag Holder,, $2.95


A Bush Wedding Sandwich Tray


A Bush Wedding Sandwich Tray,, $12.95


Teacup Sandwich Tray

Teacups Sandwich Tray,, $12.95


Cake Show Sandwich Tray



The Cake Show Sandwich Tray,, $12.95

Parting Words…

  • 3rd April 2013

Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.


Mahatma Gandhi



Très Mignon

  • 2nd April 2013

Clutches and Minaudières are stealing the show proving that bigger is not always better…


A quick peek at all the different ways these tiny gems shine this season.



Vogue Paris

Photo Courtesy of: Vogue Paris




Burberry Prossum Studded leather clutch
House of Harlow 1960 'Tilly' Studded Calf Hair Clutch


Burberry Prossum Studded leather clutch,, $3295.00

House of Harlow 1960 ‘Tilly’ Studded Calf Hair Clutch,, $250.00



Pop Art:


Judith Leiber Whitman Pixelated Python Clutch Bag



Judith Leiber Whitman Pixelated Python Clutch Bag,, $2495.00



Charlotte Olympia C'est La Vie Embroidered Printed Crepe



1.) Lanvin Sea Breeze embellished satin box clutch,, $1985.00

2.) Lizzie Fortunato Safari Bananas Clutch,, $591.00

3.) Charlotte Olympia C’est La Vie Embroidered Printed Crepe,, $1595




Marchesa Iris Stingray Minaudière Blue
Santi Flower Clutch



Santi Flower Clutch,, $240.00

Marchesa Iris Stingray Minaudière Blue,, $1995.00



Wilbur and Gussie Coco Clutch with Bee Clasp



4.) Wilbur and Gussie Coco Clutch with Bee Clasp,, £250.00

5.) Kotur Margo Embroidered-Floral Lace Minaudiere,, $395.00

6.) Accessorize Gem Salinas Beaded Clutch,, $88.00

7.) Diane Von Furstenberg Tonda Small Crystal Clutch,, $316.00



Dolce & Gabbana Miss Dea raffia-tasseled woven clutch


Dolce & Gabbana Miss Dea raffia-tasseled woven clutch,, $1895.00


Traditional with a Twist :


Fendi Calf Hair Giano Clutch
Lanvin Clutch in Calfskin




Fendi Calf Hair Giano Clutch,, $3110.00

Lanvin Clutch in Calfskin,, $990.00



Jimmy Choo Chandra Chain Snakeskin Clutch Bag



8.) Miu Miu Matelassé leather clutch,, $570.00

9.) Gucci Bright Bit Patent Leather Clutch Bag, Sapphire,, $850,00 (pre-order)

10.) Red Valentino Bow Leather Clutch,, $395.00

11.) Jimmy Choo Chandra Chain Snakeskin Clutch Bag,, $1850.00 (pre-order)



The Row, Python Classic Baguette Clutch


The Row, Python Classic Baguette Clutch,, $5,500.00





House of Harlow 1960 Zola Clutch


House of Harlow 1960 Zola Clutch,, $117.00


Kate Spade New York Wedding



12.) Gold Pleated Vintage Clutch,, $19.90

13.) Judith Leiber Joia Octagon Minaudiere,, $3995.00

14.) Kate Spade New York Wedding,, $398.00






Stella McCartney Falabella Metallic Clutch


Stella McCartney Falabella Metallic Clutch,, € 695.00



Dolce & Gabbana Sequin Embellished Shoulder Bag



15.) Dolce & Gabbana Sequin Embellished Shoulder Bag,, € 345.00

16.) Pochette Clutch Laurence Heller,, $125.00


Tom Ford Python Snake



Tom Ford Metallic Python Serpent T-Bar Clutch,, $1680.00



Milly 'Nikki Fringe Facile' Clutch


Milly ‘Nikki Fringe Facile’ Clutch,, $350.00





De Bon Goût—In Good Taste

  • 1st April 2013

Persephone n’est pas seule!


She is not alone.  Throughout time the pomegranate has been revered and for good reason.


persephone & Pomegranate

Photo Courtesy of: Google Images

pomegranate seeds





According to Greek mythology Persephone could not resist the temptation of a juicy pomegranate seed and thus she was bound to the underworld (at least for part of the year) with Hades.   But, even before the Greeks, the Zoroastrians were using pomegranates in many sacred ceremonies, in fact in Persian mythology, Isfandiyar eats a pomegranate and becomes invincible. In Judiasm pomegranates symbolize sanctity, fertility, and abundance and in Buddhism the pomegranate is one of the three blessed fruits.



Avocado Hummus Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate seeds look and taste lovely sprinkled on Avocado Hummus



There are a few reasons pomegranate seeds should always be in your refrigerator.  They make any dish look beautiful, add a touch of tang and texture to everything and bring abundant health benefits.  If you rinse them, dry them on a paper towel and then pop them in the fridge they last for about 2 weeks. (You can either scoop the seeds out yourself, or many fine grocery stores carry fresh pomegranate seeds in their produce department)


We sprinkle them on hummus and instantly your appetizers look truly Mediterranean and authentic.


Quinoa Salad with Pomegranate Seeds

Quinoa salad with pomegranate seeds




We throw a dash onto quinoa and use them to brighten a spring salad.




Spring Salad

Spring Salad with shaved beets, parmesan, strawberries and pomegranate seeds



 Quinoa Salad with Pomegranate Seeds


A must try!  It’s easy, looks beautiful, is super healthy and lasts well in the fridge, can be made a day ahead (just add the goat cheese on the day of serving) if necessary.  Recipe below serves 4 people.  Trust us, this recipe is always requested by friends after serving!



1 1/2 cups of quinoa

1 bag sundried tomatoes (cut in quarters)

1 box cherry tomatoes (cut in half, optional)

1 bunch of green onions (white part only finely sliced in rounds)

1 quarter red onion very finely sliced

1 English hothouse cucumber skin left on sliced and quartered

1 bunch of asparagus steamed and cut in 1 1/2 inch pieces

3/4 cup of pomegranate seeds


Cook quinoa as directed on package.  We often substitute chicken broth for water in the boiling instructions for a richer taste.  Stir in above ingredients.  Add coarse sea salt or Himalayan sea salt, ground pepper and generous amounts of good quality olive oil (this is key!).   On day of serving add quarter inch pieces (dollops) of goat cheese sprinkled on top (if desired).


Whole Pomegranate

Photo Courtesy of: Google Images

 Pomegranate Seeds

Photo Courtesy of: Google Images


Medicinal Properties:

—High source of Vitamin C

—High source of antioxidants

—Enhanced immunity benefits


à l’intérieur

  • 1st April 2013

It’s by no means new, but its style advice is timeless.  We recently revisited a classic, “Domino, the Book of Decorating,” when a friend was reinventing her entry way.  This small design trick made a world of difference.


Domino, The Book of Decorating

Photo Courtesy of: Domino, The Book of Decorating



“If you have the space, a lamp or two on a console bestows a welcoming glow (to an entry-way).  No room for lamps? Go for sconces.”—Domino, The Book of Decorating


Domino, The Book of Decorating

Photo Courtesy of: Domino, The Book of Decorating



Some of the lamps & sconces that caught our eye for our mission:


"New Leaf,"


“New Leaf,”


French Brass "hand" Sconces,


French Brass “hand” Sconces,, $1,850.00


The Bourgie Table Lamp



1.) Medium Hann Lamps,

2.) Scorched Timber Base,, $648.00

3.) Southill Urn,

4.) Kowloon Table Lamp,, $249.00

An ‘all-time’ favorite that remains forever chic, designed by Ferruccio Laviani in 2005 and made by Kartell

5.) The Bourgie Table Lamp, yliving, $308.00


Olivia Sconce,
Ralph Lauren Preston Sconce



Olivia Sconce,, $693.00

Ralph Lauren Preston Sconce,, $330.00


Swank Table Lamp, Architectural Brass


Swank Table Lamp, Architectural Brass,, $525.00



19th Century Casbah Crystal Sconce
19th Century French Empire Crystal Sconce


19th Century Casbah Crystal Sconce,, $595.00

19th Century French Empire Crystal Sconce,, $629.00



Marble Glaze Lamps christopher spitzmiller
Miles Lamp Jan Showers





Marble Glaze Lamps,, $2,270

Miles Lamp,, price upon request





Michael Graves Renée Desk Lamp


Michael Graves Renée Desk Lamp,, $960.00



Domino, The Book of Decorating



Domino, The Book of Decorating,, $20.98


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